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Published Date Author: , July 6th, 2015

Dolly Goolsby - DolomitesI simply must write. Today is our last full day in Castelrotto. I want to stay longer, but I do have to get back to Florence. We have had a lovely stay here in the Dolomites. I have been having trouble adjusting to the altitude (I hate to think that my lack of stamina has anything to do with eating too much or partaking of too much of the local, delicious wines and beers! So I will blame it on the altitude.)

I love being here, and as much as the weather would permit, I wanted to be out in the fresh air and the mountains. Therefore, I decided I should only do down hill walks. That is not so difficult. Yesterday, I took a chairlift up to Panorama station, then walked down to Compatsch. That was about 45 minute walk. The view from Panorama was outstanding. By standing near the end of the chairlift, I had a 360 degree view of the mountains around me.

This northern part of Italy is actually pretty narrow, so therefore, Switzerland is not so very far away. The Swiss Alps link up with the Dolomites.

Once I reached the village, I walked over to another cable car station, and took a gondola up to the northern part of the valley. I reached the top of the mountain, then had a choice of walking further uphill, or just going back to Compatsch. Being a lazy hiker, I elected to do the one hour trek downhill. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The path was wide, scenic, but very steep. I had to walk zigzag down the hills, as my knees were screaming!

I thought doing a couple hours downhill hikes was enough for one day, and by the time I got back to Compatsch and the gondola, it was after 4:00, anyway. So I went back to Castelrotto and took a nap. I was proud of myself for my accomplishments, until I compared notes with Susan, and of course, she being part mountain goat, had far surpassed my accomplishments.

Today, I did almost the same thing, different route for the second hike. This time, I took my young friend, Ally, along with me. We went to Panorama by chair lift, but the clouds were hanging over the mountain, so Ally didn’t get to see the panorama like I saw yesterday. Also, the wind was picking up, so after our downhill trek, we got back onto the gondola, rode down to the bus station and came back to Castelrotto. From here, we took the chair lift up to Marinzen, had lunch and hiked back to Castelrotto. What a lovely hike that was, through the forests, and the meadows. That took about an hour and 15 minutes, but that was also enough for both of us for the day.

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. About 6:00 p.m, I decided I needed to do some laundry. I took my things down to the laundry room. I just happened to look out the window, and saw 4 people trudging up to the back door of the hotel, with their luggage. I did a double take…here were my friends, Lew and Amber Lasseter, and their 2 daughters, from Elk Grove, California. I had helped them make their travel plans for an unforgettable Italy trip, but I did not remember the dates for all of their Italy travels, so we were all unaware that our paths would cross here in Castelrotto. What a lovely surprise. We all went out to dinner together last night, and made plans for today. Ally did not want to go on a strenuous hike, so we agreed we would be buddies for today, while the others would start out with Susan.

I still don’t know how the others did, but Ally and I had a very good time. She is adorable. And I would take her anywhere. Thank you, Ally, for an enjoyable day..

Once back in Castelrotto, I went to the pharmacy, got some Epsom salts, and later, I will put some in the tub and take a long, warm soak. It was surprising to me, that once I convinced the pharmacist that I wasn’t going to take this Magnesium Sulfate internally, she allowed me to buy 4 little packs (3 ounces each). I told her that I was going to put the salts in my bath water. She was amazed. She had never heard of such a thing. I don’t know what they do for achy muscles here, but I know my knees and hips are nagging me to get this bath started.

Therefore, I will go and soak my achy muscles, and write to you soon. We are going to Bolzano for one night. Then back to Florence. See you there.

Ciao for now,


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