Gay Kyoto – Nomadic Boys

Author: , July 21st, 2016

Gay Kyoto - Nomadic Boys

Kyoto was the old capital of Japan from the 8th century until 1869 when it was moved to Tokyo.

It’s a beautiful city packed with temples, markets, very friendly people and some great food. And lots of mochi based treaties everywhere!

We stayed at B&B Keiko, owned by Keiko, who is a young Japanese girl, very passionate about her job. We paid 5,000 yen (around £30) a night for a room. There are two rooms, and this includes breakfast in the local French cafe. Keiko was a great source of all information about gay Kyoto, be it bus schedules, temple opening hours and most importantly, where to find the best ramen and noodle bars.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys