Identifies the Gayest Monuments in the USA

Author: , April 16th, 2012

St. Louis ArchWherever your travels take you, there are always plenty of noteworthy monuments to get your gay-pride juices flowing! Every city has a different flavor of gayness that comes across in its statues, buildings, and famous photo-opp destinations. These are some of our favorites of America’s Gayest Monuments.

The Gateway Arch – St. Louis

The Gateway Arch is the highlight of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States. Because it is the tallest monument in the country as well as the cornerstone of the city’s foundation, The Gateway Arch is a highlight of Gay St. Louis that is not to be missed! St. Louis has a great Midwest gay scene, so start enjoying this Missourian city by checking out its Gateway Arch.

The Andy Monument – New York City

The Andy Monument is a figurative sculpture of Andy Warhol that towers above Union Square, right across from the building where his factory was located. Andy’s figure is seven feet tall, cast in concrete, and covered in chrome to reflect the world changing around it. Andy Warhol embodies the New York spirit and the American dream made glitzy and glamorous! In his sculpture, he even holds a Bloomingdales shopping bag! Boy knows where to shop.

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