Breakaway Backpacker: Revisiting Chefchaouen, Morocco

Author: , November 6th, 2015

Morocco Breakaway Backpacker

Travel is strange, we visit a place for a moment in time and we leave our impact on it as it leaves an impact on us. We build an impression of a place by what we experienced during our time there and then carry on. As time goes by that impression changes as we compare it to places we have been and places we will be going. It becomes another piece of our collective memory. If you loved the place it can be for many reasons and most of the times it’s because everything collided in that moment in time and was perfect for you. That was the case during my first visit to Chefchaouen over 4 years ago.

Chefchaouen is a town set in the north western part of Morocco with the beautiful Rif Mountains as its backdrop. It’s a town where its medina (old town) is painted a million shades of blue. It’s a town I fell in love with and knew when I left I would have to revisit one day.

I didn’t know that day would be so soon. While I was in Europe I kept thinking about how close I would be to Morocco and kept thinking of this blue little town. So finally thought, “fuck it why not go back if even to just visit this town I love so much and then carry on”. So I did just that. After having a blast at Gay Pride in Benidorm and non stop travel in Europe I was excited to go back to a place I had already been and rest a bit.

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Breakaway Backpacker – Oslo in Black and White

Author: , September 10th, 2015

Jaime Davila - Oslo

I never really had plans to visit Oslo at least not now because I knew it wasn’t cheap, but was already in Stockholm and had a friend in Oslo. I had met her during a Street Art Tour in Buenos Aires & she offered to open her home and give me a place to sleep. So I thought why not I’d have a place to sleep and see a good friend so I went!!!

Even before arriving in Oslo I was already in a black and white mood. It was a transportation day and my first actual day being alone since arriving in Europe and as usual felt a million emotions. See transportation days always seem to be when my mind runs a million miles per hour and my thoughts catch up to me as I get lost in a gaze starring out the window. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like them. I had a fabulous time during Stockholm Gay Pride and exploring Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan, but for some reason on my way to Oslo… just couldn’t get a few things out of my head. I don’t think I need to explain what because by now I think most of you know what I am dealing with inside… anyway my feelings changed as soon as I arrived in Oslo, but I was still seeing in black and white.

I arrived after a 6 hour train ride and realized it was dark, gray and a bit chilly outside. I also immediately noticed people wearing black and just a lot of black in general everywhere. I arrived at the right metro stop and my friend was waiting for me. I was so excited to see her.

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Breakaway Backpacker – Going Home

Author: , August 11th, 2015

Jaime Davila - London

I’m currently on a train from Oslo back to Stockholm and feel like I should give a quick update on what I’ve been up to. As always if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter you know because they’re up to date, but if not its all good and here it is!

So yes I’m in Europe now and have been in Europe over a week and can’t complain because it’s been amazing.

Before I arrived in Europe and after leaving South America I went home for two weeks. It wasn’t in my plans to go home at all after the last time I left, but I did. The crazy thing is that less than 3 months into my trip in South America I was missing home, missing it bad. During many of my hikes in Patagonia I longed for it. I don’t know why, but I did. I think it may be an age thing, but who knows. The tipping point was when I got sick in Rio and thought I was going to die. That’s when I was like okay for sure I’m going home. I figured out quickly I could easily go to Houston from Bogota instead of going directly to London. I also figured I would never be this close to home again (5 hour flight) because that would never be the case once I was in Europe, Asia or Africa. Plus it was a cheap $100 flight using some of my miles. So I booked it 3 months in advance and didn’t tell anyone!!! Well later on my older sister and then a friend when I drunk called her… oops!!!

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Breakaway Backpacker – The 28 Hour Bus Ride From Hell

Author: , July 23rd, 2015

Jaime Davila bus ride

I had no plans to document my bus journey from Asuncion, Paraguay to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I knew it was going to be a long 24 hour bus ride, but just wanted to get through it and not think about writing things down. I was at the terminal hours before the departure time to take advantage of the free WiFi. I had not had much WiFi the week I spent in Paraguay and it was a nice break, but I needed my fix. I tweeted that I would be going on a long 24 hour journey and one of my readers replied to please document my thoughts because she loved my diary entries. So I thought why not and am glad I did because it turned out to be one of the craziest bus rides I have ever taken. Here are all the thoughts I had on my bus ride from Asuncion to Santa Cruz that turned out to be 28 hours instead of 24 hours.

7:35pm – I’m on the bus and its left the terminal already. Ummmm it wasn’t supposed to leave until 8pm. Sucks for people who will miss it. Also omg this bus is like falling apart. It has no AC, the seats are shit and it’s squeaking already on a paved road. Oh lord the next 24hrs are gonna be an adventure. The good thing is I think 2 other backpackers got on so I’m not alone, but the bus is very very empty. Maybe we are going to another terminal. I have no clue and fuck I hope this is the right bus. I did say to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

7:41pm – OMG I’m sweating already. We are stopped and picking up more people. That makes me feel better. My seat is so uncomfortable though. I was already dreading this bus ride and now even more so. It’s gonna be an extra adventure because we also have to do the border crossings. I think we do the exit procedures of Paraguay in the early morning and then who knows about Bolivia. OMG I also hope I have no problem getting in with my Mexican passport. Okay I just need to breathe and let things be. As long as I arrive safe and sound to Santa Cruz, Bolivia I will be happy.

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Breakaway Backpacker – Paraguay, or Living the Simple Life

Author: , July 8th, 2015

Jaime Davila

As I write this I’m lying in a hammock that’s hanging from a mango tree. The mango tree is in the front yard of a tiny bright pink house. The house is two bedroom with a small kitchen and bathroom/shower next to that. The door to the bathroom is a curtain. In this house lives a family of 6 (now 7 including me).

It’s the husband and wife with two daughters and they take care of two additional kids (their niece and nephew). The tiny house is on a big lot of land that holds 2 cows, over 35 chickens and 2 dogs.

The chickens and dogs roam freely and many times are just wandering in and out of the house. We are so far from a major city that they don’t have WiFi out here and they barely get cell service. This is where I’ve been spending the past 5 days & I’ve loved every minute of it, but sadly today is my last day here. I’m going to miss it so much.

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Breakaway Backpacker: Hiking for Beer Credit

Author: , March 6th, 2015

Jaime DavillaI couldn’t do it anymore… I wanted to give up. We were hiking 1 kilometer up the base of a steep volcano to get to a mirador (look out point). We had already been hiking for I don’t even know how long. I was far behind and I kept telling myself “Fuck Jaime you are so out of shape.” and “Damn Jaime why do you do this to yourself didn’t you just fail at hiking up a volcano like a few days ago?” and just then when I was about to give up my friend Ingrid said “Do it for beer credit!”…

I said “What?”… she said “yes, all the calories you are burning now you can enjoy all the beer you want after without feeling guilty.”… I was left in awe I had never thought of that. Not that I ever think about the empty calories that beer gives me when I drink it. I mean I love drinking and drink whenever and never feel guilty as long as I’m not drinking and driving. Okay sometimes I do feel guilty when I do stupid shit, but that’s a whole other subject I don’t wanna get into, but I’m sure my friends and family at home would love to share…lol.

When she told me that though, a lightbulb lit up in my head and it was like the sky parted and angels started singing AHHHHHHHHHHHHH in a high pitch voice that was just magical. I had honestly never thought about it like that. I had thought about it for food. I love food so sometimes I do work out so I can be a fat ass on the weekends, but beer never. So from that moment after I was like I got this… and kept going and made it to the mirador and it was just so worth it.

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Breakaway Backpacker: Waterfall Off the Beaten Path in Pucon, Chile

Author: , March 5th, 2015

Jaime Davila in ChileThey said,

“only a few make it, but those that do are rewarded with the most amazing experience ever.”

Bajajajaja just kidding no that’s not how this starts. This isn’t like The Beach, but I thought I sure was on the same adventure.

When I arrived to the hostel the owner let us know all of the activities you can do while you’re in Pucon. Most of them are excursions and cost a lot of money. Knowing I came there to hike Volcano Villarica I didn’t want to do anything else that cost a lot of money aside from that. He let us know of a free “off the beaten path” activity we could do.

He showed us a hand drawn map that would take us to the beautiful Salto el Claro waterfall. Of course every time… yes every single fucking time someone mentions see a waterfall I think of the time I was held at gunpoint for visiting one. So anyway he explained that it’s about 4-5 hour hike to and from the hostel so I figured I could do that. I didn’t want to do it alone so ask around and most had already done it or were gonna go later. So yeah I did it alone and well this is what happened.

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