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Published Date Author: , November 25th, 2015

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I’ve always loved Oslo. How can you not, with its romantic setting right on Oslofjord, its sweet people, and its fascinating seafaring history? Now, however, it’s developing an overlay of chic, an urban buzz that’s exciting to see. It’s not quite at major metropolis status yet (it is, after all, just over half a million people), but the moderni- ty that’s set in is gratifying for an Oslophile. It’s always been pleasant. Now it’s hip and pleasant. What could be better?

When you arrive at the airport, the best option for getting into the city is Flytorget. This high-speed train gets you to the central railway station in half the time and is much cheaper than a cab, which can push $100. Flytor- get trains are comfy, fast, run all the time, and whisk you into the city seamlessly. Take a taxi to your hotel from the Central Station (Oslo S) if you want, but let Flytorget get you into town.

With Oslo’s great public transport (metro, trams, and buses), it’s a breeze to get around, even though most of it is very walkable. Definitely invest in an Oslo Pass, which provides free entrance to most museums and unlimit- ed rides on public transport. Best of all: you don’t have to deal with buying transport tickets, just hop on, since you’re covered by your pass. You can even download the pass onto your phone before you leave, and you’ll prob- ably end up saving money, depending on how many museums you visit. Even if you don’t, the convenience alone is worth the price.

By Rich Rubin – Full Story at Passport

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