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Published Date Author: , November 18th, 2017

Rome Skyline - Keep Calm and Wander

If you’re like me who like to see city skylines, then we could travel together. The view of the Vatican from the top of St Peter Basilica is surreal. You won’t just be able to see the city-state itself but it goes farther beyond Rome. You won’t be able to see skyscrapers like the ones in Dubai, Chicago or New York. But you’ll see a city that’s a work of many great artists who combined their creative forces to build a beautiful place that’s classic and timeless.

From the Top. You’ll be able to see the building where the Pope lives. The gardens of the Vatican, the building where the Sistine Chapel is, bridges and other magnificent architectural work. You’ll also be in close encounter with the Michelangelo’s Dome that towers all over Rome. The statues of Christ and his disciples on the facade roof are within your reach, too. And oh, I’ve never seen a city with so many domes but Rome.

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