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Downtown Santa feIn our last travel column on Santa Fe, we told you about the FABULOUS place to stay, El Farolito B and B Inn, or their sister property, Four Kachinas Inn, They are simply THE BEST.

santa fe la chozaOnce you settle in, you need to find places to dine. We have been going to Santa Fe for over 30 years and our two very favorite places to dine are La Choza, 904 Alarid St. which is just once block east of St. Francis and one block north of Cerrillos Road. It is located in the old adobe headquarters of the turn of the century Mercer Ranch. They offer a very large selection of meals using the finest of ingredients.

They have been voted the #1 restaurant in New Mexico by many different surveys and we agree! It is all about atmosphere, food presentation, quality of food and service. La Choza has it all! If you are lucky enough to get server, Geraldo you are very lucky indeed. He is the best of the best and will be able to help you select the perfect menu just for you. Why can’t all servers be this friendly and professional. When you enter the restaurant you are very warmly greeted by Newman who takes you to your table and he is one of the friendliest guys in Santa Fe.Visit their website at:

La Casa SenaAnother of our favorite restaurants in Santa Fe is La Casa Sena, located in downtown just a block from the Plaza. There actually three different places to dine there. You can dine inside which we have done when the weather is bad however they have a huge outdoor patio which we much prefer. They have another great place to dine, La Cantina which is also located right on their property. Sena Plaza is one of the oldest surviving houses in Santa Fe. The rich history of La Casa Sena feels like you are enjoying everything about Santa Fe. Their menu is full of exciting entrees to eat. We always try to get something different every time we go there.

La Cantina EntertainmentTheir La Cantina Bar and restaurant is one of the things all visitors must do when visiting Santa Fe. Their singing waitstaff performs nightly. As always, we talk to everyone and our experience there was no exception as we talked with the staff. We were there every night while we were visiting Santa Fe. Two of our very favorite singers were Morgan Faulkner and Sean Schwebke. They sang songs from Broadway, Jazz and much more, They were a true delight to the entire audience. With Todd Lowrey on the piano it made for a perfect evening. After dark, there is really little to do in the city so this is a real joy! The singers and pianist are simply FABULOUS!

On a sad note, after visiting Santa Fe for over 30 years, we had a bad dining experience at the La Fonda. Several of the guests were complaining about the food as we were. The hostess was very combative which is not a good thing. Follow up notes to the management really did not resolve the problem. We realize that things change and we are very sorry that we cannot recommend dining at the La Fonda anymore.

Another place to stay away from is Vanessie’s. It used to be a wonderful place to dine and hear live music. Unfortunately it was sold a few years ago and because of the new owners attitude, we highly suggest that the LGBT community stay away. A recent email from their business said, ” The owner prefers not to be named.” What kind of an owner of a restaurant / bar prefers not to be named? STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! and enjoy the rest of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Indian ReservationOur favorite Indian Reservation to visit when we go to Santa Fe is the Santo Domingo Pueblo as it is one of the best known tribes of the Southwest Indians. It is the 5th largest in population of the 19 New Mexico Pueblos. It is located about 20 miles south of Santa Fe and just a couple of miles west of the Interstate. We have been there during their high feast days and have been welcomed into their homes for dinner. If at all possible, visit the Pueblo on Feast Days. With all the Indian Reservations, please consider that you are a guest there and respect their privacy. However we have always found that the Indians there are very friendly and hospitable and enjoy talking with visitors. Their website is:

Shopping in Santa Fe is a real treat. From the most expensive shops on Canyon Road which has over 100 galleries, boutiques and restaurants in just a half mile area, The downtown Plaza stores are filled with everything imaginable as well as area Antiques shops and thrift shops. Our home is filled with a lot of items that we have purchased in Santa Fe over the years. You can spend a whole week in Santa Fe just visiting their museums and art galleries.

When visiting Santa Fe, just remember to stay at the El Farolito B and B Inn, or their sister property, Four Kachinas Inn, Santa Fe is such a historical, adventurous and FABULOUS place to visit. We really cannot get enough of it! Guess that is why we have been visiting Santa Fe for over 30 years.

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married).

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