Some Gays Like to Fish and Hunt

Author: , November 26th, 2014

Gays FishingThere’s a segment of every population that likes to hunt and fish — you just have to know how to reach them. That’s the advice of Darrell Schuurman, co-founder of Travel Gay Canada and guest speaker at this week’s Northern Ontario Tourism summit in Thunder Bay.

Schuurman said he tells outfitters if they want to attract gay and lesbian visitors to their business, first they need to spend some time at local Pride events. “Start to build those relationships. What that’s doing is showing that you’re really invested in this market, and really connected to this market,” he said.

Schuurman noted that annual worldwide spending by lesbian and gay travellers amounts to over $8-billion. A little education and staff training can also go a long way towards making LGBT visitors feel comfortable, he said. “When … there’s two men or two ladies” checking into a hotel, it’s no longer appropriate to say “Oh, definitely you need two rooms.'”

Full Story at CBC News

Ugandan Tourism Officials Claim Gays Are Welcome Despite the Jail the Gays Law

Author: , September 15th, 2014

Uganda - Google MapsUgandan tourism officials have said the African country still welcomes gay tourists despite repeated attempts to pass an anti-gay law. The Ugandan Tourism Board (UTB) recently met with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) to try to restore the country’s reputation among both gay and straight tourists.

John Tanzella, president and CEO of IGLTA, told the SoSoGay website that the board felt Western media had portrayed Uganda in a particularly negative light since the country passed a law that would punish gay sex with life imprisonment in December last year. The law was struck down last month.

Tanzella said, ‘The delegation said that gay people are welcome. They were very concerned about the perception of Uganda in Western Europe and North America, and claimed that the backlash caught them by surprise. No-one thought it would pass. The delegates all pointed out that they have friends and family who are gay.’

By Darren Wee – Full Story at Gay Star News

Image via Google Maps

Gays in Havana

Author: , June 7th, 2014

Gays in Havana - Alain the Sojourner

Cuba, I reckon, would be the next gay destination. It’s a gay-friendly country and bisexuals abound. It’s safe, too. I was told that “straight” men do it for the money, out of their jobless situation. Life in Cuba is hard, so can you blame them? Find a job? What job? Though education in Cuba is free but many university graduates couldn’t find one. But, don’t ever think everyone there can be bought. Nice people are everywhere.

In Old Havana, I was followed four times by four different men who have gaydar more functional than mine. It turned out all of them were not gays. They don’t even call themselves bisexuals. They’re still straight, they believe. According to one, “I’m not gay. I’m top”. I was appalled at the brutal frankness of their approach. They didn’t beat around the bush. After exchanging niceties, they asked me what I wanted and they named their price (write me in a comment below if you wanna know).

By Alain – Full Story at The Sojourner | Cuba Gay Travel Resources

Visiting Cologne’s Memorial for Gay and Lesbian Nazi Victims

Author: , March 9th, 2014

Cologne Memorial for Gay and Lesbian Victims of NazismWith nearly 10% of the local Cologne residents identifying as gay or lesbian (according to Cologne’s official gay travel information), the city has quickly become one of my favorite German cities. Maybe it’s the upbeat attitude of the local residents in Cologne. Maybe it’s the innate friendliness that seems to define the city.

Or maybe it’s the fact that people will actually start conversations with strangers on the street. This open-minded attitude and friendly atmosphere makes Cologne a friendly and fun place to visit — and it’s why I’ve been back twice in the past six months!

When researching gay things to do in Cologne, Germany, one of the things I kept coming across was a memorial for gay and lesbian victims of Nazism (National Socialism as the Germans say). The memorial was inaugurated in 1995, well before the more popular one in Berlin, but still later than a similar memorial in Frankfurt.

Authored by Adam Groffman. See the Full Story at Travels of Adam here.

See Adam’s full blog here.

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Gay Movie Review – “The New Black”

Author: , October 13th, 2013

The New BackJust got back from our final film at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. This one is called The New Black, and it covers the intersection of the black community and gay rights.

Set mostly against the backdrop of the fight for marriage equality in Maryland in 2012, the documentary follows several black lesbians as they work to help pass the marriage equality referendum that was sent to the voters after the state legislature approved the initial bill.

It offers a great insight into the behind-the-scenes machinations of both campaigns, and into the split among African Americans when it comes to marriage equality and to gays in general.

One of the most interesting scenes in the film is when one of the activists confronts an aunt at home over family dinner. Her relative spouts off something about the world changing but the bible never does, and her lesbian niece points out that the bible says a lot of things that we no longer believe. They hug, but her aunt refuses to let go of her religiously inspired bigotry.

In another scene, a black Baptist preacher explains to his flock why he decided to support marriage equality, that none of us are free until all of us are free.

Out gospel singer Tonéx is also interviewed for the film, and the footage from the TC interview where he comes out is amazing. The female Christian host keeps asking leading questions, as if determined to push him back into the closet, and he stands his ground and affirms he is still attracted to men and is happy with himself. You should see how she stares daggers at him.

It’s a powerful film that draws the curtain back on the fight going on for the soul of the black churches between marriage equality activists and their opponents, who seek to divide and conquer.

One of the women said it best when she said that marriage equality and LGBT rights are the unfinished business of the black civil rights movement.

UK: New Poll Says 57% Believe B&B Owners Shouldn’t Discriminate Against Gays

Author: , October 10th, 2013

titleIn the wake of several high profile ncidents where gay couples were refused lodging in the UK, a new poll shows the public is on our side.

Pink News reports:

A YouGov poll shows that 57% of people in Britain don’t think that bed and breakfast owners should be allowed to refuse accommodation to people based on their sexuality. A third (33%) believe they should and 11% “don’t know”. The Westminster Faith Debates at Lancaster University commissioned the research. In response to the question of whether B&B owners should be allowed to refuse accommodation to people based on their sexuality, 81% of under 24s say they should not, but just 40% of those aged 60 or more agree. Half of those aged 60+ think that B&B owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay couples.

Accommodation owners who discriminate beware.

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Gays, Lesbians Will Travel This Summer, Family Equality Council Says

Author: , May 29th, 2011

The Family Equality Council, America’s foremost advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) families, today predicted LGBT families will continue to travel in robust numbers during the summer season despite the rising cost of airfare and gas prices as well as current economic conditions. The traditional summer travel season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend.

Brent Wright, Director of Programming for Family Equality Council, said LGBT families see their summer travel experiences as more than just discretionary vacations.

“Our families tell us that they place a high value on the opportunity to take their children to destinations they consider life-affirming and culturally enriching as well as fun,” said Wright. “This is the one time of year where some LGBT families feel free to celebrate their diversity and make connections with other parts of their community.”

Full Story from Windy City

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