Gay Stockholm – A Quirky Winter Wonderland

Author: , December 30th, 2016
Gay Stockholm

Image via Stockholm Visitor’s Board

Known as the gay capital of Scandinavia, a visit to Stockholm at Christmastime will not be short of romantic, but also quirky, Nordic cliches. Think Christmas markets, wholesome and warming food, ice-skating under the stars and of course, the story of Santa Lucia.

It’s a place where beautiful, narrow streets meet even more beautiful open minds, so whether it’s a traditional or contemporary Christmas you like, Stockholm has something for you. It’s a fascinating time of year to visit, so here’s our guide to Swedish Christmas in the nation’s capital.

Christmas Comes Early

Swedish Christmas kicks off as early as the 13 December (or in and around), on St Lucia’s day. The celebration is derived from folklore of the first two monks who brought Christianity to Sweden. Lucia was a young Christian girl who was martyred for her faith, way, way back in 304. She would secretly smuggle food for the persecuted Christians in Rome, who lived in the catacombs under the city.

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Gay Stockholm

Author: , December 20th, 2016

Gay Stockholm - Pixabay

Stockholm is one of the world’s best cities for gay people, according to a new ranking. LGBTQ travel site GayCities collected more than 23,000 votes from its members and named Stockholm as the winner in the Up-And-Coming category.

“Sweden has always been a the forefront of the LGBTQ rights movement, so we are proud to provide Stockholm with the Up-And-Coming award in the Best of GayCities2016,” Tim Winfred, director of marketing at Q Digital which is behind GayCities, told The Local.

The Swedish city was picked ahead of US hubs Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Richmond and Buffalo.

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Gay Gothenburg, Sweden

Author: , September 22nd, 2016
Gay Gothenburg

Image by Beatrice Tornros

Myself and another LGBT journalists were graciously invited by Visit Sweden to attend their West Pride festival, and see how just how different gay life is for the Scandinavians in the welcoming city of Gothenburg.

Travelling to Gay Gothenburg

It’s 8:30 in the morning, and after two days of less-than-fortuitous encounters with trains, tubes and buses, I am well and truly sick of London transport and ready to get the hell out of this city… At least for a little bit.

Sat at Gatwick Airport after clearing security, I get a few moments to sit and watch the melee of stag and hen dos downing glasses of wine before scurrying off to catch their flights to Ibiza, Prague, etc. Classy as ever England, let’s go see how the Swedish do things.

My flight was delayed, but then this is Gatwick so it’s no big surprise, but before long I am jetting out on Norwegian Airlines to the second largest city in Sweden.

By Nick Baker – Full Story at The Gay UK

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Foodie Fun in Gothenburg, West Sweden

Author: , September 16th, 2016

Gothenburg for Foodies

The beautiful West Sweden, with Gothenburg as its gateway, is emerging as a hotspot for all things food. It’s gaining an international culinary reputation as the foodie capital of Scandinavia because of its passionate local producers, imaginative chefs and bounty of organic, natural produce.

The west coast’s shellfish, in particular its lobster and oysters, are among the best in the world. Visitors can partake in hands-on trips to learn about the West Coast’s seafood, joining local fishermen for unforgettable catch-and-cook experiences.

Further inland, the forests also provide a variety of game. Other districts are known for producing fine cheeses. Meanwhile, the fertile agricultural land is ideal for growing fresh produce and raising animals in the best organic tradition.

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Affordable Stockholm – Lesbian Travel

Author: , January 15th, 2016

Stockholm - Curve Mag

It is a well-known fact that Stockholm is an open-minded and progressive city but some say that Stockholm is also expensive. What is lesser known is that the city offers an abundance of gems that provide great value for your money. With the strong US dollar and with the low-cost carrier Norwegian adding Las Vegas to their growing repertoire of gateways, there has never been a better time to visit the Swedish capital. That is why a number of American travel agents and journalists set out to discover the hidden treasures of tolerant Stockholm.

Over the course of four days, the travelers got to experience many sides of Sweden – from the traditional to the new and modern. Between hotel inspections and museum visits, there was plenty of time to shop innovative Swedish design and experience a traditional Lucia celebration.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the island of Soedermalm and the bustling, queer-friendly SoFo (South of Folkungagatan) area in particular. SoFo is known for being one of the trendiest areas in Stockholm, with a high number of vintage shops, boutiques, bars and restaurant. Also, the nightlife is known for being among the best in Stockholm.

By Andre Landeros Michel – Full Story at SOURCE

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Exploring Lesbian Scandinavia

Author: , December 28th, 2015


Have you ever fallen for the myths about the Nordic countries? Do we have licorice? Are polar bears walking the streets? Is Norway the capital of Sweden? Is everyone blonde? Do we still wear Viking helmets? Does everyone buy their furniture at IKEA? Are we all very comfortable with public nudity and body hair? No. To all of the above. Except the blonde thing. There are a lot of blondes.

You may think our lesbians are like your lesbians. Well you are probably right. Ultimately the final goal is the same, but there are some things to remember. Instead of getting lost and missing signals in a tourist haze, I – a born and bred Norwegian will guide you through the local labyrinth of lesbian life in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Helsinki. You can’t Google this shit.

I’ve been dumped, kissed, loved, and judged on these streets, not necessarily in that order. We, spawn of the north, can be perceived as a bit cold, but trust me–under our skin it’s like a delicious sauna. Ice breakers: Hiking, skiing, soccer and Lise Karlsnes.

By Sandrea Olea Jakobsen – Full Story at Curve

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Purple Roofs LGBT Travel Round-Up – November 5th

Author: , November 5th, 2015

In addition to our regular travel articles, we’re starting a regular travel round-up, for those stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. Enjoy!

Life Lately And Upcoming Travels: October 2015 Edition (Globetrotter Girls)
This month was a rather slow month of travel – a much needed break after hitting five countries in September – but coming to think about it I still managed to visit five cities in October (Tel Aviv in Israel and Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Erfurt in Germany).
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5 Things Every LGBT Traveler Must Know Before Going Overseas (Huffington Post)
With June’s landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, it probably comes as no surprise the travel industry is increasingly targeting the LGBT market.
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Radar: Our Top 10 Gay Travel Discoveries for October 2015 (
Welcome to The Radar. It’s ManAboutWorld’s new top 10 (or so) list of top gay travel discoveries each month based on what our group of 75+ frequent traveling Global Correspondents are loving from their recent travels.
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Why I love train travel in Europe (Globetrotter Girls)
When I decided to take trains around Europe whenever possible last month, I was curious to see how they’d compare to buses, which I had used during my travels in August.
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European Trains - Dani

Day Trip from Stockholm: Fjäderholmarna Island (Shermans Travel)
We’ve all heard about cosmopolitan Stockholm, arguably Sweden’s top destination. But if you choose to visit, don’t forget that there are a whopping 30,000 islands surrounding the city — some thriving, inhabited communities, and others that are little more than a skiff of rock and grass — spread along an archipelago that stretches nearly 50 miles into the Baltic Sea.
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The Coolest Things To Do in Manchester (Travels of Adam)
Lonely Planet released their annual “Best of 2016” list, and of the top 10 cities to visit next year, they included Manchester—a city I visited for the first time this summer.
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5 Things to Love About Pittsburgh: Gay Travel (
Hilly and steely (quite literally), Pittsburgh has had a reputation as a hard-working city without much tourist appeal. That conventional wisdom has always been incorrect.
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Breakaway Backpacker – Stockholm in Photos

Author: , September 7th, 2015

Stockholm - Jaime Davila

I was in Stockholm as part of the #MyGayPride campaign to cover many of the Stockholm Pride festivities. During that time I was busy going from one place to another, staying up late partying a bit and really felt like I didn’t have time to explore the city like I normally do when I visit a city. I love walking around for hours and hours and love getting lost and go crazy taking photos.

After the sponsored portion of my time was done I decided to stay 2 more nights on my own, because I was honestly loving Stockholm and wanted to see more. I searched for a cheap hostel and well they aren’t cheap in Scandinavia, but found one for $30 a night and am glad I stayed two extra days to explore on my own. That’s when I really learned to appreciate the true beauty of Stockholm. That’s when I realized… Stockholm is, but one big labyrinth.

Imagine a labyrinth dating back to the 13th century with medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and arches. Now imagine being able to actually explore and get lost in that labyrinth. Well you can! I’m talking about the labyrinth that is Gamla Stan… Stockholm’s Old Town. This is where Stockholm was founded in 1252 and today it’s actually one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Europe.

By Jaime Davila – Full Story at the Breakway Backpacker | Sweden Gay Travel Resources

Eating Out – Stockholm

Author: , August 31st, 2015


At the beginning of my recent culinary exploration of Stockholm, I reached out to Marcus Samuelsson, the Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised star chef who rose to prominence at Manhattan’s pioneering, now two Michelin-starred Aquavit in the 90’s. Based in New York, his international restaurant group includes American Table Brasserie & Bar at the Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm’s largest hotel.

“From a young age, I learned to cook with local, foraged ingredients,” informed Samuelsson, recalling his childhood summers in Sweden fishing local waters and gathering vegetables and herbs with his beloved grandmother. “Rooted in these traditions, Swedish cuisine has evolved under the influence of chefs focused on sustainability, organic farming, and innovation.” According to Samuelsson, this has “profoundly impacted” the dining scene in Stockholm. “From casual places offering the best sustainably farmed, dry-aged steak, to fine-dining restaurants presenting surprising local ingredients in a beautiful and artistic way,” he said, “Stockholm has become a city of amazing options.”

All signs now point to a much-diversified and expanded dining scene, running the gamut from Michelin-starred temples and White Guide winners (Sweden’s definitive gastronomy guide) to food trucks and street stalls.

By Jeff Heilman – Full Story at Passport | Sweden Gay Travel Resources

How Stockholm Became a Gay Mecca

Author: , May 14th, 2015

stockholm-apple-mapsIf ever there is a time to visit Stockholm, it’s the summer of 2015. Already there’s a palpable buzz around what will be an almost month-long LGBTI party, beginning with Stockholm Pride (from 27 July to 1 August) and concluding with EuroGames (from 5-9 August).

It’s no surprise that Stockholm was selected to host the EuroGames event: it’s a city that’s embraced LGBTI visitors for years. Equal marriage was introduced in Sweden in May 2009, and last month Stockholm won the destination award at the British LGBT Awards

A city of striking beauty, Stockholm is defined by light and water. This is a low-rise city built over 14 islands and connected together by 57 bridges, so you’re surrounded by water at every turn. What’s more, we struck it lucky with the weather – clear blue skies and warm days for our entire stay. We travelled the length and breadth of the Scandi capital to find out exactly why it’s such an LGBTI tourist paradise – and here’s what we found out…

By Gareth Johnson – Full Story at Gay Star News | Sweden Gay Travel Resources

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