The House of Romeo – Keep Calm and Wander

Author: , February 21st, 2018

House of Romeo - Keep Calm and Wander

In Verona, after I visited Casa de Giuletta (Juliet’s House), I wasted no time but walked to the house of Romeo. It’s just 3 minutes walk to and from each other. However, it took me 15 minutes to finally figure it out because the street was so quiet. I expected a bit of a crowd but I saw no one. I walked back and forth the narrow street until I asked a fashionable, middle-aged Italian guy who was talking on his phone.

Me: Scusami
The Italian: Yes?
Me: Casa di Romeo?
The Italian: You’re in front of Romeo’s house.
Me: Hmmmm? This? (Pointing at the huge, arched black door)
The Italian: Si! Yes!
Me: Aw, grazie. (Embarrassed)
The Italian: Prego. Parli Italiano?
Me: No.
The Italian: You’re Italian is good.
Me: Those are the only words I know.
The Italian: (Smiling) Ok, ciao. Enjoy Verona.
Me: Thanks again.

I was disappointed when I saw it. This is the house? Really? I have so many questions. But, then, I reminded myself that Romeo is just a fictional character of one of Shakespeare’s plays. So, my brain shut up!