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Author: , December 1st, 2017

Gay Johannesburg

If you’re an experienced traveler, then you understand the thrill of visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures. When that wanderlust strikes, you get the irresistible urge pack your bags and wander wherever the wind takes you. One destination that might pique your interest is Johannesburg, South Africa, where there is no shortage of culture and scenery.

Colloquially referred to by South Africans as “Jo’burg” or “Jozi,” this is a city with a rich history, and anthropologists have even discovered prehistoric sites here. Today, this South African city has many modern suburbs and business districts, with many areas completely revamped with improved public transportation and infrastructure after South Africa was selected to host the 2010 World Cup. Ranked the third largest city in Africa, this bustling city derives much of its prosperity from gold and diamond mining. Although English is most widely spoken, the country has 11 national languages, including Afrikaans, Zulu, and Xhosa.

Johannesburg has good weather all year long, averaging about 78 degrees, because of its high elevation. However, it’s better to go in winter, May through August, then summer, October through March. Winter has an abundance of sunshine in winter, with mild weather during the day, although it does get cold at nights. Summer is less favorable because it’s the rainy season. Frequent afternoon rainstorms will limit your chances of enjoying a safari or roaming around the streets sightseeing.

Johannesburg’s Attractions

Here is a short list of things to do and places to see:

There are many recreational things to do, from restaurants to theaters, and from museums to safaris. When it comes to shopping for traditional crafts, you may want to visit Market on Main on Sunday, which is only open from 10 am to 3 pm. It’s a creative space for local makers to trade with visitors over the weekend.

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Johannesburg Turns It Out

Author: , November 2nd, 2014

BeefcakesJo’burg is South Africa’s largest city population-wise, and that’s not even counting the 6 million trees. As the biggest economy in Africa, Johannesburg is also a booming powerhouse for culture and entertainment.

Yes, sister Cape Town is Design Capital 2014, but not only does Jo’burg (as it’s affectionately called) have its own Beefcakes (see below), but it is a beautifully landscaped city with design merits all its own.

A visit to Johannesburg during late spring, typically from October to November, is ideal to see the Jacaranda trees explode in blooms on either side of wide residential avenues. The trees, imported from South America, catch the sun with soft, lavender-colored petals and when in bloom turn Jo’burg into a massive urban garden.

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Edge Boston’s Pics for Fall Gay Travel

Author: , February 8th, 2014

FallThe final installment in our four-part series, EDGE’s travel editor Matthew Wexler scopes out 12 months of adventure, relaxation and surprises for the LGBT jet setter. For our final hurrah? EDGE explores Fort Lauderdale, Chicago and Johannesburg.

Fort Lauderdale

Once cast in the shadow of her more gregarious sister, Miami, Fort Lauderdale has become a major player in the LGBT vacation scene as well as an appealing destination for full-time residence. EDGE National Nightlife Editor JC Alvarez says, “There’s plenty happening in Fort Lauderdale — people are calling it the ‘New South Beach,’ and there are many folks from New York City actually moving down there just because the living is better.”

Whether you choose to go for the weekend or early retirement, you’ll be in good company: Last year Fort Lauderdale welcomed 1.2 million LGBT visitors.

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Get Yourself to Johannesburg

Author: , January 18th, 2014

Johannesburg, South Africa - Apple Maps

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In South Africa, Johannesburg is frequently treated as a stopover on the way to Cape Town or a safari. But don’t be fooled: Joburg is more than just a hub. With an influx of creative, passionate South Africans and expats – not to mention accessible public transportation – Johannesburg is revitalizing itself after the decades of segregation caused by apartheid. Here’s how you can see it for yourself – at the right cost, at the right time.

As a city in transition, Johannesburg currently allows you to experience the energy of a major destination that’s figuring itself out – before it hits its full global stride. Enclaves like Maboneng, Newtown, Braamfontein, Melville, and 44 Stanley all have their own distinct vibes, with boutique shops, one-off restaurants, and welcoming cafes. The township of Soweto (the one-time home of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu) is another option for adventures you wouldn’t find north of the Equator, including their famous shebeen alternative pubs. Shopaholics can head directly to Sandton City for high-end stores – and a photo opp with a nearly 20-foot-tall statue of Nelson Mandela.

Another reason to visit now is the favorable exchange rate for U.S. travelers. Recent headlines like “Rand Weaker vs. Dollar” will tell you that $1 USD gets you about 10 South African Rand. While prices might be higher than in other parts of Africa, you’ll also find better travel infrastructure than you would in other parts of the continent. And you’ll certainly pay less than you would in North America for similar services. For example, a ticket to the Apartheid Museum runs you 65 Rand ($6) and a meal at an inexpensive restaurant could run you between 60 and 100 Rand ($5.50 and $9).

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