Breakaway Backpacker: Revisiting Chefchaouen, Morocco

Published Date Author: , November 6th, 2015

Morocco Breakaway Backpacker

Travel is strange, we visit a place for a moment in time and we leave our impact on it as it leaves an impact on us. We build an impression of a place by what we experienced during our time there and then carry on. As time goes by that impression changes as we compare it to places we have been and places we will be going. It becomes another piece of our collective memory. If you loved the place it can be for many reasons and most of the times it’s because everything collided in that moment in time and was perfect for you. That was the case during my first visit to Chefchaouen over 4 years ago.

Chefchaouen is a town set in the north western part of Morocco with the beautiful Rif Mountains as its backdrop. It’s a town where its medina (old town) is painted a million shades of blue. It’s a town I fell in love with and knew when I left I would have to revisit one day.

I didn’t know that day would be so soon. While I was in Europe I kept thinking about how close I would be to Morocco and kept thinking of this blue little town. So finally thought, “fuck it why not go back if even to just visit this town I love so much and then carry on”. So I did just that. After having a blast at Gay Pride in Benidorm and non stop travel in Europe I was excited to go back to a place I had already been and rest a bit.

By Jaime Davila – Full Story at Breakway Backpacker

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