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Author: , August 31st, 2018

Montreal's Gay Village - The Nomadic Boys

Montreal is one of our favourite cities we’ve visited during our travels, especially during the summer months.

We came here during the Fierte Montreal gay pride and completely fell in love with the gay village. There are always many events going on Montreal not to mention many different foods to try.

One of our favourite gay travel bloggers, Barry from Toronto told us about his 5 favourite highlights from Montreal’s gay village following his recent visit during the gay pride:

Where to take the best selfies

I love La Graine Brûlée because it is super colourful and quirky. Check out the leopard printed seats, mini ferries wheel, graffiti covered cubby holes and small nooks that make it look like a play room with old Nintendo games. This unique cafe is located on the west side of the Montreal gay village right by the Berri-UQAM metro station. For me, this is THE place to take a selfie to kick off a great night out in the Montreal gay village.

I also love taking selfies by the rainbow crossings that mark the entrance of the gay village. Try to get the background ball installation in your picture, which is rainbow coloured during Pride.

Montreal also has some of the best street art murals, which are perfect backgrounds for your Instagram gallery.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

Montreal Gay Travel Resources

Welcoming Montreal – The Gay Village

Author: , June 7th, 2013

Montreal - The Village

Montreal - The VillageThe Village is Montreal’s gay district, and includes a long stretch of St.Catherine’s street, where you’ll find most of the shopping, and a sizable residential area that wraps around it.

To get here, take either the Green or Orange Line and get off at the Berri Uqam station and look for the exit to St. Catherine Street. Turn left, and you’re there.

Priape Poster - Montreal Gay VillageSt. Catherine is the largest gay shopping district in North America, and it goes on for block after block after block. In the summertime, most of the street in the Village is closed to auto traffic (but be careful because cross streets are not closed) and thousands of pink balls are hung on strings up and down the street, giving it as very festive and gay look.

The street is filled with restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars; there are a few fetish stores and clothing shops too, but shopping here is limited. Just past the Berri-Uqam Metro station, there’s a Jean Coteau drug store – these are ubiquitous in Montreal, and are a good place to stop for basics.

Pizzetta - Montreal - The VillageWe only at once here – at Piazzeta, a cute little pizzeria at the corner of St. Catherines and Amhearst – they have a nice deck in the middle of the district, and their pizzas are very thin crusted and light.

Bar Stock - The Village, MontrealWe came back to see the Village at night – it’s a whole different place, as it starts to fill up with the gays and, surprisingly, a number fo straight folks and couples too.

We started at Bar Stock, a strip club at the corner of St. Catherine and Montcalm, that opens at 8 PM, and offers ongoing strip shows with a number of guys.

A lot of the guys are the gorilla type – big, muscular, and likely straight. And here’s where the leg rubbing comes in. Two of the guys spotted us and came over to talk… they say down next to us and leaned in close, and one of them rubbed my leg while telling me how nice it was to talk with me.

The shows also include a bit of full frontal – including one of the guys who strutted up and down the stage without anything on, removing the “tease” from strip tease. There’s also apparently a back room for private dances, as we saw several guys being ed back there by some of the dancers.

Mado - Montreal - The VillageIt was a bit disconcerting to have an apparently straight guy come on to me so forwardly right in front of my husband. Guess we made ourselves fair game by going there in the first place!

Next we went to Mado, the local drag club – Mado has drag shows at 11:15 PM nightly. But get there 45 minutes early if you want a good seat.

Mado Performer - Drag Queen - Montreal, The VillageThe shows are mostly in French, although some songs are US pop hits – and the level of talent was high – some of these girls are ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

One of my favorites was a drag queen who looked like a librarian gone bad, singing a song with a German song called “He Vas My Boyfriend”.

The show was a lot of fun, even with a language barrier. The host asked (in English) if there were any tourists there, and we said yes.

She asked what we were there for, and Mark said “Business”.

She gave us a funny look and said “Christmas?????”

Sky Pub Bar - The Village, MontrealThere was even a bachelorette party there, and one of the girls came up to us afterwards and offered to translate. Very nice people in Montreal.

For a nightcap, we went to the terrasse (terrace) at Sky Pub at St. Catherine and Alexandre de Seve. The Montrealers are big on their terrasses – after a cold, hard winter, they want to be out in the sunshine as much as possible.

The View From Sky Pub - The Village, MontrealThe terrasse at Sky Pub is a large one, spanning most of the roof – with a view over St. Catherine’s (at right).

There are two bars up there, and the waitress was pretty quick to come and take our order. We spent about half an hour up here enjoying the vibe – it was a beautiful night, and lots of folks were out. They were serving tequilas and something blue b y the pitcher – the table next to us was halfway into their second pitcher by the time we left.

Apollon Bar, The Village, MontrealAppalon, at the corner of St, Catherine and Rue Plessis, is more of a disco, and draws a younger crowd. There are so many other bars and venues along here – you could spend a week checking out the Village’s gay nightlife.

Memory Gaps Art - The Village, MontrealThere’s also a really cool public art project here called Memory Gaps – a series of black walls covered in white writing and images – that “invites you to take a walk down memory lane that is no longer part of you.” The walls have a series of steadily smaller holes that you can look through, as well as hidden messages to decipher, some that are only apparent from certain angles.

We visited five gay-owned accommodations in the Village. All were unique, and they spanned the length and breadth of the Village.

We’ll start at the east end of The Village.

Le Cartier
1219 Cartier

Le Cartier B&B - Montreal

Le Cartier B&B - MontrealLe Cartier is a gay-owned bed and breakfast just a block off the end of the Village, on a quiet side street behind the Stud, one of the gay bars in the village.

Le Cartier B&B - MontrealThe rooms have a warm, modern decor, and are all individually decorated. Some have writing desks and a sitting area.

Like many of the houses here, there’s also a beautiful courtyard in the back for guest use, with a table where you can hang out or eat a little something.

There’s a kitchen area too, with cold cereals, a coffee maker, toaster, and oven.

We also visited two gay owned bed and breakfasts in the center of the Village, just a couple blocks north of St. Catherine’s:

Studio Living
1831 Montcalm

Studio Living - Montreal

Studio Living - MontrealStudio Living is a beautiful, sleek, modern bed and breakfast just five blocks north of St. Catherines – a quiet location with three guest suites, two with private entrances off the street.

Your host, Michele, is a really nice guy – a thirty year area resident who used to be a banker but gave it up to run the B&B.

Studio Living - MontrealHe serves a continental breakfast every day. There’s a microwave and toaster for guest use in each suite, and if you stay for a month or more, you can have use of the full kitchen.

He knows all about the Gay Village, and can direct you to all the bars and other attractions along St. Catherine’s. He also lists local events on his Facebook page.

The B&B also has a wide courtyard with a long table that’s perfect for eating outdoors or socializing with friends or other guests.

Studio Living’s a great, gay-owned Village accommodation option with lots of space and natural light.

La Loggia
1637 Amherst

La Loggia - Montreal

La Loggia - MontrealJust a block away from Studio Living, we visited La Loggia Art & Breakfast – filled with local art, as well as neoclassical sculptures by one of the owners, Joel A. Prevost. They offer five guest rooms, including a large suite on the ground floor.

La Loggia - MontrealAll of the art is available for sale – if you like something, just inquire if you like one of the pieces.

Upstairs you’ll find a dining room and common area where you can meet with other guests. The B&B is very quiet, with soundproofed windows. There’s also a sun deck at the back of the house.

La Loggia has many repeat guests, and they love making connections with their guests.

Gingerbread Manor
3445 Avenue Laval

Gingerbread Manor B&B - Montreal

Gingerbread Manor B&B - MontrealGingerbread Manor is a gay-owned B&B just over the district boundary in the Plateau area, a block past St. Denis Ave. It’s in a beautiful mansion, built in 1885, along a quiet, upscale street. The property is gay owned, and while the clientele is mostly straight, they do have a number of gay and lesbian guests, often couples.

The B&B is close to the Theatre District too – perfect if you want to catch a play. The street is in a traditional Montreal neighborhood, just a twenty minute walk from the Old Port and half an hour from The Mountain.

Gingerbread Manor B&B - Montreal - The VillageThe smallest room has a balcony that overlooks the street where you can people watch, and another room has a fold-out bed and can hold four guests. If you’re addicted to a/c, the top floor is air conditioned.

Gingerbread Manor is known for its breakfast – they serve 14 distinct meals, rotated every two weeks, and the owner loves to innovate – specialties like lemon poppyseed pancakes with raspberry syrup.

The B&B also has a back patio, but it was closed during our visit, while the owner was having some work done on the exterior of the building.

If you’re looking for a place a little closer to downtown, Gingerbread Mansion may be for you.

La Conciergerie
1019 St-Hubert Street

La Conciergerie B&B - Montreal

La Conciergerie B&B - MontrealThe final B&B on our tour is also gay owned – a beautiful boutique hotel with 17 rooms in two lovely attached homes, just a couple blocks south of St. Catherine. La Conciergerie is a clean, beautiful, professionally-run property that’s been in business for twenty eight years.

The homes were built around 1875, and were connected inside and upgraded by the owners, Michael and Luc. Just inside the entrance, you’ll find a lovely sitting room and fireplace, the room where the innkeepers greet you when you arrive, and where you can relax and chat with other guests, if you’d like.

The clientele is mostly gay, and is decorated with a masculine sensibility. The artwork is all available for sale, if you are interested in anything. The owners have impeccable taste.

La Conciergerie B&B - MontrealThe guest rooms on one side share bathrooms; the other was gutted and renovated, and the rooms there have private baths. La Conciergerie also offers several two-bed guest rooms for families or couples traveling together. Double-paned windows ensure peace and quiet in your room.

Several rooms open out onto common decks – the property has four patios – one beautifully landscaped in pave stone at the base of the house, two decks partway up, and a roof-top deck that’s ideal for private sunbathing, but looks out onto some spectacular city views. The middle terraces look down onto a pretty green belt behind the home.

Breakfast is an expanded continental, and is served between 8 and 12 every morning. The property is suited for adults, but is not handicap-friendly – as with many Montreal buildings, there are lots of stairs.

La Conciergerie is quiet, professional, and close to St. Catherine without all the crowds.

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Thank you so much to Tanya Churchmuch and Tourisme Montreal for all the information and museum passes – check out their gay section here.

England: Leeds’ Gay Community Wants Gay Village Recognized

Author: , August 21st, 2011

Gay rights activists in Leeds hope to persuade the city council to officially recognise the gay village.

They want recognition and business schemes for Lower Briggate, Bridge End and The Calls, which have a number of gay venues.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, committee chair Sarah Carmody, who is the editor of, said the campaign was inspired by recent moves in Liverpool to boost the gay economy.

Full Story from Pink News

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Liverpool to Promote Gay Village to Gay/Lesbian Travelers

Author: , February 24th, 2011

Liverpool is to promote and develop its gay quarter to cash in on the so-called ‘pink pound’. The council has hired a planning consultancy to look at how the city can be marketed as a worldwide tourist destination for gay travellers.

Liverpool’s gay quarter centres around Stanley Street and pubs and bars have sprung up in the last decade and urban planning consultancy Feria Urbanism has been asked to come up with a vision towards making the gay scene one of the best in the country.

Cllr Nick Small, cabinet member for employment and skills, told the Liverpool Daily Post: “The area around Stanley Street has developed over time to be the city’s gay quarter although there are many businesses there which cater for all communities. We want Liverpool to be known as an inclusive city.”

Full Story from Pink News

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What Comes Next for Toronto’s Gay Village?

Author: , February 23rd, 2011

Toronto's Gay VillageWhen Enza Anderson moved to the Village in 1994, the streets were electric. The bars opened up their windows so that drag queens could shout at the crowds in the street. People met and rallied on “the steps” at the southwest corner of Church and Wellesley streets. The theme for Pride that year was: “The best is yet to come.”

Amazing events did come, as did millions of people to celebrate these milestones. But they’ve come and they’ve gone. Sixteen years later, people look at the gaybourhood and wonder if it has lost its lustre, if it is indeed, as local media has declared, dying.

Many community members, who spent years standing up for their rights, are now settling down. They’ve moved out to Leslieville, to Queen West, to the suburbs. (According to Environics Analytics’s “Gaybourhoods” database, 70% of Toronto’s gay men live outside of the Village.) Meanwhile, families, retirees and students are moving in, with more condos being proposed for the area.

Full Story from The National Post

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From Westmount to the Gay Village, Montreal Has Something for Everyone

Author: , October 31st, 2010

Gay MontrealMontreal is a marvelously multicultural city. Our Berber taxi driver is thrilled that we had visited his native Morocco earlier this year. The Spanish-born shoe salesman tells us how he loves the city while our Bangladeshi waiters (college graduates) are busily studying French to increase their employment opportunities. Greeks, Poles, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Haitians, Africans – all are contributing to creating a French and English-speaking city of great charm.

The concierge at Hotel le St-James arranges a superb, personal, guided tour for us. David Menard provides fascinating commentary as he drives for more than three hours, introducing us to the highlights of Canada’s second-largest city. He begins with the influence of the Iroquois, now known as the First Nation people, explaining that ‘Canada’ and ‘Quebec’ derive from the Iroquois language.

We pass a tower 23 stories high, once making it the tallest building in the entire British Empire. Today, no building may be higher than 234 metres, the height of Mount Royal, which is why Montreal is not crowded with skyscrapers the way Manhattan is, though both are islands. Montreal, a 30-mile long island, founded at the confluence of the St Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, is actually linked to the mainland by at least 15 bridges and a tunnel.

Full Story from the Jamaica Gleaner

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Munich’s Gay Village Becoming Straight-Friendly

Author: , October 24th, 2010

Gay MunichGay Friendly Germany Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals

Is the slogan plastered on the Munich cigarette machine – “SO NOT BERLIN” – bragging or complaining? If Berlin is all about art and sex, Munich is more focused on design and fashion. Nowhere is this truer than in Glockenbachviertel, a warren of twisty streets, unique boutiques, pastel-washed neo-classical façades, oddly cozy gay fetish bars and a hundred tiny cafés and louche lounges – all just a quick polka away from heavily touristed Munich Central.

“Glockenbachviertel was a gay and lesbian neighbourhood even in the 1930s, under the Nazis,” at least until homosexual men were transported to concentration camps. Throughout the decades, artists and alternative types flocked to the area for the free-and-easy atmosphere and low rents.

More recently, the quarter has become hetero-trendy, a hipster party place and a fancy address for people who want to buy, not rent. An ugly sixties high-rise rental building is now being transformed into a swank condo project where flats go for millions of euros apiece.

Full Story from The Globe & Mail