“Christian” Conservative Linda Harvey Wants Ban on Gay Pride Parades

Author: , August 19th, 2014

Gay PrideChristian conservative Linda Harvey claims Gay Pride parades are a bad influence on young people and should be banned…

“We need to go to our city councils and stop these parades,” she said during an appearance on Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. “I think they are a blight on the community, they communicate exactly the wrong message: that homosexuality and gender change is totally fine. That it’s a big joke, because there are men dressed in feather boas, lipstick and heels in these parades, this is such a raw message to our children especially. My opinion is gay pride parades ought to be banned and we have every reason to do so, there is no redeeming social value, that’s my belief,” she said.

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Wales: Christian Mayor Wants to Ban Gay Couples From His B&B’s Double Rooms

Author: , March 22nd, 2014

Highland Moors Guest House

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The Christian Party Mayor of Llandrindod Wells says European judges should allow him the right to refuse same-sex couples from sharing a double room at his B&B. Councillor Jeff Green, leader of the Christian Party in Wales, runs the Highland Moors guesthouse with his wife, Sue, in Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales.

“It all started with a letter from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) who said they had received a complaint about a line on our website which said we had double rooms for married couples,” said Councillor Green. “We agreed to remove this from our website and suddenly the complaint completely vanished.”

The EHRC dropped the complaint after the Greens changed their policy to no longer provide a double bed in any room but offer twin rooms with separate single beds. The couple are now taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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British Christian B&B to Go Non-Profit to Avoid Having to Accept Gay Couples

Author: , March 21st, 2013

A Christian group is advising a Christian couple who owns a B&B in Cornwall to change their business to allow them to legally discriminate against gays and lesbians. Gay Star News reports:

It follows after almost five years after civil partners Martyn Hall and Steve Preddy, who were denied a double room in the guesthouse, filed a case against the Bulls. The Christian Institute financed the Bull’s defence in 2009, saying: ‘They had to find a way of still running a business so they can pay their mortgage without compromising their beliefs’. They lost the case, and the appeal, and were ordered to pay #3600 ($5500 [euro]4200) in damages.

In order to trade without any further legal action the Bull’s sought out further support from the institute. Speaking to The Cornishmen newspaper, Bull said she was advised by the Christian Institute on how to form a limited company, which they were able to do by stating that anyone coming to stay here would be expected to ‘abide by our Bible-based beliefs’.


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UK: Gay Couple Wins Lawsuit Against Christian B&B

Author: , February 12th, 2012

The Court of Appeal has today upheld a landmark court ruling in favour of a gay couple refused a room by the religious owners of Cornwall hotel.

Martin Hall and Steven Preddy, civil partners, had successfully sued devout Christians Peter and Hazelmary Bull for sexual orientation discrimination.

They had been turned away from the Chymorvah Hotel near Penzance in 2008 under the Bulls’ policy of not allowing unmarried couples to share rooms.

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UK: Christian Hotel Owners Appeal Ruling

Author: , November 10th, 2011

United Kingdom Gay Travel LawsuitA Christian couple who did not let a gay couple have a double room in their hotel have appealed against a ruling that they acted unlawfully.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull refused to allow civil partners Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, from Bristol, the room at Chymorvah House in Cornwall in 2008.

The Bulls, from Marazion, were ordered in January to pay #3,600 in damages. At the Court of Appeal in London, the Bulls said that they were entitled to hold “outdated” religious beliefs.

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UK: A Second Lawsuit Against Another Anti Gay B&B Owner

Author: , January 28th, 2011

Gay Couple Sues Christian B&B Owners in BerkshireA gay couple are suing a Christian bed and breakfast owner after she told them it was ‘against her convictions’ for them to share a bed.

Michael Black, 63, and John Morgan, 58, are claiming sexual discrimination after being turned away from Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berkshire, last March.

Their case follows that of Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, who won #3,600 damages from the owners of a Cornish guesthouse last week for refusing them a double room.

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Hotel Owners Who Refused Gay Couple Claim They Were “Set Up”

Author: , December 14th, 2010

A gay couple suing the Christian owners of a seaside hotel in Cornwall may have booked a double room as a “set-up”, a court has heard. Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy, from Bristol, have lodged a claim for up to £5,000 in damages from Peter and Hazelmary Bull, alleging sexual orientation discrimination.

But the Bulls deny the claim under new equality laws, saying they have a long-standing policy of banning all unmarried couples – both heterosexual and gay – from sharing a bed at the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion near Penzance, Cornwall.

Mr Bull, 70, and his wife, 66, say their policy – operated since they bought the hotel in 1986 – is based on their beliefs about marriage and not a hostility to sexual orientation.

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