Diversity Rules Magazine Launches IndieGogo Campaign

Author: , October 9th, 2014

Diversity Rules

Our friend Jim Koury at Diversity Rules Magazine has launched a new fundraising campaign over at IndieGoGo:

Gay activism is the editor/publisher’s passion. He is a fighter for equality and has a respect for diversity and acceptance in all forms. Diversity Rules Magazine is his vehicle by which to achieve his mission of helping foster better understanding of diversity and acceptance of the differences in people. Diversity Rules Magazine is a celebration of the diversity of our humanity.

Diversity Rules Magazine was conceived in 2006 to fill a void that existed in gay focused publications in upstate New York. The vision brought the magazine to fruition and it continued as a “freebie” publication with 10,000 copies being distributed throughout New York State. It was the most widely distributed gay themed publication in New York State at the time.

With the economic downturn of 2009 Diversity Rules Magazine ceased publication. A year later it returned as a digital format publication for 2 years. In March of 2013 it returned to print as a subscription only magazine. The goal was to serve both digital and print tastes.

The magazine today needs your support to continue its mission to serve the gay community and educate others about issues important to gay people around the world.

Jim puts out a great magazine every month – give him a little support at:


Liverpool Pride Starts Fundraising Early

Author: , December 8th, 2011

Gay Pride in LiverpoolLiverpool Pride organisers have said they will begin fundraising efforts for next summer’s event in December of this year to ensure the day remains free.

This is the earliest the event organisers have had to begin collecting money in the city’s history.

Liverpool City Council has said financial constraints may mean it is forced to cut funding to festivals in the city, though organisers say they will continue to work with the authority.

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