Italy our 25th Anniversary Trip- Planning

Author: , September 23rd, 2015

rome-day-3-11My husband Dave and I celebrated twenty five (25) years as a couple on September 19th, 2015.  Almost a year ago we decided to plan a big trip to Italy for our celebration. We needed to decide,  did we want to go on a tour or did we want to plan and arrange the trip on our own.  We looked at all of the Gay Travel websites to see if any were going to Europe and more particularly Italy in September or October.

We researched to see if Atlantis or RSVP were going to Europe and we compared the costs of taking a cruise or tour as opposed to arranging the trip on our own. The numbers are comparable.   Last year we went on a trip to Austria and Germany(Oktoberfest) through a gay travel agency.

Al & Chuck did a fantastic job but as with any organized tour you go according to their schedule. Dave and I are in our mid fifties and decided we would have plenty of time in the future to go on organized tours and wanted the flexibility and the challenge of arranging our own trip.

We decided to make all the plans on our own using the Purple Roofs Website to help us find gay friendly places and accommodations. We like meeting new people so this seemed like a nice compromise since we hoped using Purple Roofs we would meet gay people. Next we needed to decide do we rent a car or take a train.

Of course, we got plenty of horror stories of Italian drivers. I enjoy driving and Dave likes to be in the passenger seat so rent a car gave us the maximum amount of freedom. We would take trains in the cities thereby avoiding driving in Rome or Florence.

My name is Bryan and my husband Dave and I love to travel. We are New Yorkers who moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida six years ago.  We are both are still working professionals and have limited vacation time available. We take a few small trips a year and one two week trip in the fall. Getting out of the summer heat of Florida is why we choose to take a big trip in either September or October.  I feel our recent planning of our 25th anniversary trip to Italy can be helpful to others who might want to plan a trip on their own. We rented a car and went from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, then through Tuscany,  Venice, Florence and places in between.