Eilat – Israel’s Underwater Paradise

Author: , February 10th, 2015

Eilat - Dany at Globetrotter Girls

After trekking through the Negev Desert, doing a whirlwind tour of Jerusalem, wandering across the Lower Gallilee in northern Israel, road tripping to the Dead Sea and the Ein Gedi oasis hike plus my sunrise climb to Masada and a day of desert fun in Timna Park, I was ready for a vacation.

And in Eilat, I would finally get a break to recharge my batteries before heading back north to explore more of Israel and visit the West Bank.

Eilat is basically a resort town, and I was shocked surprised at first about how touristy it was when we arrived there just in time for sunset and went for a stroll along the promenade, which was filled with people who were doing the same thing. It reminded me of a lot of European beach resorts with its long beach promenade which was lined with massive hotel complexes, restaurants and shops that sold everything tourists could possibly need.

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