TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: Amazing Indianapolis, Part Three

Published Date Author: , March 14th, 2016


Most cities have several things going for them and we have been to more than 50 of the largest cities in the country. Some have beautiful mountains or beaches or lakes and rivers and historical sights. Some have fabulous shopping, Broadway shows, museums and galleries and Gay meccas within the city. For over 15 years since we have been writing our national travel columns we were more impressed with Indianapolis than anyplace.

Sure, we LOVE San Francisco and Palm Springs and Ft. Lauderdale and NYC and Chicago and smaller towns such as Ogunquit, Maine and Boothbay Harbor and Flagstaff, Arizona and the dozens and dozens of cities and towns where we have visited. We thought Indianapolis was just very special!

indy gregsNaturally it all starts off with ‘people’ and Indianapolis has plenty of VERY interesting people to meet. Our very favorite Gay bar in the city was GREGS, 231 East 16th St., It is a huge bar however it is divided into about 4 bar areas which makes it perfect as you can walk from one section to another and each has a different theme.

This is what a GAY bar should be all about. Too bad more Gay bars cannot figure this out. Guess that is why the have been in business since 1980 and they are packed all the time. Their bartenders and staff are extremely friendly. This is THE bar to go to in Indianapolis!

Patrons are extremely friendly at this bar and people will just come up and start talking with you. Owner Phil has done a wonderful job with this bar. No trip to Indianapolis would be complete without going to this bar and meeting people and they have all ages of people there. Actually it is the friendliest bar that we have been to in years!

A couple of others bars where we had some fun were Talbott Street Bar at 2145 North Talbott Street and TIni Bar, 717 Massachusetts and for those who are into Leather and Bears, there is the 501 Eagle at 501 North College. Several other bars were not so hot and seemed to have bad ownership and or management

PRIDE INDY is one of the finest organizations in the country and has been going for many years. Their Indy Pride Bag Ladies are now in their 34th year and they do an amazing fund raising for many local organizations. We were very fortunate to be able to attend one of their fund raising shows at the Talbott St. Bar when we were there and they are fabulously wonderful!The Gay community in Indianapolis is alive and well and doing tremendous work for the entire LGBT community. We have visited cites from coast to coast and have never found any city where the LGBT community works so well with each other. The young, middle age and mature Gay community works GREAT together.

freddy threeWe were extremely fortunate to be able to meet one of the finest auto drag racers in the country, Freddy Niblack who has raced all over the world. He is the first OUT national auto drag racer and hopefully we will be seeing him in the INDY 500 soon. He has a wonderful personality and we know that he has a big future ahead of him. He races coast to coast so if there is a drag race near you, be sure and go to support him. His car number is 22!

We really are missing Indianapolis and the wonderful time that we had there. Indianapolis is just a MUST for any gay person to visit. Go!

Indy race car driver gayWe want to thank Kevin and Neil at the “Pence Must Go” Estate who just happen to be the “LGBT Power couple” of Indianapolis, Mark Lee, editor of THE WORD which is the LGBT publication for the entire Midwest, Candi Cain, Alex VanGorp, Ben Solomon and John Herbst.

Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone.

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-Winning, Celebrity Travel Columnists. Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married).

Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at

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