A Booze Cruise to Calais

Author: , February 7th, 2014

It’s becoming an annual tradition, the three men jump in the back of a van heading south to escape, Dover is where it starts. It’s the crossing to France, the country that will return us our liberties; for Grandad, Dad and I it’s the time of year we stock up on booze!

Late November/Early December we make our way to Calais for no other reason than cheap wine. From London the journey is quick, 1 hour on the M20, 30 Minutes on the Eurostar and within 15 minutes we’re at one of the largest supermarkets in Europe Carre Four, all for a tiny #23 for a car plus petrol.

The journey is so quick that the day then needs to be spent wisely, follow this itinerary and you won’t go wrong.

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Rediscovering London

Author: , February 5th, 2014

Ryan C. Haynes - Portobello RoadIt’s too easy to forget what’s on your own doorstep; the old adage ‘out of sight out of mind’ is irrelevant in travel – it’s quite the opposite.

With 15 years beneath my belt being a vilified Londoner I seem to have forgotten the beauty of a city that has ranked number one for global tourist destinations. Following nearly five years of “campaign London” starting with the Royal Engagement, Royal Wedding, Queen’s Jubilee, Olympics and recently ending with the new Prince the spotlight has even helped me reinvigorate the love for the capital and rediscover my environment.

1. Stepping onto Portobello Road for the first time in over 10 years, while it’s much smaller than I remember, much less Bric-a-Brac and significantly more chain stores – and it has lost its historical edge, what it doesn’t lose is the backdrop of Victorian Britain. The beauty of the colourful streets reimagine life here over a century ago when horse and cart were commonplace and the market was the centre of all refinery and wealth. Today, other than marvelling overly priced antiques it’s the remaining independent stores that take my fancy.

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Hastings, A Fishing Town

Author: , February 3rd, 2014

Hastings - Ryan C. HaynesIt was time for a romantic break, the coast was the destination and heading in the Southerly direction was the intention. Storms had been battering Britain for weeks, we new whichever coastal town we were heading to that it would be cold, wet and potentially bleak.

We chose Hastings, I had last visited in 1993 and my only memories were the ruins of the castle and the pebble beach. We booked bed and breakfast at Alexander’s Guest House with a sea view for a respectable #70 just 10 days prior – so we expected Hastimgs to be reasonably quiet.

On the drive down we stopped at Bodium Castle, we were aware it would be closed between the Christmas and New Year break and I was concerned that this detour would be a waste of time. Fortunately the parking gates were wide open and the skies cleared long enough for us to enjoy a walk around the mote marvelling this historic building, the beauty of the surrounding landscape was accentuated by the flooded plains and burst banks of the river. Families hopped across muddy pastures and dog walkers enjoyed the relative peace. The cold soon bit at our cheeks so we headed for the 30 minute remaining drive to Hastings.

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24 Hour Tube Service to Boost Gay London Nghtlife

Author: , November 25th, 2013

London UndergroundLondon Underground has announced that in 2015 parts of the tube network will run 24-hours at the weekends. This will give nightlife in the capital a huge boost making it much easier for gay clubbers to enjoy much more of what the City has to offer.

The 24-hour running will cover the Picadilly, Victoria, Jubilee, Central and Northern Lines, which will no doubt make life so much easier for Londoners and tourists. It will also make selecting hotels much easier as travelers can now look beyond the centre city and towards upandcoming areas including Greenwich, Shoreditch, Brixton and Shepherds Bush.

The underground celebrates 150 years and while behind some of the other leading global cities London has taken a while to prepare for 24 hours.

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Guide to Gay Lisbon

Author: , November 9th, 2013

Ryan C. Haynes in LisbonArrive in Lisbon during daylight and the city is discrete, there’s very little to suggest it is gay welcoming, but there’s nothing to say that there will be a problem for gay travellers. In fact I felt incredibly welcome wherever I went and look closely – people watch – and you will begin to see quite a large gay population.

Lisbon actually has an incredibly vibrant gay scene and there’s plenty of places to visit, just don’t attempt – like I did – to try to do it during the day. There’s nothing to see and you will find it hard pushed to find the gay venues listed. I walked both the Rato and Bairro Alto, gay map in hand, and struggled to find the bars and nightclubs for the following nights’ escapades. Yet, by night, the shutters were flung open, the lights on full glare and the music popping onto the streets.

By night, the city comes alive. Bairro Alto is full of party atmosphere and it is now hard to distinguish revellers from the gay and straight bars. You shouldn’t think of going out before 9pm, but 10.30pm is a better start to your evening. Grab some food around 8.30pm and you can casually enter the nights’ events.

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Gay Guy Goes to China

Author: , November 9th, 2013

Ryan C. Haynes - Destination BeijingGay China is much more apparent than I expected, but with an internal population of over 1 billion people it really is obvious to understand why there is a hive of homosexual activity.

I had the chance to visit three gay venues while in Beijing, I also discovered how people keep in contact. It is worth downloading and accessing a couple of social applications for China; grindr, jack’d, and WeChat. The most popular gay chat device is definitely Jack’d. These weren’t limited to access through a VPN either.

What’s important to note, is that most of the Chinese live outside the central centre to Beijing, but there are a couple of gay venues worth visiting:

Destination, 7 Gongti Xi Lu
Subway – Dong SiShiTaio
Next to walkers Stadium, past Asia Hotel
Great on Friday and Saturday. It has 1 dance floor – where everyone faces the DJ booth and Pole Dance Station, very weird, and has a further 7 bars and several chill out rooms that are well air conditioned.

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From Beijing to North Korea – Another World

Author: , October 31st, 2013

Ryan C. Haynes - North KoreaWaking to a busy, lively train while cramped in the top bunk of a sleeper is not most people’s idea of enjoyment and excitement but for me it is one of those days in the year that put a smile on my sleep. I had managed to survive the night without rolling off the bunk, kept myself warm from the onslaughts of air con blasts from the roof of my berth (thanks to my Vietnamese silk sleeping bag), and had manoeuvred my way up and down the three bunks twice during the course of the night without disturbing anyone, in pitch darkness on a moving wagon!

As you can tell I was mighty pleased with myself! The top bunk is not many people’s choice but it certainly means people won’t disturb you. I then sit up – bang! I hit my forehead square on the train roof! Good morning! Half crunch and that’s the space in my bunk compromised.

Then I need to manoeuvre out of the bunk, changing clothes and packing while the body is still waking up and muscles aren’t quite stretched. It makes me wonder how I did this during the course of the night. Especially during my mid-sleep pee break!

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Calling All Snomosexuals to Arosa

Author: , October 30th, 2013

Arosa, Switzerland - Ryan C. HaynesI’ve been. It’s great! Seriously – it’s a fantastically organised week for which you need plenty of energy for.

Arosa Gay Ski Week is not just about the slopes but also the evening parties. For me, I was exhausted by day 3 – but the atmosphere, the energy and the events keep you going to the bitter end.

Arosa has just announced its line-up for year 10 – and it is a must-see!

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Getting Around Beijing, China

Author: , October 27th, 2013

Ryan C. Haynes - ChinaI may have only spent time in Beijing, and took a train across the country, but the sheer size of its towns and cities, the growth of the skyline, and its modern look just exemplifies the place that China holds in the world.

Beijing has been flattened and rebuilt with many big block faceless buildings. History and culture seems to have been surrendered, even the Hutong area has been and is being rebuilt.

Speaking to a local, he tells me of the property bubble and how it is growing out of control. Rates and costs are rising, and this is unsustainable.

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Honest Omissions’ Top Travel Websites

Author: , October 24th, 2013

Ryan C. HaynesOut gay travel blogger Ryan C. Haynes lusts some of his favorite travel websites.

Honest Omissions reports:

Following publishing my favourite gay travel websites, I have been inundated with requests to add more to this list. And it is true, that list was surely only Part 1. So on Part 2, we expand our selection slightly.

Some of them gay, some of them just helpful if you are an independent traveler. So enjoy the list and let me know any others I should be visiting when planning.
Budget Travel

Some excellent advice and resources for the budget traveler. It covers a wide range of Destinations, as well as providing some guides on best travel and what to look forward too.


This is for the Spanish, a great website with plenty of detail on destinations, each with their own pages. I know the editors and they are so passionate about providing quality content, that from this service they have achieved funding for Itinerium, which means if you can’t be bothered to do the planning yourself – one of their editors will do it for you. http://www.guiajando.com/


If you’re looking for gay travel, and help with all your accommodation needs, check out Purple Roofs selection of Bed&Breakfast, Inns, Hotels and even get your entire holiday booked with their referred Travel Agents and Tour operators. http://purpleroofs.com

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