Wandering Wives – Autumn In Brittany

Author: , November 21st, 2015

French abandoned house

Brittany lies in the north-west corner of France and has a climate similar to the UK. So along with driving rain and biting wind, autumn in the region can bring some truly stunning days. Vivid landscapes full of colour are waiting around every corner. Fallen conkers and amber leaves make up an ever changing blanket on the ground. Lush grassy hills play hide and seek in the haze of foggy mornings as coats and scarves come out of hiding.

Autumn in Brittany is about woodland walks through crisp undergrowth and evenings spent by a crackling fire. The colours of autumn breathe life into their surroundings as everyone enjoys the last days of sunshine before winter arrives. Pumpkins are carved, soups are made, slippers are rediscovered and butternut squash becomes part of everyday vocabulary one again. Autumn is bright, vibrant youthful and wondrous.

Or at least that’s what our Instagram feed would have you believe. Leaves on the ground, check. Huge scarf, check. Average pumpkin in the dark, check. Cute dog walking selfie, check. The reality is often very far from the truth. Yes we have been carving pumpkins and walking a dog in a scarf (us not him), but what the selfies don’t reveal is the truth behind them.

It rains 95% of the time and lighting a fire is one of the skills our generation have lost. Most of the leaf strewn pathways are brown and sludgy and very slippery. The grass is always wet and merely glancing in its direction will render your jeans soaked to the knees for the rest of the day. Carving a pumpkin is hard, trying to cut a butternut squash requires so much skill it should be an Olympic event. The super cute giant scarf is actually super itchy and a massive trip hazard. The dog has diarrhoea and shat on his own lead the other day…read more on Wandering Wives

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Lesbian Travel: The Perfect Pooch Holiday in Provincetown

Author: , August 16th, 2015


I love NYC but the summer heat and humidity leaves me melted so it’s no accident that my family has developed a tradition of ” gaycationing ” in Provincetown, Massachusetts a beautiful legendary gay beach town on the very tip of Cape Cod. Not only is Ptown (as its lovingly called) known for being really gay, but also incredibly dog friendly which is perfect for us since I prefer vacationing with our canine kiddos whenever we can. I love seeing rainbow, leather, and bear pride flags flapping off of restaurant awnings and from flagpoles. This month was our third year going up to Provincetown and it’s definitely my top pick for vacation spots for lesbians looking for fun in the sun with a canine sidekick!

Each week during the peek summer season is themed with a variety of different parties and events catering to various subpopulations of queers. By chance we ended up in town for the end of bear week (so much love for the Bears!) and during “Girl Splash” week so I’m guessing there were a lot of Curve readers around town! We rent a little cottage on the far East end of town where things are quieter and didn’t go to any events or parties but they are definitely around and easy to find if that is something you are interested in. Our family spends most of our week out on the beach relaxing. One of the best things about Provincetown is that everything is so dog friendly! Here are a few of my favorite must dos with dogs while in gaycationing:

Top 5 activities in Provincetown to enjoy with your dog:

Exploring town: if you have a sociable dog like my little guy Mercury whose comfortable in crowds your dog is welcome at the outside seating at most restaurants in town and in many of the little shops that line Commercial Street (the main drag in town which speaking of drag has fantastic drag queens parading down it day and night!) including several pet boutiques – this year we found an adorable squeaky lobster toy!

By Sassafras Lowrey – Full Story at Curve | Provincetown Gay Travel Resources

Traveling With Pets

Author: , September 12th, 2014

Pet TravelHotels and resorts across the United States are constantly amping up their amenities (VIP services, complimentary happy hours, special in-room dining menus) to provide more comfortable stays for their overnight guests. Of course, nowadays, when we say “guests,” we mean all guests, including those members of the family who have four legs and cute names. Guests that require a leash and walking services, check-in treats, and frequent praise. If you haven’t already noticed, pets are traveling now more than ever, and it’s only a matter of time before pet programs become an industry standard in hotels across the US.

According to the Humane Society, pet ownership in the US has more than tripled since the 1970s when there were approximately 67 million households that pet owned. As of 2012, there were 164 million pets owned, reflecting the fact that a whopping 62 percent of Americans have at least one animal. According to the Travel Industry Association, 30 million of these Americans travel with their pets every year.

Pet owners (particularly dog owners) are taking advantage of pampering pet hospitality, because hotels are asking them to. In fact, hotels are taking the extra step to pamper Fido with pet-friendly room service, welcome gifts, and even massages, knowing that our furry little friends are part of the family too and just as important as the one who’s paying the final bill.

By Jimmy Im – Full Story at Passport