Breakaway Backpacker – Revisiting Fez, The City I Hate Most

Author: , November 9th, 2015

Fez - Jaime Davila

Nothing pisses me off more than when I ask someone who has traveled extensively what place they loved or hated most and they avoid answering with a direct answer because they are scared to insult one place or another. You know they answer with, “Oh I can’t answer that, they’re all special in their own way.” or say something along the lines that they are like their children and blah blah blah. I say it’s bullshit… we all have our favorites and places maybe we don’t hate but dislike. I answer those questions in a heartbeat. Cairo is the city I love most (even though Istanbul is the most beautiful) and well Fez is the city I hate most.

It’s probably obvious why Cairo is my favorite, but it’s more to it than just him…lol. As for Fez and why I hate it so much. Oh… I wrote an entire blog post as to why I hated it. You can read it here: “I can’t love them all… Yes I hated Fez!” I just will never forget how everything went wrong from the get go and was just a tough city to explore on my own or even with a group of people. I also remember clearly how it was also part of the reason I almost went home during my first trip around the world.

In the span of a week I went from visiting one of the places I love most to one I hate the most. I was only visiting Morocco to revisit Chefchaouen, but the cheapest flight back to Spain was from Fez. Fez also happened to be only a 4 hour bus ride from Chefchaouen so I thought why not revisit the city I hate most. It had been 4 years and since then I think I have grown and see things different. I also thought people deserve second chances so shouldn’t cities too?

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