Gay Cape Town – The Vibrant Heart of Africa

Author: , December 1st, 2014

cape-town-apple-mapsYou have to be kidding me!’ he says, a confident smile spreading across his Latino face

‘Why?’ I reply, a touch surprised.

‘You’ve come to the most beautiful city in the world and you’re only staying for a week? Change your plans. Give her two weeks at least. Let her work her magic with you…’

Franco should know. He came to Cape Town from Buenos Aires four years ago for what was meant to be a short break. Three weeks later he lost his heart to the Mother City – and a local lad – and has only been back to his homeland twice since.

I pick up where I left off. ‘What I was going to say was I lost my heart to this city a long time ago already…’

In fairness, it’s pretty easy to fall head over heels for Cape Town. Yours truly fell in love with the city some 15 years ago, and lived there for over eight years. A colourful metropolis on the south-westerly tip of the African continent, Cape Town has a way of getting under your skin and pulling you back to its golden shores, rugged mountain backdrop and azure breakers time and time again. It’s a city of jaw-dropping beauty, bizarre contrasts and one that boasts the most liberal outlook on life in South Africa, and the rest of the continent.

By JD Van Zyl – Full Story at Gay Star News | Cape Town Gay Travel Resources

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Visiting Gay Cape Town, South Africa

Author: , May 17th, 2014

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You will create once-in-a-lifetime memories when you get married, so plan on doing it in a location that can rival any dream. Cape Town, South Africa blends a political stand for equality with awe-inspiring land and seascapes. Head into the nation’s wide-open safari lands for your honeymoon, and you kick off your life together with peak experiences.

Making arrangements will be easy–the tourism board ( even has web sections on “Pink Cape Town” and “Gay Weddings in Cape Town.” Plan your ceremony in one of the Mother City’s beautiful public spaces: high above the city at the summit of iconic Table Mountain or barefoot in the warm sands of Clifton Third (the gay) Beach.

A short drive brings you to Stellenbosch, Constantia, and the rest of wine country for outstanding estate ceremony options amid vineyards and wineries that provide exquisite wedding day photography–every angle seems like glowing soft-focus golden hour–but it’s just another day in South Africa’s wine region.

By Joseph Pedro – Passport Magazine | Gay Cape Town Gay Travel Resources
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Cape Town, Africa’s Gay Capital

Author: , January 18th, 2014

Cape Town, South Africa - Apple Maps

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South Africa is the place for high-octane adventure, travel and cultural exploration. Because of the introduction of democracy through the government of Nelson Mandela, the gay community can proudly claim the status of their constitution which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Overseas nuptials are even possible as South Africa became the first African nation to legalize same-sex marriage in 2006.

LGBT travel in South Africa was not always easy. Twenty years ago, most of the LGBT establishments were underground because the community was required to keep their activities low-key and away from the government eye. During apartheid, homosexuality was a crime aimed at keeping gay political activists at bay.

Today, the city of Cape Town is the most popular destination in South Africa for LGBT tourists. Cape Town is known as “Pink City” or the gay capital of Africa. In 2016, the city will host the 33rd Annual International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) Global Convention.

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IGLTA Plans 33rd Annual Convention in Cape Town

Author: , October 27th, 2013

IGLTA LogoFort Lauderdale, Fla. ( 8 October, 2013 )–The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association will host its 33rd Annual Global Convention in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016. This marks the first time IGLTA will hold its premier educational and networking conference in an African country in its 30-year history.

Convention bids were evaluated during the association’s 4-5 October board meeting in Madrid, host city of IGLTA’s 2014 convention next May. “Cape Town is a world-class city — incredibly scenic and with a vibrant LGBT community. It has all the right ingredients to ensure a successful convention,” says Dan Melesurgo, IGLTA Board Chair. “Bringing the convention to Africa for the first time is an opportunity to grow our membership there and create greater understanding and awareness of the LGBT travel market on the continent.”

South Africa, which became the world’s first country to enact a constitutional ban against discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1996, is considered the most progressive country on the continent for LGBT issues. In July, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights chose South Africa for the launch of its “Free & Equal” global campaign to promote LGBT equality.

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Gay Travel Updates from South Africa

Author: , February 22nd, 2013

StellenboschRobert Schrader’s Leave Your Daily hell blog has been focused on his current trip to South Africa. We’ll bring you some updates below:

First off, Robert has some advice for visiting some of the many wineries near Cape Town:

See, most of the so-called “Cape Wineries” are located near the city of Stellenbosch, which is further east of Cape Town than the city’s public transport goes. This leaves you with two options: Taking an organized tour (barf); or renting a car and driving yourself.

But in most instances, this second option is not an option at all: South Africa has extremely strict drunk driving laws, so unless you lack fear/morality or have a non-drinking friend traveling with you, taking a wine tour is your only option.

Robert-Schrader-PenguinNext, he tracks down the Penguins that live close to Cape Town:

The African penguin colony near Cape Town is located on Boulders Beach, in the coastal village of Simon’s Town. The easiest way to reach Simon’s Town is to take the M3 or M6 south from Cape Town to Muizenberg, then travel south on the M4 until you see the (conspicuous) signs.

As you might remember if you read my post on Monday, I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of an American traveler named Lindsay, who rented a car for the express purpose of seeing the penguins, so this is the route we followed.

Next, Robert visited the tip of Africa:

I was slightly disappointed to learn, upon arriving at the Cape of Good Hope last week, that it is not in fact the southernmost tip of the African continent. And I was slightly confused to learn that although South Africans use the terms “Cape of Good Hope” and “Cape Point” interchangeably, they are in fact two different capes completely. But I was nothing short of delighted to find the peninsula that puts the “cape” in Cape Town, whatever you want to call it, is freaking incredible.

Robert SchraderHe also took a trip down the popular “Garden Route“:

The Garden Route is long, diverse and could take up weeks or even months of your time if you have it to spend. But here, I’m going to provide you with a limited list of Garden Route destinations, so that you can create a Garden Route itinerary that suits your travel plans.

Although the de-facto start of the Garden Route is the town of Heidelberg, Mossel Bay is the place many backpackers and road trippers alike begin their time on this scenic stretch of coastline. On the surface, Mossel Bay is little more than a charming seaside town, perched on gently-sloping hills above an impossible blue harbor. But Mossel Bay is rather historically significant: It was the first place Europeans set foot on South African soil, in 1488.

And uncovered the country’s seedy gambling underbelly:

Gambling first become legal in modern South Africa in 1994, when the country’s first democratic government took over from the previous apartheid regime. Prior to then, gambling in South Africa had been heavily restricted. Way prior to then – 1673, in fact! But even in modern times, gambling in South Africa has been a contentious subject. The Gambling Act of 1965, for example, outlawed all gambling in South Africa, with the exception of horse races, which were considered a sport.

Chintsa BeachesAnd finally, he reviews the beaches in Chintsa, South Africa:

I was quite literally taken aback when I arrived at Chintsa (pronounced “Sint-sa”), and not just because it was technically the first South African beach I’ve visited since leaving Cape Town weeks ago. Long, virgin and backed by mysterious, massive, mythical-looking sand dunes, it is the physical embodiment of an unnamed beach I’ve dreamed about many times, but always assumed never existed. While Chintsa is more than just a pretty face – as I mentioned yesterday, when I described a bizarre natural phenomenon I witnessed while walking along Chintsa’s 15-kilometer beach – it is not particularly exciting. I would find it difficult to write a traditional destination guide about Chintsa, explaining things to do – there isn’t a whole lot!

To follow Robert’s adventures, visit his blog here.

How Safe is Cape Town?

Author: , February 6th, 2013

Vape Town - Robert Schrader“I’m sorry,” I said to the young, blonde woman who was selling frozen drinks at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. “But can you tell me what flavor this is?”

“Blueberry,” she answered quickly. Then, she correct herself. “Actually, it’s raspberry bubble gum – I think.”

I laughed. “Either way, it probably just tastes like sugar. I’ll take one. How much?”

“12 rand,” she said and came out from behind the stall to prepare the drink for me. “Where are you from?”

Authored By Robert Schrader – See the Full Story at Leave Your Daily Hell

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Exploring Cape Town’s Bo Kaap Neighborhood

Author: , February 1st, 2013

Bo Kaap Neighborhood, Cape TownWhile walking around an otherwise uninteresting part of Cape Town last Friday evening, my eye was drawn to a colorful patch off to my west. Closer squinting – and, subsequently, exploration – revealed said patch to be a neighborhood called Bo Kaap, which is Cape Town’s Malay quarter.

Although Bo Kaap is not, as I briefly assumed, the Cape Town neighborhood featured in Solange Knowles’ fabulous new video “Losing You,” it is nonetheless the most interesting Cape Town neighborhood I have explored thus far.

Why not have a look for yourself?

Authored By Robert Schrader – See the Full Story at Leave Your Daily Hell

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Cape Town – Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

Author: , January 30th, 2013

“The best way to see the wineries near Cape Town,” my friend Dayne advised me, as we chatted about things to do in Cape Town over drinks earlier this week, “is to hire a car or a motorcycle and explore the region that way.”

My heart sank. “Um, you do realize that I’m only accustomed to driving on the right side of the road, right? I mean, um, correct?”

“It’s not that bad,” he laughed. “I mean, not deadly anyway. You might find yourself in a fender bender, but you can buy cheap online motorbike insurance and protect yourself from that.”

Authored By Robert Schrader – See the Full Story at Leave Your Daily Hell

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My Crazy Day in Cape Town

Author: , January 29th, 2013

Robert Schrader, Cape TownIf you read yesterday’s post, you’ll remember that my first full day in Cape Town was crazy, to see the least. I walked more than five miles, hiked/climbed upward nearly a mile and spent about 10 hours in the sun, which is not blocked by much of an ozone layer here in South Africa.

The vast majority of people I’ve met since, be they South Africans or fellow foreign travelers, have seriously questioned my sanity for doing this, particularly because I wore flip-flops through the whole ordeal.

But if you’re traveling in Cape Town and want to see a lot of the city in one day, get a great workout and have a travel story that will make you sound like a total badass, follow in my demented footsteps.

Authored By Robert Schrader – See the Full Story at Leave Your Daily Hell

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Cape Town Pride Coming in February

Author: , January 23rd, 2013

Cape Town Pride LogoThis February 22 – March 2, the Rainbow Nation’s proudest city will be on display as Cape Town Pride 2013 kicks off! Beginning in 2001, this event is a jewel in the crown of the South African gay scene as people from all around the country and Africa flock here to celebrate their pride and the diversity of this beautiful, seaside city.

With South Africa being a regional leader when it comes to gay rights and marriage equality, the pride events that take place across this land hold a very special place on the continent and in the hearts of the LGBTI community that call Africa home.

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