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Published Date Author: , February 26th, 2016

Puerto Rico - Gareth Johnson

It’s easy to see why Puerto Rico is a popular destination for vacationers from the east coast of North America. Although situated just a short jump from Cuba, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States – the currency is US dollars, the time zone is almost the same as New York, most people speak English (with a good smattering of Spanish), and all of the big American food and retail chains are well represented.

But Puerto Rico is a lot more than just a warmer version of the US – it offers visitors a unique combination of sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, and Latino living that makes for a pretty spectacular vacation destination.

Increasingly, the island is also becoming a popular destination for European travellers looking for a sunny destination as a mid-winter break – direct flights to San Juan make it a fairly painless eight-hour journey.

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