Visiting Florianopolis Brazil

Author: , April 2nd, 2013

Looking for a tropical South American paradise? Check out beautiful Florianopolis, Brazil. Passport Magazine has details:

I swoop back into my hammock. Vicious rocking turns into a caressing cradle as cooling South Atlantic Ocean breezes mask the Brazilian morning humidity. The sun shines through an intricate spiderweb and refracts through drops of dew that drip down from the petals of bright yellow hibiscus blossoms. An inquisitive Cattle Tyrant pops onto the deck and teeters his head to synchronize with my swaying while letting out rhythmic squawks. I pop open some Guarana and place the green can on the table where it blends with the tropical-green flora, then I pry myself up and walk to my private beach. Fishermen in brightly colored jon boats zigzag through the natural harbor returning home from their morning catches. I tiptoe through the rocky beachfront and find a smooth stone to sit on and feel the warm waves lap against my feet. I take in the clean air and the inspiring views and get ready for another day on Ilha de Papagaio in Florianopolis Brazil.

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Clubbing in Gay Florianopolis: “The Week”

Author: , March 26th, 2011

"The Week" in Florianopolis, BrazilA few years after its debut in Florianopolis, “The Week” – the largest gay friendly club in town – shows they set up shop to make sure everyone’s gonna have a blast while they’re there.

Florianopolis is famously one of the gayest cities in Brazil, and every year you can find an increasing number of gay travelers from all over the world (specially Americans and Europeans) in town celebrating carnival. It’s just bad that the “The Week,” with clubs also in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – is only open during summer.

The club located across the famous “Lagoa da Conceicao” (Conceicao Lagoon) can comfortably accommodate up to 3000 people every night, and for this year’s Carnival celebration, the club owner – Andre Almada – made sure the line-up was filled with international DJs who rock the gay scene.

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