Gay Travel: Five Great Places to Eat on Australia’s Gold Coast

Author: , June 5th, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a familial trip on the Gold Coast of Australia. A familial is a charmed experience in which local, expert hospitality hosts (find them on facebook/gaygoldcoast) generously guide a pack of travel journalists through a few days worth of indulgence in the finest adventures, eats, sights, sounds and scenes that their city has to offer visitors far and wide.

This particular familial packed a week chuck full of surf lessons, shopping, scenic overlooks, jet boats, rain forest explorations, wine tastings, art walks, and kangaroo and koala cuddles (a true testament to all there is to do on the eastern Queensland coast ). But even with an unyieldingly itinerant itinerary, as I sit a few weeks removed from the adventure — and noticeably a few inches removed from my former waistline — I can honestly say that I by and large ate my way through Australia’s chicest shores.

There are seemingly one gazillion places dying to wine and dine your travelers checks from out of your disposable income-packed pockets (and I think we came close at trying them all). Many ‘a delicious establishment could have made this list, but here are five definitely worth the drive once you touch down on Australia’s gorgeous Gold Coast.

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Explore Australia’s Gold Coast

Author: , March 28th, 2011

Australia's Gold CoastIt’s called the Gold Coast– Australia’s famous holiday destination spanning some 40 miles from Surfers Paradise to the prolific mountain rainforest– and while it is certainly gilded with prosperity and flaxen, sun-kissed, golden sands, the Gold Coast is more accurately an entire vibrant color wheel of idyllic explosions.

Located on Queensland’s southeastern seaboard, the Gold Coast boasts instant and unending hues that assault the eye at every hour. From cantaloupe sunrise to regalia sunset, begin the evocative escapade as I did each morning, with a fresh-squeezed and ice blended flame of orange juice, best enjoyed on a veranda overlooking Tiffany turquoise ocean waters whose waves foam snow white spume against a piercing iceberg blue sky.

An hour drive from the modern seaside cityscape of Brisbane, the Gold Coast elicits both high-rise chic and hinterland outback beauty.

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