New York and Canada Tops for US Gay Travelers

Author: , January 20th, 2014

New York CityNew York is the top domestic destination and Canada the top international destination for US LGBTI travelers, a survey has found.

The study by Community Marketing Inc discovered that, while lesbian, gay and bi travelers chased the sun on their holidays, the desire for ‘rest and relaxation’ as well as ‘culture, art and heritage’ were bigger motivators.

And modern gay holidaymakers demand free wifi in their hotels with 70% of them saying this was significant. LGBTI leisure travel is up by 5% in 2013 but business travel is still decreasing, as it has in previous years.

Authored By Tris reid-Smith – See the Full Story at Gay Star News

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Study Says LGBT Travelers Are Traveling More

Author: , August 24th, 2013

Gay Pride Flag San FranciscoGay travel seems to be recovering more quickly than the mainstream travel market. Travel Weekly reports:

LGBT travelers also seem to have rebounded more quickly from the ill effects of the recession, according to the 17th Annual LGBT Tourism Survey released last October by San Francisco-based research firm Community Marketing. The study found that one-third of gay and lesbian respondents increased their 2011 level of travel in 2012. Survey respondents added, on average, one trip a year to their travel schedules, for a total of 4.7 leisure and 3.2 business trips among gay men and four leisure and 2.1 business trips among lesbians.

That sounds about right – I know we’re taking more trips this year.

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New Survey Looks At Gay Tourism’s Role in Global Travel Market

Author: , April 24th, 2013

Gay Travel StudyHospitality Net reports:

US Gay and lesbian hotel guests spend an average 57 per cent more on their travels than their heterosexual counterparts. That is the result of the latest survey by Community Marketing Inc., a partner of ITB Berlin. Rika Jean-Francois, ITB Berlin’s CSR officer and member of the board of the International Gay & Travel Association (IGLTA) presented the findings at the ITB Berlin Convention and at the recently held strategy conference of Wien Tourismus in Vienna. Late last year, in a survey conducted in the USA by Community Marketing Inc., 5,700 interviewees were asked about their travel habits. According to the survey, it is not only hotels but entire destinations that benefit from LGBT travellers (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Among the other revelations: 40% of gays say a destination’s gay friendliness is the main factor in their travel choices.

Community Marketing Releases 2011-2012 Gay & Lesbian Tourism Report

Author: , December 21st, 2011

Community Marketing 16th Annual Gay and Lesbian Tourism ReportKey findings from CMI’s 16th Annual LGBT Tourism Study have been compiled from responses from self-identified gay and lesbian consumers who read LGBT publications, visit LGBT websites, and attend LGBT events. With over 10,000 respondents, this study polled more qualified, community-representative respondents than any other LGBT tourism survey, and offers valuable insights about consumers who may be reached through LGBT-dedicated marketing initiatives.

In addition to the Tourism Study, CMI produces online surveys, focus groups, field studies and customer satisfaction evaluations for a wide variety of clients including CVBs, DMOs and tourism offices, tour operators, hospitality groups, real estate developers, etc. In the year 2011 alone, CMI collected and analyzed over 100,000 gay and lesbian survey responses.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the travel and tourism industry in the United States generated more than $1.3 trillion in economic output in 2010. Based on this data and CMI sample demographics, we estimate that the annual economic impact of LGBT travelers is over US$65 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

Full Story from Community Marketing

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