Montreal’s Divers/Cité

Author: , January 18th, 2015

Image via Divers/Cite websiteThe night air had cooled, a contrast from earlier in the day when the summer sun soared high and bright overhead. Around me, a crowd (mostly gay, mostly male, mostly shirtless) undulated to a deep, rolling bass line heaved at us from onstage by European house duo Chus & Ceballos. As it tapered into a distant storm of drumbeats, the lights faded to a glow and highlighted the twinkling cityscape on one side and the glimmering waterfront on the other.

A young woman wearing a backpack and sparkly makeup pranced toward us, cackled something in French, and vanished back into the sea of bodies. I wiped the sweat off my brow and chugged some water as a flash of light anticipated the return of the drums. The beat hung overhead a brief moment, then opened into a downpour of synth, bass, and melodic vocals. The words sung in Spanish flooded the quay and washed us away.

What European electronic dance music hotspot is this? Paris? Mykonos? Ibiza? Au contraire, mon frere. It’s Divers/Cite, a weeklong international arts and culture festival that has taken place each summer in Montreal for over 20 years. In fact, in 1993 Divers/Cite organized the first Montreal LGBT pride celebration, which included a parade, a community fair, and an arts and music festival. In 2006, Divers/Cite organizers decided to create two distinct LGBT events: one focused on community development, and the other a full-fledged arts and music festival.

By Bryan van Gorder – Full Story at The Advocate | Quebec Gay Travel Resources

Image via Divers/Cite website

Evolve New Year’s Eve Party – The Photos

Author: , January 5th, 2015

Evolve Vegas 2014-15Is it just us, or does the festive period suddenly seem like a distant memory?

But if you are feeling the Monday morning, back-to-work blues, then never fear. We have a little something to soften the blow: seven pictures of fabulous, queer, sequin-filled excess at the Evolve Vegas NYE party. If it doesn’t get you thinking about next December 31, nothing will.

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Images via Evolve

Six Sexy Gay Events for 2015

Author: , January 1st, 2015

antwerp_leatherpride-728x1024You may be staring at your diary for 2015 and looking for a bit of inspiration. Which countries around the world haven’t you been to? Which cities haven’t you ticked off yet? Which parties are attracting your attention?

Here at Gay Star Travel we love all sorts of holidays and all sorts of travel adventures. What’s clear is that different holidays suit different people, and also that you need to ensure a bit of variety when planning your travels for the year. Beach resort holidays are lovely, but if that’s the only type of holiday that you do it could start to feel a bit repetitive. City breaks are fun, but low-cost flights and airport delays eventually start to take their toll. You need to mix it up a bit, give yourself some variety in how you experience the world.

Whatever your schedule for 2015, you are probably going to want to throw at least one amazing gay party in there. The kind of trip where you get to show off all of your hard work in the gym, or test out the new leather harness that you’ve invested in. The kind of parties where things get a bit sexy and a lot of fun.

Let’s take a look at some of events around the world that we’re warming up for in the year ahead…

Hard On: Antwerp – 15th February 2015

London’s leading fetish night Hard On heads to Antwerp to host the official closing party for Antwerp Leather Pride. This is going to be a big event – with over 3,000 fetish-lovers descending on Antwerp for the weekend, the closing party is going to be busy. If you’ve never been to Antwerp you’ll be surprised at what a beautiful and liveable city this is – definitely worth exploring. A strict dress code will be enforced for the closing party so start buffing your leather now.

By Gareth Johnson – Full Story at Gay Star News | Other Gay Travel Events

Istanball Brings Four Days of Non-Stop Parties to Turkey

Author: , May 25th, 2014


HIP SULTAN presents the 1st edition of ISTANBALL with 4 days of non-stop international parties hosted by the best world’s party brands. Expect “never seen before” productions to accompany your favorite DJ’s and sensational live acts.

%100 Guaranteed Satisfaction ; Fabulous entertainment in style, World’s best party brands with best DJs line-up, performers and out of the box parties created by HIP SULTAN like you never experienced before!

Fasten your seat-belts. Produced by Greece and Turkey’s premiere gay travel agency and producer of best parties in Turkey HIP SULTAN, is going to take you on the most exotic and stylish journey ever. With the participation of thousands of gay men from all around the world; the crowd of trend setters gathers at the exotic but modern entertainment mecca of Europe: Istanbul.

By Kelly Riker – Seasons of Pride | Turkey Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

Istanbul Celebrates Gay Pride in June with Istanball

Author: , May 3rd, 2014

Istanbul Gay PrideGay trendsetters will gather in Istanbul from 19-23 June for the International Rainbow Festival and for the 22nd Istanbul LGBT Pride Week which follows from 23 to 29 June, making Turkey the gay entertainment mecca of Europe for 2014.

“Istanball” is the first event of its kind in a Muslim country, with the Rainbow Festival uniting gays from all over the world. Istanbul LGBT Pride Week consists of workshops, panel discussions, parties and a big march on the closing Sunday.

via Rainbow Tourism | Turkey Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

12 Hour After Party Planned for San Diego Pride

Author: , April 27th, 2014

Overdrive Pride 2014San Diego Pride weekend is just under three months away, and already we have a Pride party on the horizon that people are talking about. Overdrive Pride is a joint production of DJ/promotor Tristan Jaxx and promoter Shaun Flak, and is slated for Saturday night of Pride weekend, July 19. What makes this party interesting are the hours of operation: 10 pm to 10 am. Yes, a 12-hour party.

Now, there have been long parties here in San Diego in the past. I recall some old Club Montage parties that went that long, but that was more by accident than design: A 10-to-6 party extended a few hours or so, because the crowd was still raging at 6 am and the owners decided spur-of-the-moment to keep things going. But this is the first San Diego Pride party, to my memory, that is set at 12 hours from the get go; a true marathon dance party at which those present will be making history.

The DJ line up is exciting as well, with San Francisco DJ Andrew Gibbons opening for none other than DJ Nina Flowers, of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame. Local favorite DJ Tristan Jaxx will take over and finish up during after-hours.

By Jim Winsor – SDGLN | San Diego Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

Xlsior Dance Festival Returns to Mykonos and Santorini

Author: , February 2nd, 2014

Xlsior GreeceXLSior – the International Dance Festival that has taken over Greece for the last 5 years – is back again and coming to Mykonos this 20-24 August and Santorini this 27-29 August.

XLSior combines the authentic beauty of the Greek isles with the quality clubbing that you’ve come to expect from two of Europe’s hottest party destinations. With over 30,000 participants expected to attend, you will not want to miss these unforgettable experiences.

Authored By -Edmund – See the Full Story at Rainbow Tourism

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Gay Travel Event Review: Ascension at Fire Island Pines

Author: , August 22nd, 2013

Ascension - Fire Island

Photo by Evan Mulvihill

Gaycities reviews this last weekends’ party at Fire Island Pines:

How do you get 2,500 gay men on the beach in overcast weather? Throw a circuit party! The yearly Ascension Party owned the Fire Island Pines this weekend, bringing in throngs upon throngs of gay men — a few in actual thongs. The marquee event was Sunday’s Beach Party, where DJ Hector Fonseca and DJ Theresa spun alongside a surprise performance from Natascha Bessez.

See more photos over at GayCities.

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Thousands Strip for the Palm Springs White Party

Author: , April 4th, 2013

Camp Palm SpringsIt was a crazy scene down in Palm Springs last weekend for the White Party, and Queerty has the photos to prove it:

Thousands upon thousands of scantily-clad men were in attendance for the 24th annual White Party Palm Springs over the weekend. This year’s kiki included performances from Ana Matronic, Carmen Electra, Icona Pop, Carly Rae Jepsen, and based on the pics below, it appears abs also made a showing at every event.

I wish they had these when I was 21…

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Tell Trinity: What’s a Circuit Party, and Should I Go?

Author: , January 26th, 2011

Hello Trinity, What are circuit parties and would you recommend them? –Circuit Queries, Philadelphia, PA

Hello Circuit Queries, Circuit parties, typically benefiting AIDS organizations, started in Atlanta, Ga., in the 70s at the Hotlanta River Expo where so many people showed up that the organizers had to create smaller parties to accommodate the crowds, thus a circuit of parties.

Events like Montreal’s Black & Blue fill sports arenas, sporting famous DJ’s and entertainers. For $75 to $150 you too can dance next to gorgeous, muscular gay men on drugs (how else do you think they stay up). So, once in your life, down a Red Bull, remove your shirt and dance all night, but, darling, skip the drugs because some people also overdose.

Full Story from QNotes

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