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Published Date Author: , May 27th, 2016

Cairo Skyline

My stay at Hilton Ramesis Hotel in Cairo wasn’t really planned at all. I had to stay in the city one more night while waiting for my employer’s decision on what to do with my expired visa. It’s a long story which will bore you to death. When I arrived at the reception, I specifically told the guy that I want a room with a view of the Nile River – the higher the floor, the better. He assured me that I’d get the room I desired. He handed me the key to a room on the 18th floor.

As soon as I opened the door, I dropped my backpack and stepped out of the little private balcony. And instead of the Nile River I was expecting to see, I saw more of Cairo’s skyline that combines the old and the new. The Nile was on my further left and I can see just a little bit enough of it.

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