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Published Date Author: , August 14th, 2015
Prague - Courtesy Prague4Gay

Courtesy Prague4Gay

Prague is a picturesque city beloved by photographers–and by Conde Nast Travelerreaders, who voted it their sixth favorite city in the world last year. And while much of Prague’s art and architecture is several centuries old, its attitude is decidedly progressive, particularly when it comes to LGBT rights.

The city is home to August’s annual Prague Pride, which was first held in 2011; and the long-running, multi-city Mezipatra Queer Film Festival that serves as both showcase and gathering place for international artists each fall. Travelerasked Czech native and Prague4Gay tour-company owner Petr Prokopik about how his home city has changed, his favorite places, and why heterosexual travelers love learning about LGBT life.

What should LGBT travelers know about Prague?

Czech society, especially in Prague, is tolerant and very laid-back towards LGBT culture. Registered partnership for gays and lesbians was introduced in 2006. Although there is not full equality and there are still many areas of LGBT life to improve, acceptance by society is quite high; I would say higher than is reflected by the current law. About 75 percent of Czechs are atheists and therefore there is very little opposition against LGBT rights from the religious perspective.

By Kelsy Chauvin – Full Story at Conde Nast Traveler | Czech Republic Gay Travel Resources

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