The Jordaan: Amsterdam’s Prettiest Neighborhood?

Author: , August 18th, 2014

Jordaan, Amsterdam - Adam GroffmanLike in many cities across Europe, Sundays are a great day for wandering. On my recent trips to Amsterdam, I spent my free time meandering through the city streets, walking along the canals and just generally taking in my surroundings. Amsterdam’s a great city to visit on foot and far and away, my favorite area to wander through was “the Jordaan.” Bordered by four of Amsterdam’s largest canals, this area of the city is arguably Amsterdam’s most famous. And almost definitely its’ prettiest. If there is one canal name you need to know in Amsterdam, it’s this one: Prinsengracht.

The Jordaan was once a working-class neighborhood formed at a time when the city of Amsterdam was quite wealthy. The Jordaan, however, was long a home for immigrants, refugees and struggling artists (such as Rembrandt himself).

With small houses and cramped courtyards, the Jordaan was eventually renovated in the 1970s. (Though it seems that the area is still full of small houses and cramped courtyards…just a bit more pretty!) These days, the Jordaan still retains its neighborhood feel. Some cafes, such as Cafe Papeneiland, have been in the neighborhood for nearly 400 years!

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Is Amsterdam Gay Pride the Most Scenic?

Author: , August 6th, 2014

Amsterdam Pride - Adam GroffmanI just returned from a weekend in Amsterdam and I feel I need to share something important: Amsterdam is damn pretty. I’ve said it before but it calls for another shout-out. I spent pretty much all day of Saturday on a boat during Amsterdam’s annual gay pride (which takes place on the canals), and I can unequivocally declare Amsterdam to be oh-so-pretty.

The annual canal parade (probably my first ever parade on water) goes through the center of Amsterdam along some of the city’s prettiest canals–notably Prinsengracht where I’ve previously photographed approximately one million pretty buildings. But the parade also goes down the Amstel river and ends into the harbor

And along the entire route, the scene from the canals was nothing short of beautiful. From crowds of people wearing pink to the brownstone buildings draped in rainbow flags, Amsterdam’s gay pride parade didn’t just convince me that the city can be fun — but that it’s also stunningly beautiful.

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Rain Can’t Stop Amsterdam Pride

Author: , August 4th, 2014

Amsterdam Gay Pride - Jean Paul Zapata80 pride boat floats… Hundreds of thousands of people… One fast and furious thunderstorm… Nary a wig hair out of place.

Over 300,000 people did not let a little rain get in the way of celebrating the 19th annual Amsterdam Gay Pride flotilla this weekend, taking to the canals in the early afternoon with families, pride paraphernalia and umbrellas in tow.

The weather forecast predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon, just when the floating parade procession through Amsterdam’s canals was meant to be reaching its high point. But when life gives you rainstorms, Amsterdam Pride doesn’t stop for anything!

By Jean Paul Zapata – Full Story at Gay Star News | Netherlands Gay Travel Resources

Photo by Jean Paul Zapata

A Day in the Netherlands

Author: , June 25th, 2014

Netherlands - Dolly Goolsby

Good morning,

I have a bit of time before going on a walking tour of Nijmegen. (These Dutch names seem hard to pronounce, but the town is pronounced “Nee-Megan “). Today will be our last day in the Netherlands, as after lunch we will sail again, this time into Germany.

Netherlands - Dolly GoolsbyYesterday we had the pleasure of visiting the little star-shaped village of Willemstadt. It is so tiny, our Program Director told us that if we got lost in that town there virtually is no help for us! I think he might have put it a bit more tactfully, but we got the message.

Frank and I walked down this lovely little street, and met a man who was trimming his garden. He spoke English very well, and he was so happy that we had stopped to talk with him. I asked if I could take his picture, and he said, “Oh, yes, just wait a minute until I put on my wooden shoes.” He and Frank had a great conversation, then we continued on our way.

We then found one of my favorite things, a fruit and vegetable market, but I restrained myself and didn’t buy anything.

After lunch, we sailed a short way, and were able to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kinderdijk, where there are miles of canals, with old windmills along the canals. Most of the windmills were built in the mid 1700\0x2032s, and many are still operational. We got to tour the inside of one, to see the living quarters. It was interesting to me to find that the kitchens were in a stone building set apart from the windmill, as the danger of fire was too great to have a kitchen inside. I do not know what they did for heat, as this area can get very cold. The baking kitchen was another stone building, much larger, and shared by many families.

We walked from our ship to the windmills, then returned by way of a canal boat. A local lady gave us more of the history of the canals and windmills. Very interesting.

I shall let you know how the rest of the day goes. The weather promises to stay pleasant. This part of the river is very busy with all kinds of boat traffic, much as in Antwerp. The Viking cruise ship was right next to us, literally, this morning. If the passengers on the Viking wanted to leave their ship, they would have walked through ours. Another cruise ship is right in front of us and another one in front of them.

I am enjoying the trip very much. Now I must close and go on the walking tour of Nijmegen.

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Visit Gay Amsterdam for Pride

Author: , June 18th, 2014

Amsterdam, Netherlands

via Apple Maps

Summer in Holland means enjoying every aspect of life … not just the great weather, beautiful countryside and pleasant cities, but also the great, typically Dutch snacks on a cafe terrace. In summer, the Dutch like to make the most of good weather by whiling away some time on a terrace and this is best done while enjoying a drink and a bite.

Among the favourites are a beer accompanied by a plate of bitterballen. These breaded savoury ragout balls are typically Dutch and are usually dipped in mustard. Other popular snacks are pieces of Dutch cheese and sausage or a bread basket with dips. So go local and try some bitterballen on a pleasant terrace!

It’s a huge trend in European cities: the city beach. After enjoying hectic urban life, these ‘beaches’ allow you to relax and enjoy without having to travel to the coast. We have found the best city beaches in Holland for you. You can spend a wonderful day on a city beach. With summer weather and a range of tasty treats and drinks, these places are summer favourites! Several big cities in Holland boast city beaches.

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Amsterdam’s Fetish Pride Coming at the End of May

Author: , May 4th, 2014

Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014All kinds of fetish; Leather, Rubber, Army, Uniform, Sportswear, Neoprene, Lycra, Boots & Jocks, Harness, Skinhead and more…

After last year’s first-time event, we’re excited to announce the 2nd annual Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014!

‘Fetish’ means leather, rubber and beyond. Army, uniform, neoprene, sportswear… our mission is to expand the scene and make it more accessible to everyone.

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Europe’s Best Cities for Clubbing

Author: , April 16th, 2014

13 Best European Cities for ClubbingC is for Clubbing! For some of you guys, traveling is a non-stop party. I should know: almost 20% of my email subscribers answered they are going on a euro party trip on my eurotrip calculator, that nifty little thing. I also receive a lot of emails asking where is the best places to party in Europe or even where to score some joints or meet some prostitutes (!!!). I know I have a good web of connections all over the world but seriously, do I look like a drug dealer or a pimp? #emailsbloggersreceive

I digress.

I’ve created this list with a ready-made itinerary if you want to follow a 2-month euro party trip in Europe to finally answer this question. Of course you’re free to include Ibiza and London but here’s 13 best clubbing capitals that are more interesting and mostly less expensive (except for Stockholm, Paris and Mykonos). I’ve listed my favorites and noted those that are gay-friendly destinations. Some are not but they are still fun!

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Instagramming Amsterdam

Author: , April 10th, 2014

Adam Groffman in AmsterdamI spent the other weekend running around Amsterdam with Shoshannah, Amber and the STA Travel Insider crew. If you haven’t already, check out the videos from the weekend in the YouTube playlist below. They’re a lot of fun!

Amsterdam came as a bit of a shock to me. I was expecting it to be a city full of drugs and sex, but it turns out it’s just a pretty awesome city. And way more beautiful than I was expecting. You hear about Amsterdam and its canals all the time, but wandering through the Jordaan neighborhood, it finally sinks in.

This is a gorgeous city. I tried to capture that beauty on Instagram. Check out my favorite travel Instagram photos from the weekend below.

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Amsterdam’s Hipster “Hood in the North”

Author: , April 6th, 2014

Amsterdam - Adam GroffmanWhen in Amsterdam last weekend (as the first #STA Travel Insider), the best travel tip I received was from Ashley ( Rather than explore the more touristic areas of A’dam near the Centraal Station, we ducked underground and crossed to the ferry port on the opposite side. There we took one of the free (seriously: FREE – how cool is Amsterdam?!) ferries to Noord (NDSM-werf).

Upon stepping off the ferry in Noord and seeing a Green Peace boat on one side and a submarine painted with graffiti on the other, it was pretty apparent this wasn’t your stereotypical Dutch ‘hood.

And after following some colorfully painted signs leading us to the beach (just a 5-minute walk away), we were at the super cool Pllek bar & restaurant.

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Amsterdam’s LGBT Film Festival Starts Next Week

Author: , March 5th, 2014

Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film FestivalCatch the Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, or Pink Film Days, from March 13-23 in the Westerpark neighborhood of one of Europe’s most progressive cities.

The festival features over 100 films from top filmmakers in the Netherlands and abroad, and is held in a former coal gas plant that is now a community center. Selected films are meant to portray the current state of gay and lesbian culture throughout the world, with lively debates and lectures to complement on-screen performances.

Authored By Joseph Pedro – See the Full Story at Passport Magazine

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