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Published Date Author: , October 29th, 2015


The older you get, the more things you own, or as some might say, the more things own you. We own an average amount of stuff; furniture for a two bed house, a lot of books, some art, photographs, DVDs and quite a few sentimental boxes of treasure. Many other travel bloggers will wax lyrical about how their journey is about living off the land, relying on the kindness of strangers, eating mushrooms in a hippy commune and proudly owning nothing but the shirt on their back (plus their smart phone, laptop, kindle, iPod, GPS, and digital SLR camera of course) . Kudos to them, but that is not what our journey is about, we quite like our stuff. If money were no object, I guess we would kit out a Winnebago with our lovingly restored shabby chic furniture. Adorning the walls with our art and photographs, leaving enough drawer space for all our clothes and Ikea bedding. The kitchen would have ample space for our Kenwood mixer, varying size loaf tins and our ever growing collection of Tupperware. However, like most ordinary travellers, money (or how to make it go further) is a pretty big consideration for us.

wandering wives graffitiLetting go of all our belongings and living just with what we can carry is not an easy process. But no one wakes up to an ocean view with the sun rising above it and says “I wish I had a corner couch to sit on and a TV to watch.” For us travel is a process of enrichment and shedding our household items is a necessary part of that. Yes we like our stuff, but when we consider what we are trading it in for, we agree that the swap is more than worth it.

We do not own a house and we decided against paying out for a storage facility for an unknown time-scale. We do not have the luxury of being able to leave everything with Mum and Dad, like the 18 year old gap year crowd. That brought us to one conclusion: sell everything.

Of course when you begin to sort through your belongings it becomes clear that most of it is actually worthless tat that no one would want to buy. So the first stepread more on Wandering Wives

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