Passport TV Visits Gay Friendly Las Vegas

Author: , February 25th, 2012

Our reporter Camilo Gomez takes us on a whirlwind tour of gay-friendly Las Vegas. Our first stop is sleek and sexy, The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where he discovers Fire Breathing Dragons.

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Purple Roofs Travels: Three Nights in Gay Las Vegas

Author: , September 18th, 2010
by Scott & Mark, Purple Roofs

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Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Caesars, Las VegasIn early August of this year, we visited Las Vegas once again. Frequent readers of this blog will know that we go to Las Vegas typically several times a year – and we especially love it in the summertime – perfect for lounging by the pool with a handsome waiter bringing cool fruity drinks. :::grin:::

The Venetian, Las Vegas

We got lucky with the weather this year – the temperatures were only in the mid – 90s to low 100s for the three days we were there. However, we were not so fortunate with the prices.

Not the hotel prices, which were fantastic – everyone seems to be hurting economically here, just like the rest of the country.

But everything else seem to be more expensive. On the cab ride in, our driver told us that many fares now ask him to stop at a grocery store before taking them to their hotel. It’s cheaper to buy groceries and make breakfast and lunch at the hotel and go out to a restaurant in Vegas these days.

Venetian, Las VegasHe told us the story about a passenger who went to Caesar’s for a drink, bought a beer, and when the bill came, the charges $18. For single beer. And another story about a casino with an ATM that charged a $14 ATM fee.

Everyone’s scrambling here. Real estate prices in the area are half what they were at their peak, and many homeowners are underwater.

Apparently the casinos have not been immune to downturn. While there were many people here, the pool area at the Venetian was less than a quarter full. And because of the low hotel rates, the casinos seem to be charging more for everything else to try to make up the difference.

Venetian, Las VegasWe discovered this personally on several occasions. The first was at lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Postrio, at the Venetian. I ordered what looked like a wonderful ravioli dish – typically, I’d expect to pay $12 – $14 for this dish at a nice restaurant. The menu offered the dish for $19. The raviolis were very good, although there were only a few of them, but when the bill came, we were charged $21 for this dish.

We called the manager over and asked about it–two dollars isn’t that much, but it’s the principle of the thing. He apologized, and said that they had just raised the price, but the menus are not yet been changed. So was already overpriced dish went up in price by 10% while we were sitting there.

The other example was the gelato prices. I remembered gelato being expensive here from previous trips but this time, when we ordered two single scoop gelato’s, with waffle cones, the price was $15. We thought this was highway robbery, but had already accepted the cones, so we went ahead and paid this outrageous price. Being gelato lovers, we spent the rest of the trip pricing gelato at other places, and it turns out that this price is not so out of line, at least for Vegas. The best we found elsewhere for a comparable size was $6.50 each, or $13 total.

So this is a great time to go to Las Vegas, because you can get some fantastic deals on lodging, but be aware that restaurants and other “luxuries” may cost you more, and plan and budget appropriately.

Hitzville Show, Las VegasWe always like to take in a show while we are in Las Vegas, and this time was no exception. We really wanted to see Frank Marino’s new show at the Imperial Hotel, but Frank, you start too late! When Frank was at the Riviera Hotel, they used to have an earlier show, and hey, I know it shows my age, but 10 o’clock is just too late.::: sigh:::

Hitzville, Las VegasBut we did go to the (earlier) show “Hitzville” at Planet Hollywood. Hitzville is a fantastic Motown review, covering hits from Gladys Knight, Mary Wells, the Drifters, the Temptations, the Supremes, the Four Tops, and Tina Turner. We got VIP tickets, which got us in at the front of the line, and got us a copy of the soundtrack at the end of the show.

Hitzville Show, Las VegasHitzville was full of songs that everyone knows, and the cast was fantastic, as was the backup band. The four male leads did a great job with songs from the Temptations and the four Tops among others, and the girls were fantastic as the Supremes.

Hitzville Show, Las VegasBut the standout performer in the show was Jin Jin Reeves. Ms. Reeves was great as Diana Ross at the head of the Supremes, but when she returned to the stage to sing primary, this woman was Tina Turner. Full of boundless energy, blessed with an amazing, rough voice, she was perfect for the role, and brought the audience to its feet for a rousing standing ovation at the end of the show.

Hitzville is unusual in that it you are allowed to take photographs throughout the show, and we took full advantage of this. We hope you enjoy the pictures, and we highly recommend the show for your next trip to Vegas.

City Center, Las VegasWhile we were in town, we also did little shopping, returning to a few of our favorite places and to one new place.

The new place, city center, is supposed to be the jewel of Las Vegas’s crown. Rising a large parcel of land adjacent to the Bellagio Hotel, Crown Center is truly in the heart of the strip.

City Center, Las VegasWhen it is finished, it will include a casino hotel, condominiums, office space, and shopping–the whole shebang.

Part of city Center is now open, and from the outside, the place looks fabulous. The architecture is funky, from the chunky blocky building that faces the strip, to the two Towers that lean toward each other at odd angles. There are geometric lines, beautiful curves, and a playground of fanciful architecture here.

Aria, City Center, Las VegasGetting to it, however, is another matter. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope this will be improved in the near future, as more of the center opens up. But for now, to get into the shopping center, you have to wind through a bewildering series of stairs, walkways, and alleys, and there seems to be only one way in and one way through.

Restaurant, City Center, Las VegasIf you’ve ever been to an IKEA store, you know exactly what I mean.

The shopping center here does feature what has to be one of the most spectacular looking restaurants in the world – it’s surrounded by this amazing, beautiful, organic, curvy structure that starts at the ground floor, wraps around the restaurant floor like a pod, and extends up into the heavens. Can’t tell you if the food is any good there, but it looks fantastic.

The Forum, Caesars, Las VegasWe hope to get things ironed out here, because city center has the potential to be a fantastic addition to the Las Vegas strip.

While we were in Vegas, we made several trips to our favorite shopping center on the strip, the Forum at Caesars Palace. Talk about an IKEA floorplan!

Caesar's Palace, Las VegasHunting for a new place for dinner one night, we walked the forum, and it just reached the end when the cheesy Atlantis show began, trapping us between the show and the cheesecake factory.

Aquarium at The Forum, Caesars, Las VegasSo we made the best of it and enjoyed the beautiful aquarium wraps around the center of this plaza. My favorites here were the rays, and we got a few great pictures of them gliding serenely back and forth in the aquarium.

Trevi Restaurant, The Forum, Las VegasOn the way back, we settled on the restaurant in the main plaza, behind the large, gaudy, yet somehow beautiful fountain that dominates the space. The restaurant is called Trevi, and has “outdoor” seating that’s perfect for people watching.

I had a margherita pizza here that was absolutely divine, the perfect combination of mozzarella, basil, and sauce. As an unexpected bonus, the paper this restaurant uses its bread baskets is a mockup of an Italian newspaper.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time, you may know that Mark and I are studying Italian, and have been for two and half years, so this opportunity to read a bit of Italian at dinner was welcome.

The waiter was kind enough to give us a clean copy of this “newspaper” to take with us to our Italian group. Although this newspaper was dated 2010, the waiter told us they’ve been using the same ones since sometime last year, and he joked that he should have made a bet on one of the sports games listed in the paper – he might’ve won a lot of money.

Max Brenner, The Forum, Caesars, las VegasSpeaking of Italian, and sort of roundabout way, we’ve got a fantastic chocolate shop here as well.

Chocolate Pizza, Max Brenner

The place is called Max Brenner, and Mr. Brenner is an Israeli chocolate maker who is starting to open restaurants here in the States.

It’s a full – service restaurant, but focuses on chocolate, and even had a chocolate pizza in the case at the front of the store, which looked amazing, but a little scary too.

Italian Hot Chocolate, Max BrennerBut I say Italian because this is the first place, outside of Murano, where I found a true Italian drinking chocolate. For those who’ve never tried it, this Italian drink is a fantastically thick version of hot chocolate that is so thick that it skims over, like pudding, if you don’t drink it quickly enough.

Drinking a cup of this rich, decadent, beverage took me back years to when we were sitting in a café in Murano, a small island in Venice where they make the famed glass, after a ferry trip from the main Venetian Islands, when I first discovered this wonderful drink.

Canonita, Venezia, Las VegasWe also visited three great restaurants in the Venetian/Palazzo complex–one of the largest if not the largest hotels in the world.

First, we returned to Canonita, a Mexican restaurant along the canal in the Venetian’s beautiful shopping area. Canonita has always offered wonderful food, and this time was no exception, with the skirt steak dish that was simply divine.

Grand Canal, The Venetian, Las VegasContinuing the theme of a quieter than usual Las Vegas, we had no trouble getting a table right by the rail overlooking the Grand Canal–this is a great place to watch and listen to the gondoliers as they pass by, usually pausing to turn their boats and sing a song in Italian.

Every time we’ve come to visit the Venetian, there have been more female gondoliers, and we recently heard but the first woman gondolier was just accepted in the real Venice, Italy.

The only downside to our meal here was the unexpectedly slow service – service in the past has always been exceptional.

Entertainers, The Venetian, Las VegasAnother favorite, the aforementioned Postrio, is one of Wolfgang Puck’s many restaurants here in Vegas. We like this one because it’s in the heart of St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian – ask for a table by the rail facing the raised entertainment platform, and you may be treated to music, dance, juggling, or even a living statue.

The food is usually very good, and this time was no exception, whether only hesitation at recommending this place being the rising prices.

Table 10, The Palazzo, Las VegasWrapping up our restaurant reviews, we revisited Table 10, one of Emeril’s restaurants.

If he hadn’t been to Las Vegas for a while, you may be surprised at how many celebrity chef restaurants there are here. There are probably more celebrity – run restaurants here per square foot than there are Starbucks in Seattle.

Table 10, at the Palazzo, has a casual welcoming atmosphere, and the lunch food there is light, well seasoned, and wonderfully flavorful. We haven’t tried dinner here, but highly recommend it for lunch.

He is GayFinally, a few “things that make you go hmmm” photographs. This first one we captured at a store window in the Venetian–not quite sure what this means but it might be a new take on the old “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is” shirt. But the mannequin sure scared the hell out of us.

The second one was taken outside the theater where we saw Hitzville, and is for both a lesbian friends and our gay friends who appreciate oversized kitsch. We think she speaks for herself.

Vegas also has one gay bar on the strip, also at Planet Hollywood – called Krave, it’s supposed to be quite a scene, but once again note the late opening time. ::: big sigh:::

So if you’re careful, it’s possible to get some great deals in Vegas these days. There is a gay resort hotel just off the strip called the Blue Moon Resort–if you’re looking for a gay friendly environment with a fantastic pool, check this place out.

And of course, the hotels on the strip are offering great deals as well.

But budget carefully and pay attention to the prices when you’re eating out or shopping, and above all, have a great time!


Author: , August 7th, 2010
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Frank Marino - Divas Show

First of all we have to admit that we have been fans of Frank Marino’s entertaining for over 25 years in Las Vegas and his show just gets better all the time.

Frank MarinoFrank is one of the hardest working entertainers in Las Vegas. Many entertainers come and go in Las Vegas however Frank Marino has been playing every week, and we mean week after week after week. No other entertainer in Las Vegas has been entertaining that long all the time.

For over 20 years, Frank Marino had his show, “La Cage” at the Riviera Resort. He entertained literally millions of devoted fans who always returned to see him whenever they visited Las Vegas.

Now, Frank Marino has a brand new show called “Frank Marino: Divas Las Vegas” and a new venue closer to the heart of the Las Vegas strip. He performs 6 nights a week in the Main Showroom at the Imperial Palace.

“Divas Las Vegas” is a 75 minute energetic show with Frank as the emcee as Joan Rivers and features an all star cast of superstar female impersonators who not only recreate but almost uncannily duplicated the likeness of stars ranging from Britney Spears to Cher and Diana Ross to Beyonce and Madonna and Dolly Parton.

Meanwhile Frank Marino in his role as the emcee as Joan Rivers, Marino entertains the audience as the show’s emcee and star, changes between every act bringing an international whirlwind of couture to the stage with each spectacular entrance.

Not only is Frank Marino the finest female impersonator in the country, he is also one of the caring of people. He and his partner in life, Alex recently celebrated their 17th anniversary. Congratulations guys!

Frank MarinoFrank has a very loyal following from all over the country as well as many in foreign countries. Great entertainers of course make us all better people. However the truly great entertainers like Frank Marino are not only great on stage but in real life as well. Frank Marino gives so much back to the Las Vegas community.

In 2005, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman proclaimed February 1st to be ‘Frank Marino Day.’ Frank also received a Key to the City, has a street, Frank Marino Drive, named after him, and is forever immortalized in the sidewalks of the neon jungle with not one, but TWO stars that bears his name on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame.

In 2009, Frank Marino was named Las Vegas “Entertainer of the Century” and after performing to over 10 million people, he is Guinness Book worthy of having the most performances of any one in Las Vegas.

Frank Marino Divas Las Vegas is a ‘must see’ for anyone traveling to Las Vegas. It is truly one of the finest and classiest show that we have seen in Las Vegas. There are a lot of shows out there, but Frank Marino produces the best one that we have ever seen. Just do not miss this show when visiting Las Vegas.

For more information go to: and We wish the great wishes for continuing success to Frank Marino.

We can only add a note to our thousands of readers. Always be yourself and the whole world will beat a path to your door. Always know who you are and never change for anyone

Don & ray - Gay TravelersAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married). Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at


Author: , July 9th, 2010
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Donald and Ray in Las Vegas

Donald and Ray in Las Vegas

We have recently returned from a “beyond FABULOUS” adventure to Las Vegas. If you can’t have fun in Las Vegas, you might as well stay home for the rest of your life.

Suite at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas

Suite at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas

We visited the city for 7 nights and was busy 24/7. Our first adventure was checking into the beautiful VDARA Hotel (at left) which sits right next to the Bellagio. It is owned by the MGM Resorts, International which owns several resorts in Las Vegas, including the MGM, Mirage, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York and other.

We highly recommend that you stay at any of these properties under the MGM umbrella. They try hard to make gays feel comfortable and are known for hiring “out” gays. They KNOW the value that gays perform in the work force.

The Beautiful Vdara Hotel

The Beautiful Vdara Hotel

The VDARA accommodations are all suites and are extremely spacious. Their staff is unbelievably friendly. Two staff members that were exceptional were Chase at the front desk and Troy at the Valet desk.

Mayor Oscar B. Goodman in his office, officially welcoming Donald and Ray to Las Vegas

Mayor Oscar B. Goodman in his office, officially welcoming Donald and Ray to Las Vegas

The first full day, the Mayor, Oscar B. Goodman officially welcomed the “Award-Winning, Celebrity Travel Columnists” to Las Vegas in his office in City Hall.

Our first night we dined at the Botero Restaurant which is located at the Encore Resort right next to the Wynn. The food, food presentation, atmosphere and the service was a solid 10! Everything was perfect.

After dinner we went to see the “LeReve” show which is at the Wynn. It is a very dramatic water show and is quite spectacular! Don’t miss seeing this show when you are in Las Vegas.

Pink Jeep Tours

Pink Jeep Tours

We then took a historic tour visiting many of the sights in Las Vegas. Pink Jeep Tours offers the finest of tours that we have ever taken! Our tour guide Shanin knew the city well and explained everything in fine detail.

We have been going to Las Vegas for 37 years and learned more about the city on this tour than we ever knew before. Be sure and take this tour when visiting the city. They also offer Hoover Dam tours as well. Their website is:

The next night we dined at Picasso Restaurant located in the Bellagio. This was our finest dining experience! For our appetizer we had the Caviar and it was the best that we have ever had! We opted for the “Menu De’gustation” which included a Maine Lobster Salad, Pan Seared U-10 Day Boat Scallops with Potato Mousseline and Jus de Veau, Saute’ed “A” Steak of Foie Gras, Brookestone Cherries, Fonseca Tawny Port, balsamic Reduction and Roasted Almond.

The next course was Roasted Lamb Chops with sweet bell pepper farci and the final course was the dessert which was absolutely to die for! Expensive? Perhaps! But hey, you only live once. We will have fond memories of this dining experience for years to come.

Another fun and interesting dining experience was at Nine Fine Irishmen which is located in the New York-New York Resort. We had the finest fish and chips that we ever had and also the steak sanger, an open-faced grilled ribeye on toasted ciabatta with onion, zucchini and dried tomato with spicy red pepper mayo.

For dessert we had the sticky toffee cheesecake with warm caramel sauce and the dark chocolate mousse coated with rich chocolate ganache.

Ray and Donald with Nathan Burton, David and Lance

Ray and Donald with Nathan Burton, David and Lance

Later in the day we caught an afternoon show at the Flamingo Resort. The REAL name of the show is the Nathan Burton Show however we called it Emily Burton’s brother’s show! just because his sister, Emily is so nice.

Nathan puts on a wonderful show and the audiences loves it. Be sure and see his show when in Las Vegas. He is a good magician.

Donald and Ray with a Las Vegas Showgirl - We HAVE to show off our diamonds!

Donald and Ray with a Las Vegas Showgirl) We HAVE to show off our diamonds!

The next day was a fun filled day in Las Vegas. We toured the BODIES EXHIBIT at the Luxor and then the SHARK REEF AQUARIUM at the Mandalay Bay. Then off to lunch, and what a lunch it was.

We dined at the BORDER GRILL at the Mandalay Bay which is called “modern Mexican”. We don’t care what they call it, but it was the best of the best!

Our dessert tray at the Border Grill

Our dessert tray at the Border Grill

Our server Tom was great! We had the chef’s tasting menu which turned out to be a 6 course lunch! Everything they make is very innovative and they let their imaginations run wild! This HAS to be the finest Mexican dining experience that we have ever had!

They are “family” owned and we mean FAMILY! Congratulations to the owners, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger.

After lunch we toured the TITANIC: The ARTIFACT EXHIBIT at the Luxor Resort. We had seen it about 10 years ago in Chicago and they have certainly captured everything perfectly.

Then off for to the tables and slot machines for some fun.

For dinner we went to the Tender Restaurant at the Luxor. This is a restaurant from the “old school” and our servers John and Manuel KNOW how to do everything right! It is such a great dining experience when servers KNOW exactly what they are to do. These were two of the most professional servers in Las Vegas.

After our huge lunch at Borders, we opted for their famous American Kobe beef meatloaf stroganoff with foie Gras, black truffles, sun-dried tomatoes, cippoline onions, wild mushroom sour cream sauce and fettuccine. Naturally we had to have some dessert. We had their signature dessert, grandma’s old-fashioned chocolate cake (just like grandma used to make, rich and moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge ganache, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean galato!) Don’t know about you but OUR grandmothers never made anything that fabulous!

Later that evening we went to see the LION KING at the Manadaly Bay. Everyone raves about it!

The following morning we went in the car and drove out about 20 miles to tour a national park. When in Las Vegas it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle once in a while.

Driving back into Las Vegas, we had lunch at the BLT BURGER located in the Mirage. The manager is Michael and he is on top of everything. We opted for the Combo Special which included their classic burger (7 ounce grilled certified Black Angus beef, your choice of fries “skinny, fat or waffle” and a fabulously wonderful milkshake). We had the “All Nighter” milkshake which was filled with Kahlua, Bailey’s, Espresso, Coffee and Ice Cream. We could have stayed there all day long! But we have more places to go and more things to see.

Our next stop was Siegfried & Roy’s SECRET GARDEN and Dolphin Habitat located in the Mirage. Do not miss this experience!

A short rest and drinks on the 23rd Floor bar of the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel. If you really want to experience something that is truly fabulous then stay there. Their bar has breath-taking views of the entire city. This is a MUST when visiting Las Vegas. We were very fortunate to meet and have drinks with the Communications Director of the hotel, Alex Acuna.

Next to the Mayor, we think that he is one of the best pubic relations man in the city. He KNOWS what he is doing and he KNOWS how to get things done. Everyone is town talks about how great he is!

Then off to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand for dinner. We had their “club menu” which was a 6 course dinner, starting with Le Foie Gras, La Langoustine, Le Veau and Le Saint Pierre, Les Fromages, Les Tartes, and Glaces Et Sorbet. Afterwards we saw the Las Vegas show, ZUMANITY at the New York-New York Resort.

And we have so much more to see and do. “Walking the Strip” is what everyone does. You can always rest when you get home! Lunch at Julian Serrano Restaurant at the Aria. Everything was perfect and we had yet another 2 hour lunch. Luckily for us, the Aria is within walking distance from the VDARA so we walked back to our suite to rest until dinner.

Dinner was at the Sage Restaurant which is also at the Aria. We opted for their 6 course dinner. Our server Marcus was perfect and friendly. Our dining experience there was wonderful. Then off to see VIVA ELVIS: Cirque Du Soleil also at the Aria. It was a great show!

Las Vegas Food to Die For

Las Vegas Food to Die For

Another great restaurant to try out in Las Vegas a little off the strip but well worth the drive.

Paymond’s Mediterranean & Lounge is just “GOOD, TASTY food in a neighborhood atmosphere”.

Their prices are extremely good and the quality of their food is tremendous.

They have been supporters of the gay community for years. Everything that we had was wonderful (see the pictures of our meal at left and below.

You certainly cannot go wrong dining there. They are located at 4161 South Maryland Parkway.

This is just GOOD HOME COOKING at it’s best !

Fish & Chips Las vegas Dessert

Donald and Ray with Eduardo Cordova

Donald and Ray with Eduardo Cordova

Our Las Vegas adventures don’t end there! BE SURE AND CHECK OUT “Eduardo Cordova Presents”. He produces the most FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL gay nights at the MIRAGE RESORT!!

You will KNOW that you are not in Kansas anymore. His productions are so great that we simply cannot describe them! All the gay stars in Heaven ascend down on his productions. They are packed with everyone!

Our favorite was on Sunday nights at the BARE POOL LOUNGE at the Mirage which is an outside venue. It is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! It is worth gay people flying into Las Vegas for just this one night! CLOSET SUNDAYS at the Revolution Lounge at the Mirage and HEAVEN SATURDAYS at the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage. His assistant, Jason is awesome!

(Donald and Ray with Frank Marino)

Donald and Ray with Frank Marino

Donald and Ray with Frank Marino

Going to Las Vegas without seeing the multi-talented Frank Marino would be like going to New York City and not seeing the Statue of Liberty! Frank has been performing for over 24 years in Las Vegas. His “new and improved” show is now at the Imperial Palace.

Featuring Dolly, Tina, Madonna, Cher, Bette, Diana, Liza, Britney and of course starring Frank Marino as Joan Rivers. Frank’s show has improved and gotten a lot better over the years. It was always great but now even greater. Divas is the new HIT on the Las Vegas strip! He is truly one of the most beloved headliners in Las Vegas. He and his partner, Alex just celebrated their 17th Anniversary on July 4th. Congratulations Frank and Alex.

And now ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Mr. Showmanship himself… The fabulously wonderful… the man who truly did it his way… the man who we had our 35th Anniversary in his Palm Springs estate a few years ago… L I B E R A C E !!!!!

Entrance to the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas

Entrance to the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas

One of the first places we always go when visiting Las Vegas is to the Liberace Museum. And what a museum it is! Located just east of the Las Vegas strip at 1775 East Tropicana Avenue, it is truly “beyond Fabulous”.

The Liberace Museum was founded April 15, 1979. Tanya Combs is the Director and the tour guide, Bette LaCombe is the finest and most memorable tour guide that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She LOVES her job and you can tell!

Everybody taking the tour was talking about how great she was. The museum houses many of Liberace’s costumes and she goes into detail about all of them. They even let you try one on! There is the Jewelry Collection which is worth the tour itself. Many of Liberace’s autos are on display. And then there are the pianos! They are in every conceivable shape and size and age. You also get to see several of Liberace’s antiques which are truly museum quality.

(Ray at the famous Liberace “Mirrored” Baldwin Grand Piano)

Ray at the famous Liberace "Mirrored" Baldwin Grand Piano

Ray at the famous Liberace "Mirrored" Baldwin Grand Piano

After the tour you visit the Café which has the most “fabulous” person who takes care of you. His name is Howard and we thought of him as the “Goodwill Ambassador” of the Museum. It’s all about having fun and all the staff there is wonderful.

After a nice lunch, we were extremely fortunate in going to a very special concert there in the Liberace Cabaret Showroom. Do NOT miss this show! The name of it is “Liberace and Me” with the extremely talented Philip Fortenberry at the keyboard.

Philip closes his show in a similar way that Liberace closed his own show with a wonderful rendition of “I’ll Be Seeing You”.

Donald and Ray with Philip Fortenberry

Donald and Ray with Philip Fortenberry

Between the brilliance of Philip’s playing and the people reminiscing about Liberace, there was not dry eye in the audience. Philip has several C.D’s out so be sure and check his website at

And then on your way out of the Museum you walk thru the gift shop.

Donald and Ray's matching Liberace "piano" rings

Donald and Ray's matching Liberace "piano" rings

Among the items offered for sale are Liberace related items, compact discs and video cassettes; along with a selection of music related books, giftware, stationery and jewelry. Does the end stop there? NO WAY!

Frick and Frack , alias Jan and Jean, the sales associates LOVE what are doing. The are fun, funny and MORE FUN! You would almost think that they are part of the entertainment for the Museum. Why is it way too many people in this world are just too boring? Thanks Bette, Howard and Frick and Frack! From the moment you walk into this Museum until you finally leave (and you won’t want to leave), you will have a marvelous adventure and one to remember for years to come.

The mission of the Liberace Foundation is to help talented students pursue careers in the performing and creative arts through scholarship assistance and artistic exposure. Celebrating over 30 years of Funding the Arts since 1976, The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts has awarded more than 2,700 students with scholarships.

One of the MANY costumes on display

One of the MANY costumes on display

The Legend REALLY does lives on at the Liberace Museum! And always remember the words by Liberace, “Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself!” Check out their website at And, by the way, Liberace would have been 91 this year and we are sure if he were still alive that he will still be wearing all of this “beyond fabulous” costumes. And why not?

We have been to Las Vegas many times over the years. It keeps changing and changing which any resort city has to do. If you have never been, then GO! See for yourself what it is all about.

Photographs, movies or anything else cannot prepare you for the all the glitz, glamour and excitement that the town has to offer. It is truly one of the most amazing cities in the world. We have so many people to thank for our latest “Las Vegas Adventure” and that is what going to Las Vegas is… an adventure. You NEVER get tired of going to Las Vegas.

A special thanks to: David Gonzalez at the MGM Resorts International, Alex Acuna at the Mandarin Oriental, Jace Radke at the Las Vegas City Hall, Michael Bertetto at the Wynn/Encore, the entire staff at the Liberace Museum and Eduardo Cordova and staff.

We always tell our readers to talk to everyone when traveling. You just never know who you are going to meet up with. On this trip we made new friends who live here in the Midwest, David Sandy and his partner Lance. We will be seeing much more of them in the future in our travels.

And now, VIVA LAS VEGAS !!!!!

Don & ray - Gay TravelersAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married). Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at