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El Farolito

Donald and RayFirst of all, they have a wonderful Mayor of Santa Fe, Javier Gonzales and he invited us to his office to welcome ‘the Award-Winning, Celebrity Travel Columnists” to the city and also presented us with a beautiful plaque.

There are three main questions that people ask when in Santa Fe. First is “do you want green or red salsa?” and the second is “where are you from?” and the third question is, “If you are not staying at the El Farolito B and B, then why not?” We have found a FABULOUS place to stay when in Santa Fe and trust us on this, it is the ONLY place to stay! El Farolito is one of THE finest Bed and Breakfast Inns in the entire country. Wayne Mainus and Walt Wyss have owned the Inn for 18 years and their guests return again and again and again. These gentlemen do everything perfect and we do mean PERFECT!

El FarolitoThe Inn is located within a short walk to the Plaza which makes it close to everything. They have plenty of private parking for their guests. They have beautifully appointed Casitas that are tucked among gardens and intimate patios. Each Casita has its own fireplace for those cool nights. We have never had a better breakfast anywhere in our travels. Afternoons you walk to the main room and smell the aroma of fresh baked cookies.

They have the FINEST of linens in each room. You really do not want to go back home to yours! LOL. However you can go to the website where they purchase theirs and purchase your own which we did when we returned home. You can walk to a deli and purchase some food and dine on your patio or take a leisurely walk to the many restaurants in the surrounding area.

El FarolitoGuests come from all over the country to stay there. And when you stay in a B and B, guests is what it is all about. While we were there we met two wonderful women from Alabama (Connie and Allison) who was a Mother and daughter who take a yearly trip together to different locations. This was their first trip to Santa Fe and they were thrilled visiting there. Other interesting guests were Nancy and Thomas from Michigan who, turned out to be FABULOUS and artist Coleen and her husband Candler from the Atlanta area. Breakfast time is always a great time to visit with other guests.

Wayne and Walt also own a second B and B just a few blocks away, Four Kachinas offers an alternative if the El Farolito is booked up. They have owned that B and B for 16 years. There is a marvelous book out called, DISTINGUISHED INNS OF NORTH AMERICA and yes, they are featured in it. As a matter of fact, they are the ONLY B and B Inn in the State of New Mexico to be featured. Both B and B’s are listed in the “Select Registry for Exceptional B&B’s, Inns and Hotels” which is a rare honor!

El FarolitoBut when you do things ‘perfect’ like the owners do, what else would you expect? A few years ago they were voted the BEST small property by the New Mexico Lodging Association. ranks El Farolito and Four Kachinas first and second out of all the over 40 Inns in Santa Fe. We have stayed at over 100 Inns/B & B’s from coast to coast and by far their breakfast is the best of the best. We STRONGLY urge all of our readers to visit Santa Fe and stay at one of these two locations.

For more information about El Farolito and the Four Kachinas, here is their information:

El Farolito Inn, 514 Galisteo St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501, Phone: 505-988-1631 or Toll-free: 888-634-8782. emal: and their website is:

Four Kachinas Inn, 512 Webber Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. Phone:
505-982-2550. Toll-free: 800-397-2564. email: and their website is

In Part Two of our next Santa Fe column we will be telling you were to dine, where to shop and the many, many different places to visit in the Santa Fe area and also where NOT to go. Before visiting Santa Fe, but sure and check out: and

THANK YOU WAYNE AND WALT for being such professionals!

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

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Jeff Beeman - Gravatar Jeff Beeman said on November 15, 2015, 7:41 am:

If you decide to venture from beautiful Santa Fe, check out Abiquiu – 1 hour north of Santa Fe. The home of artist Georgia O’Keeffe for over 40 years.

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