Nomadic Boys – Gay Vietnam – Discovering Gay Saigon With a Local

Published Date Author: , June 21st, 2015

Vietnam Nomadic Boys

Vietnam was one of the more gay friendlier countries we visited in Asia:

Vietnam Nomadic BoysIt has never had any anti gay laws (unlike the US and UK). On 1st January 2015, the Law on Marriage and Family came into effect, outlawing the ban on gay weddings. It held its first (peaceful!) pride parade on 5 August 2012 in Hanoi and has been going strong since.

Although we found Vietnam to be a relaxed and tolerant country towards us as gay tourists, Vietnamese society still remains very conservative towards homosexuality. For example, The Law on Marriage and Family only allows gay weddings but doesn’t actually recognise them, and many of the gay guys we met were very careful and secretive about their orientation.

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