Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Palm Point, Jolly Harbor, Antigua

Author: , June 14th, 2015

Palm Point

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Palm Point is one of the most exquisite private beach villas in Antigua. Located on the peninsular of the marina with triple aspect views there are few to equal it. With 6 superb en-suite bedrooms surround the two open plan living areas plus a separate master bedroom built over the ocean. You are only ever a few steps away from the private pink sand beach and into calm blue ocean.

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Lesbian Travel: Jabberwock Beach, Antigua

Author: , April 25th, 2015

Jabberwocky Beach Antigua

Forget about picnicking on this beach unless you like sand in your sandwiches or gusts of wind as you sunbathe. Jabberwock beach, although not a beach for everyone, is skilled when it comes to creating exemplary waves and wind cycles for the art of wind and kite surfing. This is a beach made for people who flock to the water to be active. If you’re hunting for a well-groomed beach where swimming and other water activities are the highlights, try beaches like Dickenson Bay, Jolly Beach or one of the other 362 beaches Antigua has to offer.

Jabberwock beach provides the most unsullied kite and wind surfing conditions on Antigua. Take your turn or watch from the shore but remember, this isn’t a go-to beach for swimming, sun bathing or picnicking. Some visitors have commented on the clearness of the water on calm days and say that the reef is intricate, scenic and covered in fish.

Learn the art of windsurfing with Patrick Scales, the island’s most respected windsurfing instructor, at Windsurf Antigua, or simply rent some water sports equipment for some fun of your own. If you’re craving a night of nature rather than loud music, Jabberwock beach is where you’ll want to be. If you’re a lover of french food, Le Bistro will be sure to excite your taste buds, while a tour to Prickly Pear Island with Miguel’s Holiday Adventure will be sure to impress with endless drinks and local food from reputable restaurants.

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Lesbian Travel: Rendezvous Bay, Antigua

Author: , February 27th, 2015

Rendezvous Bay - Apple MapsLook no further than Rendezvous Bay if serious amounts of privacy are in your sights. Once you challenge yourself with the hike to the beach, you can cool down in the water and call the beach your own for the entire day. Due to the fact that this bay has managed to escape all forms of urbanization and consumerism, it’s utterly breathtaking. If you’re key intention is to get away from it all – whether traffic or the regular hustle and bustle of the city life, you’ll find that this bay suits all those wishing to escape, rest and refuel.

Become one with nature as you soak up the sun on your adventure to Rendezvous Bay. Relish in solitude and the company of your friend or lover as you make this beach home during your stay on Antigua. Throw down your towel – then enjoy all the sun, swim, relax and enjoy the solitude that Rendezvous Bay has to offer you.

To continue with the theme of underdevelopment, attractions and nightlife are sadly non-existent. Not to worry though – The English Harbor, just a short twenty minute drive will offer you everything from drinks, to dancing, live music and entertainment. Hit up the Mad Mongoose, Shirley Heights Lookout, Galley Bar, Cloggy’s at Antigua Yacht Club or Abracadabra to become one with the setting sun and nightlife in Antigua. For daily fun, rent a car and travel around the island.

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Lesbian Travel: Dickenson Bay Beach, Antigua

Author: , January 26th, 2015

Dickenson Bay, AntiguaDickenson Bay is the most accessible and conveniently located beach on the island and if you’re hunting for the fully loaded resort beach experience, it’s the perfect choice. From swimming to cove explorations, yacht sailing to snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing and scuba diving, Dickenson Bay has it all. Get here early when the beach is least busy to snag a good spot. Warm yourself in the sun, cool down in the water and enjoy all that surrounds you as you indulge in life on this busy beach.

Feast your eyes on a wide pallet of colors offered on the bay by catamarans, beach umbrellas, sailboats, jet skis, speedboats and brightly dressed tourists. Do some light souvenir shopping as you stroll kiosks run by the locals or savor Caribbean food and drinks at Pepperz n’ Lime, Coconut Grove Restaurant and Bar, Tony’s Watersports and Bar, The Blue Pineapple Restaurant and Bar or Bay House Restaurant and Bar.

Meander over to St Mary’s Street or High Street in St. John’s for upscale, boutique shopping or to Redcliffe Quay or Heritage Quay for stores that offer more authentic Caribbean merchandise.

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Lesbian Travel: Pigeon Point Beach, Antigua

Author: , January 10th, 2015

Pigeon Point Beach - AntiguaIf big boats and classy yachts tickle your fancy, a visit to Pigeon Point Beach will too. But it’s not all glitz and glamor here. Spend your days relaxing and snorkeling as you soak in the charming seaside locale or explore Falmouth and English Harbors.

Grab a post-swim pinna colada and grilled lobster or garlic shrimp at Bumpkins Beach Bar and Restaurant, located at the northern end of the beach. Watch the boats, sailboats, ships and yachts coming in and out of Falmouth Harbor, mingle with the locals and surprise your taste buds at one of many bars and restaurants in the surrounding area. Falmouth and English Harbor offer you a long list of bars and restaurants to choose from. We’re confident at least one will be sure to quench your thirst, vanish your cravings and fill your tummy.

Educate yourself about some of Antigua’s monumental history at Nelson’s Dockyard, take a bareback riding trip with Springhill Riding Club in English Harbor or have your breath taken away by sights at Shirley Heights.

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Lesbian Travel: Half Moon Bay Beach in Antigua

Author: , December 28th, 2014

Half Moon Bay beach - AntiguaHalf Moon Bay Beach is considered to be one of Antiguas showcase beaches and is an impeccable venue for sunning and swimming. Though it’s not undiscovered, it’s often very quiet. Half Moon Bay will offer you peace, quiet and solitude. Charge the camera, pack a picnic, grab a towel and some water shoes then go see the most beautiful, unspoiled, undeveloped beach imaginable. Since Half Moon Bay is a national park, you’ll find touring families, couples and singles enjoying themselves along the shoreline. Keep in mind that certain water conditions make swimming dangerous for young children and inexperienced swimmers.

Bring your own equipment to snorkel close to the beach over the coral reef. Walk out to the rocky point where youll discover aquatic life such as crabs, urchins and snails. Poke around in an old hurricane worn hotel, adventure up rocks or walk around past the private yacht club, Mill Reef.

For a taste of Italy under the Caribbean sun, set your sights on Harmony Hall Restaurant as well as The Bay Restaurant, which serves Caribbean and international cuisine.. Youll want to enjoy food and drinks during the day since Half Moon Bay sleeps with the sun, offering you evenings of quiet and relaxation.

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Lesbian Travel: Ffryes Beach in Antigua

Author: , December 22nd, 2014

Ffryes Beach, Antigua - Apple Maps

Steer clear of big crowds and enjoy sparkling blue water that’s perfect for swimming – with no rocks or reefs to snag the toes. Located nearby other beaches including Darkwood Beach, Coco Beach and Jolly Harbor, you’ll be able to mark more than one Caribbean Beach off of your Caribbean Beach bucket list when you sun, swim and forget about time on Ffreys Beach. Show up early to avoid the congestion in the area surrounding the beach.

Enjoy activities including sunfish and cat sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, guided nature tours, live entertainment and a weekly cocktail party when you stay at the Cocobay Resort. Grab a drink or a bite to eat at Dennis’ Cocktail Bar and Restaurant located between Ffryes Beach and Coco Beach. Stroll nearby beaches or plant yourself at Ffryes beach, soaking up each second spent at this peaceful location.

Jolly Harbor, a short ten-minute drive from the beach will offer you a variety of activities, from the Casino at Jolly Harbor, to Taino’s & Millennium Galleries and the Jolly Harbor Golf Course.

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