If You’re in the Closet, Chicago May be the Travel Destination for You

Author: , September 9th, 2014

ChicagoWe have plenty of data on where gay men like to vacation — but what about men who aren’t out of the closet?

According to a recent poll by MissTravel.com, the most popular destination for closeted gay men in the world is Chicago, Illinois, followed by Sydney, Australia. A press release from the site claims that over 5,000 “male members seeking male travel companions” were initially polled to learn if they were out and the 41% “who were in fact closeted were then surveyed to discover their top destinations for discreet travel.”

“With gay marriage recently being recognized by the state of Illinois, it is not surprising that many closeted men are flocking to The Windy City,” Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of MissTravel.com, said in a statement. “Chicago offers a wide variety of gay-friendly attractions that complement the midwestern values the city was founded on.” The press release for the survey also noted that Chicago “is a business hub, making it a plausible destination for prudent travel” and that “all cities that made the final cut were gay-friendly destinations that also catered to a heterosexual audience.”

By James Nichols – Full Story at The Huffington Post | Illinois Gay Travel Resources

Traveling While Gay

Author: , March 1st, 2014

Rainbow FlagIn the middle of last year, on assignment for a newspaper, I found myself sitting next to a Maasai woman in Samburu National Park, Kenya, watching an elephant on the banks of Ewaso Ngiro. Everlyn was my minder from Nairobi. She was also a refutation of the canard that women in traditional Africa are powerless to help themselves: After escaping an abusive, polygamous marriage in her village, Everlyn secured an enviable government job, put her brother through medical school, and now made a habit of visiting remote communities to spread education about AIDS prevention. I liked her tremendously. We were chatting over gin and tonics, talking about her life, and then suddenly she wrinkled her nose and asked me an unexpected question: “Do you have when a man and a man go together in your home?”

I froze. “In Kenya, it is bad, I think. In Nairobi you see the clubs and lesbians,” she said. “I think it is a new thing, this choice people are making. We never used to have these people in Kenya.” If “these people” had appeared in her old village they would have been beaten, she explained; she also struggled to accept a colleague who had come out as a lesbian. “If my daughter told me she was choosing this I would be …” She puffed out her cheeks and let out a nervous laugh.

I’m hardly the first person to be blind-sided in this fashion. David Smith, the Guardian’s Africa correspondent, put it well when he noted recently that “anyone who has spent a fair amount of time on the continent is likely to encounter a warm, friendly, decent human being who will stop them short with an outburst of homophobic prejudice.” Everlyn was a good person; but how to navigate this sudden hostility, springing unseen from the grass?

Authored By Lance Richardson – See the Full Story at Slate

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