Purple Roofs LGBT Travel Round-Up – December 16th

Published Date Author: , December 16th, 2015

In addition to our regular travel articles, we’re starting a regular travel round-up, for those stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. Enjoy!

This Brilliant New App Is Like Airbnb For LGBT Travelers (MTV)
Traveling internationally while queer can sometimes be a scary experience — especially if you’re using services like Airbnb, CouchSurfing, or NightSwapping to stay in people’s homes and get a taste of local living on the cheap, but you’re unsure how to gauge in advance whether your hosts will be cool or homophobic.
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6 Destinations That Celebrate Christmas In Intense Heat (Gay Star News)
Lapland, we love you. But when it comes to Yuletide travel, we’re not obliged to opt for a snow break.
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Australia Women’S Festival Bar Trans Women From Attending (Gay Star News)
A women’s festival in Australia has come under fire for barring transgender women from attending.
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Tel Aviv for 69€/day (Travels of Adam)
My trip to Tel Aviv a few weeks back got turned into a really cool YouTube video, thanks to GoIsrael.de. During my weekend Tel Aviv holiday, I squeezed in A LOT of different activities, and still managed to do the entire holiday on less than 69€/day.
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New Zealand’s Remote Kapiti Island: What You Need to Know (Shermans Travel)
If you’re looking for that only-in-New-Zealand experience, staying overnight on Kapiti Island is it.
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Kapiti Island

Travel Like a Winner: The Nobel Prize Trail in Scandinavia (Shermans Travel)
Every year on December 10, the Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway. Although most people’s chances of ever winning a Nobel are slim to non-existent, the history and traditions of the prizes offer plenty of scope for exploration. Here’s where to go to experience Alfred Nobel’s rich legacy for yourself.
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At Boston’s Santa Speedo Run 2015 (Joe.my.God)
The Santa Speedo Run made its way through the streets of Boston, Saturday, for the 16th year. Runners were greeted with surprisingly warm weather for mid-December, making the event a little less chilly, but no less steamy.
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The Texas Hill Country That Tourists Haven’t Yet Discovered (Shermans Travel)
The Texas Hill Country is a favorite getaway for good reason: gorgeous outdoors, great food, elegant B&Bs, and local charm. But there’s far more to see and do than the same frequently mentioned cities. Consider this your primer to the Texas Hill Country that tourists haven’t yet discovered.
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