Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Check IN

Author: , January 8th, 2012

Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Check IN  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Stunning property located over the charming Alvear Avenue in the heart of the French heritage neighborhood of Recoleta in Buenos Aires. The hotel is divided in two tower, linked by both beautiful outdoor garden and an underground path turn into an art gallery. I chose to spend my stay at the 1930’s French Palace Duhau with contemporary design and décor, where belle-époque elegance meets tech-savvy modernity and comfort, marvellously enhanced by renowned Park Hyatt service and style. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Author: , January 7th, 2012

Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires
 |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This morning by invitation of personal friend and great knowledgeable local guide Nicolas Iwanuszka, I came to do the tour of Casa Rosada, where he is one of the leading tour guides. If you ever wanted to see the Casa Rosada up close and personal, then come Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10AM to 6PM and take one of the FREE Tours, which will take you in full access to all rooms, almost all balconies and even to the presidential office. My first time inside the Casa Rosada was when I was 5 years old, and since then I never came back in, so I was quite excited about it. (photo above is the Salon Blanco or White Room). > Check the Full Post, Videos and more at

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Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding

Author: , January 6th, 2012

Estancia Villa Maria the perfect venue for a Gay Wedding  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Selected as one of the prime states in South America, conveniently located only one hour away from the city of Buenos Aires, in the district of Maximiliano Paz you find this stunning old British-style manor house built in 1924 by Alejandro Bustillo, renown Argentinean architect. Estancia Villa Maria represents with excellence the concept of a a true Argentinean Estancia of the Belle Epoque. Turn nowadays into a small countryside hotel, and event venue surrounded by 74 hectares of incredible parklands including an outdoor pool, a private pond and Polo fields. In 2010 this estancia was chosen by famous Canadian singer Michael Buble for his wedding  which took place en Argentina. Now I happy to announce that will bring my first big project as a Gay Wedding Planner, to Estancia Villa Maria.  This was my second visit to the Estancia and I always want to come back for more. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Tango Porteño Dinner Show Buenos Aires

Author: , January 5th, 2012

Tango Porteño Dinner Show Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  The former Cine Metro, was originally the Metro-Goldwing-Mayer MGM owned movie theater in Buenos Aires, which became famous for being the first of its kind in Argentina to have female-only hosts. Today this luxurious setting embodiment of refined ambience stages this great example of Argentinean passion for the golden ages of Buenos Aires, Tango Porteño Dinner Show. Travel in time to the age of the forties, which is unquestionably known as the reign of the tango. > Check the Full Post and Videos  at

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Four Seasons Buenos Aires Check IN

Author: , January 4th, 2012

Four Seasons Buenos Aires Check IN  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   Nested in the exclusive neighborhood of Recoleta, over the beginning of 9 de Julio Avenue, surrounded by early century French-style mansions, embassies and international prime stores, Four Seasons Buenos Aires welcomes you with their consistent and remarkable trademark service for which they are well known worldwide. Without a doubt and to my best understanding, Four Seasons Buenos Aires, is one of the Top 03 luxury hotels in the city, differentiating itself by their bespoke customer service, location, professional staff, Les Clefs d’Or concierges, the 20th-century French-style Mansion Palacio Alzaga Unzue and by being the only of this Top 03 luxury properties to offer a year-round outdoor pool. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Belgrano: Historic, Gay friendly District in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Author: , September 25th, 2010
by Valeria, Tango B&B
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Belgrano, Buenos Aires

Belgrano is a traditional and special neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which combines houses dating from the end of the 19th Century with newer buildings and facilities. You will appreciate this delightful contrast.

Belgrano Church, Buenos AiresFormerly it was a place of great houses belonging to wealthy people. Some of them are still very important houses. “Caserón de Tejas” and “Bajo Belgrano” are tango compositions that refer to these homes. A good number of them have been converted into embassies and schools The rest are still family houses. Many of these houses have been replaced by modern buildings of up to 36 floors!

It’s a neighborhood with tradition and history; walking through the tree-lined streets, you can enjoy monuments, museums, bookstores and really interesting and beautiful places.

Belgrano ArtisansThe influence of a wide range of immigrant groups can be seen in Belgrano’s many places of worship: Jewish synagogues, Buddhist temples, and churches of all denominations—Anglican, Evangelical, and, of course, Catholic. Particularly noteworthy is La Redonda, “the round” church near the plaza, museums, shops and banks in the very center of Belgrano.

There are many bilingual schools that respond to different nationalities. This is also reflected in the restaurants. You can enjoy not only pizza, but also Japanese, Thai, Italian, French, German, Peruvian and Chinese food, the latter not only in Chinatown. Belgrano’s China town, located near the train station, is a destination in itself. Unlike many immigrant ghettos, where foreign influences predominate and the local culture is nowhere to be seen, in this unique neighborhood all cultures coexist in harmony.

There are numerous gourmet restaurants and grills where you can enjoy excellent argentine steaks.

Belgrano Street Scene - Buenos AiresTo the east, a walk through parks and avenues leads to a section of the University of Buenos Aires and, with a few more steps, to the memorial for the 30,000 persons missing in the years of dictatorship. And on the coastal avenue there is a selection of Argentina food restaurants from whose dining rooms and patios you can appreciate the immensity of the Rio de la Plata.

Belgrano Neighborhood, Buenos AiresSeveral transport lines in Avenida Cabildo connect Belgrano with the rest of the city. Buses, the “D” line subway, and trains from the “Barrancas de Belgrano Park”; they all go to the main places you will surely want to see.

Main attractions:

Barrancas de Belgrano, Gazebo, where “Milongas” take place every weekend; Belgrano’s fair (handcrafts, clothes, jewelry, traditional products), also held every weekend; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Belgrano, River Plate soccer Stadium, Argentina Polo grounds, Palermo racetrack (horse racing and casino), gardens and lakes, Japanese Garden, golf course and tennis courts.

There are many sports clubs, gyms, swimming pools which offer convenient temporary memberships. The parks are within walking distance. Many local people jog or do Aerobics around the lake or bicycle, roller skate, etc. The streets are busy at all hours of day and night. It is a safe neighborhood.Belgrano is a city it itself.

Tango B&B - Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango Bed and Breakfast, located in an Art Deco house dated from the 1920s, is cozy, comfortable, with modern facilities and well suited for families.

The owners of this unique establishment are Valeria, a professor of Physical Education and Eutony and Jorge, an artist who draws and paints.
Both are wine lovers who have toured vineyards in Europe, USA and of course all Argentina. With them you may participate in Argentine wine tastings, get advice for traveling in the country, restaurants, wines, etc. For sure you will enjoy the company of interesting guests and some times the typical Argentine barbecue offered and prepared by the owners.