The Twink on the Plane

Author: , November 5th, 2014

Twink on a PlaneFlying is tedious. Cramped quarters, stale air and crying babies are just some of the annoying-at-best obstacles that greet passengers on a daily basis.

One French traveler wanted to change all that, and his logic seemed as air-tight as the flight cabin itself. “Flights are boring. I wanted to make it fun.”

His version of “fun,” however, is up for debate. While we might agree that donning a speedo and and plastic pool floaty while strutting down the aisle could potentially be fun, American Airlines and the rest of the passengers on board weren’t as easily convinced. Go figure.

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How Do You Act on a Plane?

Author: , April 19th, 2012

Airplane BehaviorYou can learn a lot about people by how they behave on an airplane. It’s a narrow tube, the air is stale, and people’s definitions of personal space differ immensely. The women in high heels and tight pants seem showy. Passengers who think that a massive bag will fit in the overhead compartment have serious spatial relations issues.

People who go into airplane bathrooms barefoot are disgusting. So, what better way to introduce myself as the new Associate Editor at ShermansTravel than to give you a sense of what I’m like on a plane?

I prefer the aisle seat. It gives me more room, though people walking to the bathroom often bump into me. I don’t drink anything other than water and ginger ale on flights. Well, the occasional Bloody Mary has been known to happen.

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NY: Delay a Plane, Pay a Fine?

Author: , March 28th, 2012

Airplane Delay FeeHas your airplane ever been delayed because someone was too drunk for it take off or a rowdy passenger wouldn’t shut off their iPhone (cough: Alec Baldwin)?

Well, if airlines have anything to do it, these passengers will soon be paying hefty fines for their misbehavior. Three New York-area airports have proposed a new policy that will charge these men and women for delaying the flight. And as you can imagine, these fines may be pretty hefty.

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How to Pick the Best Economy Seat

Author: , October 28th, 2011

Economy SeatsHate sitting in economy class? Do you ever wonder what it may be like to fly up front? Sure, but what are tips and tricks into getting an enormous discount on Business and First Class ticket as well as cracking those sly techniques into getting your tush bumped to the front.

However, first class travel is not always an option. How then does a traveler fare it out in economy? Here are some tips into getting the best seat on your next coach class flight. I’ll divulge some of our top secret tips into the world of upgrades and discount front class flying!

When first class is sold out or your precious elite status did not work out in your favor on your upcoming flight, flying economy class may be your only option. Don’t fret; there are ways to make your economy class travel experience somewhat of a pleasure.

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