Author: , August 29th, 2014
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Our last travel column dealt with some of the complaints that owners of Bed and Breakfasts had with a very small percentage of the guests staying with them. They all said that 95% of their guests were very wonderful people who they would love to have them stay with them again.

It is just the 5% that are the problem. We have stayed at over 65 Bed and Breakfasts from coast to coast and we often ask other guests what they like and or dislike about the Bed and Breakfast. 95% of the time the guests give glowing reviews of their stay at the Inn. The most often things that we hear are how friendly and nice the owners are.

The personality of the owners after all is one of the most important things that a Bed and Breakfast is known for. Of course the Inn has to be very clean, great breakfast, lovely location and a very nice ambiance. A few years ago it seems as though almost all Inns were filled with antiques however in today’s world, they are decorated in all types of decor and themes. We have stayed in Inns with western decor, leather decor, retro and Art Deco decor as well as rustic and chrome and mirrors.

As for the complaints that we have heard from guests are that the owners are never there. Others complain that the owners are not friendly and seem not to care if they are staying there or not.

Sometimes linens and towels are not kept fresh and have ravelings. Yep, we have stayed one or two Inns like that. NOT a pleasant situation! Some Inns only change linens every 3rd day and this is a MAJOR complaint with guests!

It is nice for there to be some information about the Inn and the city in each room however we stayed in one Inn that actually had an 18 page booklet about the do’s and don’t’s about the Inn. Who wants to spend that much time reading things like that?

We were staying at in Inn a couple of years ago and a guest came down for breakfast and asked the owners about the bus line to go downtown. Rather than tell them, they told them that it was in their booklet upstairs and they needed to read it there. That Bed and Breakfast is no longer in business!

Some guests are returning guests and love staying at their favorite Inn however sometimes they notice little things like the Inn has lowered costs by changing their breakfast selections. No one wants to stay at an Inn and be served coffee in paper cups or try to unwrap a muffin from a cellophane wrapper.

If an Inn offers bathroom amenities, keep them coming. Don’t drop things like that as guests will notice.

Happy hour is very special at a lot of Inns. Don’t drop things like that either.

We realize that owning an Inn is a 24 hour job. The owners just HAVE to get away sometimes. Often they can hire a “Inn sitter” to take over but sometimes they just need to get away for a few hours. They just always need to give each guest their cell phones in case of an emergency.

We have stayed in Inns where the doors wouldn’t close to each room and the shared baths were not clean. If an Inn does have shared baths, they need to be sure and check them out often especially in the mornings. Not all guests are that clean nor that considerate of others, which is sad to say.

All in all, 95% of all Inns are operated in a very professional and friendly way. One major complaint that guests have is that when they email an Inn for reservations or even just a general question, it might take days for them to get a response. Rather than to call, they usually just book another Inn.

95% of the Inns where we have stayed are marvelous. One thing that owners do complain about is guests who are always leaving things behind and then expect the owners to ship the item to them free of charge.

We love Bed and Breakfasts and will continue to stay at them forever.

Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

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