Gay Halloween – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , October 31st, 2018

Gay Halloween

We love Halloween. It’s the best excuse to go absolutely crazy with dressing up, makeup body paint, hot pants and all sorts of fabulous outfits.

These are our top 10 favourite gay couple Halloween costumes we’ve seen, loved, and in most cases, tried out ourselves.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

Bocas del Toro: Safe for Gay Couples? – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , January 11th, 2018

Bocas del Toro - Nomadic Boys

Two gay boys hanging out on Bluff beach with no one around, except a few friendly Golden Retrievers, the palm trees and the gorgeous backdrop of the Caribbean.

We celebrated Stefan’s birthday in Bocas del Toro in Panama, an area with a wide mix of people who do not care about your sexuality. We found it to be very relaxed, with an incredibly tolerant and friendly vibe. Many LGBTQ expats have even chosen Bocas as a place to live or set up a new business, so there’s a handful of gay owned places here to check out.

We absolutely loved our holiday at Bluff Beach and definitely recommend it to other LGBTQ travellers looking for a private and very romantic slice of Caribbean paradise.

Where is Bocas del Toro?

Bocas del Toro province is in northeast Panama on the Caribbean coast and next to the border with Costa Rica. It includes a chain of 9 islands, each with its own unique charm and character. Temperatures here rarely drop below 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit), and when it rains, it’s just a quick tropical burst of showers before it quickly clears.

Bocas is the main town and transport hub into the region, located on Colon Island. You can reach it via daily flights to/from Panama City (45 mins) or overland by bus from Panama City to Almirante (around 11 hrs), followed by a boat from Almirante (30 mins).

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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If Straights Were Treated Like Gays on Vacation

Author: , October 12th, 2017

straight couple

It’s a world many could not fathom, one where straight couples are questioned, harassed, and discriminated against while trying to relax together on vacation. That reality is one that all too many gay couples face, a new study from Virgin Holidays shows.

One of its depressing findings: Only five percent of LGBTQ couples feel comfortable showing affection while on holiday, compared to 84 percent of straight couples. Two thirds of LGBTQ couples reported not even feeling comfortable with a simple action like applying sunscreen to their partner’s back. A third experienced judgment and ridicule, like being stared at, laughed at, or verbally abused. One in ten reported being threatened with physical violence.

Virgin partnered with ATTN to show what it would be like if the situation were reversed, and straight couples experienced the same type of treatment. If it looks funny or unfair to see straight couples treated this way, perhaps it will help drive the message home that no one should have to deal with this kind of behavior, whether they are on vacation or not.

By Jeff Taylor – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

Should Gay Honeymooners Stop Avoiding Anti Gay Countries?

Author: , July 30th, 2015

Gay Travel

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, a new crop of honeymooners has entered the market. The travel industry has positioned itself to capitalize, having recently launched several targeted marketing campaigns featuring gay couples, including Hotwire’s “Lucky Me” commercial, Airbnb’s #HostWithPride film, and Marriottt’s Love Travels campaign.

But with gay marriage fully legal in just 20 countries – and homosexuality illegal in 75 — gay newlyweds face extra hurdles in deciding where to celebrate their nuptials. Many feel compelled to research discrimination laws before making overseas travel plans. In fact, four out of 10 U.S. LGBT travelers said local discriminatory laws and homophobic sentiments affect where they decide to fly “to a great extent,” according to a survey by LGBT marketing group Out Now. As one lesbian couple expressed in Airbnb’s #HostWithPride film, “For our honeymoon, I don’t want to be attacked. We want to be able to express our love, and be able to be affectionate, and feel comfortable and safe.”

But are such fears founded? Certainly, in some nations around the world, including popular honeymoon destinations, local LGBT people are harassed, arrested and even killed with impunity. But for Americans, these threats are minimal. Both the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and the International Gay and Lesbian Alliance have no reports of gay American honeymooners being assaulted during international travel. Even the U.S. State Department, which posts warnings for LGBT travelers, has little evidence of such incidents.

By Michael Luongo – Full Story at The Washington Post | Gay Travel Resources

New Gay Travel Magazine Launching in Time for Pride Season

Author: , March 26th, 2014


A new gay travel magazine, focusing more on the travel needs of same sex couples and real travel information, is launching with a June-July pride edition.

We spoke with founder DJ Doran about the new publication, called “Gaycation” – who its for, what it’s about, and where he plans to take it.

Purple Roofs: What is Gaycation?

Gay TravelDJ: Gaycation, by its very name evokes a notion of being on any experiential vacation that is specificlally tailored to the lifestyle of the LGBT traveling community.

PR: How is Gaycation different from other gay travel magazines?

DJ: Gaycation Magazine was created because we believe the personality of LGBT travel is changing. The world has grown smaller and more accessible, yet more homogenized and less exotic. Our goal is to inspire and guide those who travel the world to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives.

Today’s mature and sophisticated LGBT travelers demand more than the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed and the mass-experienced. They look for the authentic in people, destinations, and products. They long for meaningful and memorable connections with the places they go and the people that they meet. Gaycation Magazine is a fresh voice in LGBT travel, offering our readers 10 issues annually that will inspire our readers to immerse themselves in the authentic experiences that create deep connections between them as the traveler and the places they visit, and the local culture.

San Francisco City Hall - Gay Pride 2013Our content is derived both from professional travel writers and reader submitted stories about their personal travel experiences. Gaycation Magazine works with top brands, hotels and destinations to provide insightful content, inspiration and advice to effectively connect with and serve discerning travelers. Our features and articles are edited for a mature and sophisticated audience desiring rich travel content, guiding and connecting our readers to have a deep, rich more personal travel experience.

In a vast ocean of stale content and tired formats we will continually challenge ourselves to offer our readers a unique and immersive travel experience by meeting and serving the editorial needs of the mature, sophisticated gay traveler whether they are in their 20’s, 30’s or beyond.

PR: Who’s the audience for the magazine?

DJ: Our target audience is the mature, sophisticated Gay traveler of any age group focused on the other facets of the travel experience beyond the party circuit. Although we edit our content more toward a slightly older Gay demographic we welcome travelers of all age groups that desire to read about a more sophisticated aspect of Gay travel.

PR: Isn’t this a bad time to start a new magazine?

Old MontrealDJ: This is a very good question. It is a well established fact that most print publications are feeling pressure because of the cost of paper and printing. Digital platforms reach a wider more engaged audience without the egregious financial costs of printing and paper, so why print at all? The fact of the matter is that of 100 new publications launched each year, less than 10 survive to print the second year according to industry experts.

Having said that, there are several exceptions to this rule. Niche print publications continue to experience strong sustained growth, especially in the LGBT segment. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion every publication needs to offer its subscribers a digital option as an a la carte to their print copy with a website and plethora of social media platforms as supporting players, but going digital only screams salvation to some print publications that are battling low ad pages and declining circulation with the bigger question remaining: if you’re not selling advertising in your ink-on paper magazine, what makes you think that you’re going to have better success on the web? I truly believe that the minute you lose your connectivity with your readers you’re in trouble whether you are a print magazine or digital magazine.

Seattle SkylineThe sacred vow that some publications make with their new life partner, digital which ignores their print version is usually a last ditch effort to save a reader bond that was broken many times earlier. At the end of the day it comes down to this, if magazines fail to create a community where we make our readers feel like members or just numbers after a dollar sign, we won’t have anything to publish in print or digital. Our team at Gaycation Magazine recognizes this and our mission of a more inclusive organic interaction with our readers is a concept that hasn’t been tried before in our genre and we believe there is a huge under represented segment of mature, sophisticated Gay travelers that will welcome our unique approach.

PR: How can someone get a copy?

DJ: Gaycation will be offered in newsstands for $5.99 per issue at Barnes and Noble, Hastings Books and Hudson News beginning June 11th 2014. Annual paid subscriptions are only sold by request through our website, at pride events, travel related events, trade shows and subscription request cards. The annual subscription price of $9.99 for all 10 issues of our print magazine which also includes a free digital version, offers our content to everyone at an exceptional value. Single digital downloads for $1.99 can be purchased on i-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play and more…

Rainbow FlagPR: When will it be available?

DJ: The first issue closes April 5th, 2015 In your mail box June 5th 2014 (if you become a subscriber) and for sale on Newsstands June 11th, 2014

PR: Any other thoughts?

DJ: We look forward to introducing Gaycation to a LGBT traveling community yearning for more from a Gay travel magazine than naked torsos and gyrating 20 somethings on the cover and within the pages.

TSA Plans Change in Security Procedures for Gay Couples

Author: , January 23rd, 2014

TSA LogoThe Washington Blade has learned the Transportation Security Administration is poised to allow same-sex couples to undergo pre-flight security screenings together in response to two recent incidents with American Airlines personnel at a Colombian airport.

Hunter Carter, a prominent same-sex marriage advocate in Latin America who said American Airlines personnel at the airport in the Colombian city of Medellin separated him and his husband, Cesar Zapata, as they tried to check into their Miami-bound flight on Jan. 18, received an e-mail from Alec Bramlett, senior litigation attorney for the airline, on Wednesday afternoon.

“TSA has communicated to our Corporate Security folks that they are working on a technical change to its directive, and that pending that change, we can immediately begin screening same-sex spouses together,” wrote Bramlett in the e-mail the Blade obtained from Carter. “We are working on communicating this change in procedures to our stations ASAP.”

Authored By Michael K. Lavers – See the Full Story at The Washington Blade

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Argentina: Gay Tourists Can Now Marry in Buenos Aires

Author: , June 1st, 2012

What’s new, Buenos Aires? In legislation passed last week, foreign same-sex couples visiting Buenos Aires can not only visit Evita’s old stomping grounds, but get legally married there, too.

If you want to marry your same-sex partner, just jet down Argentine way, get a temporary address and put in a request five days in advance. (It’s also suggested you hire a lawyer to navigate the paperwork.)

Quicker than you can raise your arms and belt out “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina!,” you’re married!

Full Story from Gay Cities

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US Government May Allow Gay Couples to Fill Out Single Customs Form

Author: , March 28th, 2012

US Customs Forms and Gay CouplesU.S. Customs & Border Protection is set to publish a proposed rule on Tuesday that will ease the paperwork burden on same-sex couples returning to the United States after traveling abroad.

Under the proposed change, same-sex couples residing in one household who travel together on their return home can make a single joint declaration. Same-sex couples have been forced to fill out two separate forms, even though the customs form states “only one written declaration per family is required.”

The definition of the term “members of a family residing in one household” would be expanded to include domestic relationships, including foster children, stepchildren, half-siblings, legal wards — as well as same-sex couples. Two adults of the same gender in a civil union, domestic partnership or who have shared financial assets and obligations would be eligible.

Full Story from The Washington Blade

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Hawaii Prepares for Gay and Lesbian Couples as Civil Unions Near

Author: , November 14th, 2011

Hawaii Civil UnionsLong a destination for weddings, Hawaii extended the aloha spirit this year to civil unions and wedding planners are anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight on December 31 when LGBT couples take advantage of the new law, which was signed by Governor Neil Abercrombie (D) in February.

On New Year’s Eve, if all goes according to plan, hundreds of LGBT couples will say, “I do,” on Waikiki Beach as fireworks ignite in the sky over Honolulu. Arlei Patterson and her business partner Nancy Wilder of Arlei Style, an event planning business, are organizing Union of a Lifetime, which they’ve been working on for a year.

The three-day event will begin with a sunset rehearsal dinner featuring Hawaiian barbeque. Couples will honeymoon New Year’s Day before finalizing official paperwork January 2 and celebrate with a reception afterwards, said Patterson.

Full Story from Edge Boston

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Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Cadogan Hotel

Author: , October 12th, 2011

Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Cadogan Hotel
  |  London, UK  | Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Room #118 of the Cadogan Hotel London. The scent of green carnations, the taste of Pierre Jouet Champagne and the views of Sloane Street and Pont Street wearing a similar jacket as he did, waiting, in this same room and window, for the police to take him to his imprisonment on charges of sodomy and gross indecency. A tribute to Coming OUT Day in North America and Gay Love Worldwide. More to come on the Cadogan Hotel… CM

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