TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: Our Most Memorable Person of the Year – Naomi Wilzig

Published Date Author: , December 27th, 2015

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As we go through life we meet literally hundreds and hundreds of people in our travels. Many, we do stay in touch with and meet again and again in our travels. One such person was Naomi Wilzig, owner of the World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach, Florida. She celebrated her 80th Birthday in December of 2014 and a Grand birthday party it was as we had written it up, Sadly, in April of 2015, she passed away in her sleep.

2-NaomiWe first met Naomi a few years ago when we were in South Beach and it was an instant friendship within a couple of minutes of our meeting and continued until she died last April. Naomi was truly a one of a kind person. We really do not think that we have ever met a person so kind, giving and generous and fun and funny! When she walked into a room, the entire room was brighter. Everyone who ever met her was thrilled to have her as a friend. She was elegant, stately, demure, and quick to laugh. She had a smile that would make you smile. As the late Adlai E. Stevenson said about Eleanor Roosevelt, “She would rather light candles than curse the darkness”, and the same can be said about Naomi.

In 2006, on the 1st Anniversary of her Museum, Naomi was honored with the Key to the City of Miami Beach. In 2011 on the 5th Anniversary the City of Miami Beach proclaimed October 16 “World Erotic Art Museum Day. On May 12, 2011, the Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality presented Naomi with a “Doctor of Arts Honors Causa Sexuality/Erotology and also in 2011 she was chosen Business Person of the Year by the Greater Miami Gay/Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. You can read about her museum by going to:

3-Naomi and D and RBesides being an individualist herself she taught her daughter and two sons to be their own persons and to live life to the fullest which they did and still do. Fortunately we have met all of them…. Sherry, Sir Ivan and Alan . They all live on the East coast and are VERY productive members of society. A book on their accomplishments could be written on each of them. They all have learned well from their Mother.

As for us, we feel so honored to have had Naomi as a dear friend. She shared so much with us whether we were with her in person or through the hundreds of emails that we exchanged. We have the greatest of memories of our friendship with her. Our dear friend is no longer with us but she will be in our hearts FOREVER! Thanks dear friend for being YOU and sharing so much of your life with others and making the world a better place. We miss you everyday Naomi!

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

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