Gay Palm Springs

Author: , December 18th, 2015

Gay Palm Springs

With cold weather approaching in Chicago now is the time to take a trip to the desert paradise of gay Palm Springs, California. The name is said to come from Spanish explorers who described it as being the palm of God’s hand. As a tourist there is a lot to grab onto.

American Airlines has direct flights to this balmy destination from Chicago. Just walking through the open ceiling airport warms the soul as the dry heat and palm trees are in stark contrast to the Windy City.

There are peak times to visit Palm Springs throughout the year to center around events. For example there is an International Film Festival in January that grows bigger every year. The White Party for gays and the Dinah Shore Weekend for lesbians are both held in April with huge numbers of people. Although Pride is practically every day in this town it officially arrives the first weekend in November with a festival paired with it to celebrate.

While over a dozen new hotels have opened in the past two years, the private resorts are the place to be and be seen. Choosing the right resort can make or break a trip to gay Palm Springs. There is a variety to suit almost every taste like one specifically for the Bear community or couples who travel together.

By Jerry Nunn – Full Story at Windy City

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What’s New in Palm Springs

Author: , April 6th, 2013

Palm SpringsConsidering a trip to one of the foremost gay meccas in the US? No, not San Francisco – Palm Springs! Joseph Schmitt has the latest on one of California’s hottest (and we mean that literally) gay cities:

I recently spent a few hours watching vintage promotional videos of Palm Springs, California on YouTube. It was so heartwarming to see how little about this desert oasis has changed over 60-plus years. The palm-filled sacred canyons dotted with waterfalls at the city’s edge are still a popular attraction for hiking.

The mid-century signature architecture has not only been preserved, it’s become a huge draw for design and architecture connoisseurs from around the globe. And of course, the sun-filled vacation setting still boasts manicured green lawns, sparkling pools, and relaxed attitudes, all of which drew me to become a year-round resident.

Whether viewed in historical videos online or seen in vintage photographs around town, it’s easy to tell that this desert retreat has long been known for a distinctive blend of retro-kitsch, Hollywood glam, and southwestern hospitality. While much of vintage Palm Springs still remains, visually and culturally, what has changed greatly is an overall increase in quality, diversity, and yearlong popularity.

It’s been a couple years since we last visited Palm Springs, but the weather is great (if sometimes REALLY hot) year-round, and the summer nights there are amazing.

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