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Published Date Author: , June 12th, 2015

Florence - Dolly GoolsbyHello,

I want to send a little bit of news. From Florence, before we get too busy again. We arrived here Sunday afternoon. We are staying a bit further away from the center of activity than we usually stay, but we are still only 10 minutes away from the Duomo, and in a very nice neighborhood. I couldn’t believe it when the taxi pulled up to this lovely building, and a very nice Italian gentleman introduced himself, as he was there to get us into the apartment and oriented to the apartment and the neighborhood. We had to converse entirely in Italian, as Marcello did not speak English, and I must say, Janis and I did very well getting all the information straight.

We are on the ground floor. Those windows are our living room windows. This is a beautiful apartment, I am almost sorry I am only staying here for a week.

Well, me being me, I am in love with the kitchen, but we have done more than stay in the apartment.. Being the foodie that I am, the first adventure of Monday morning was to go to the San Ambrogio mercato, to lay in supplies for the week.

Now we have done some cultural activities.

Yesterday we went to the Accademia Galleria, to see Michelangelo’s David. He is still amazing, after all these years.

So much to see…the Galleria was pretty crowded, with many tour groups going through, but we all got to see the most important sculptures and paintings.

Later in the afternoon, we took another walk, through the city, concentrating on seeing the Renaissance Florence. As we were coming home, we had the unique experience of the group getting separated from the leader. That was a first, for me. We eventually found each other, but I have to give serious thought to becoming a tour leader waving an umbrella.

Today, we went to the Uffizi Galleria. This museum has the largest collection of Italian art in the world. It was pretty amazing. Although I have visited the Uffizi many times, I still love to go there. I especially love the Botticelli room, but so did the tour groups. I had to double back a couple of times to see what I wanted to see.

After visiting the Uffizi, we had lunch, then headed back to the apartment, straying into the Eataly store, just to look, be amazed at all the goodies there. We purchased some bread and olive oil, and we were extremely surprised, when we left the store, to find that it was raining. We were really taken aback, as the sky had appeared to be a pretty blue when we went into the store. We continued on toward home, staying close to the buildings, and within ten minutes, the rain stopped and the the sun came out again.

After we got home, though, we heard thunder, the sky became darker, and the rain really came down. We opened the windows to get the fresh, clean air, and enjoyed the rain from our cozy apartment.

We had a lovely dinner again in the apartment. I am so happy being able to cook. We have only eaten out for lunch. We are enjoying having the relaxed, comfortable evenings at home. To me, it is like having a family dinner, where we can talk, laugh, plan more activities, and just enjoy the company of the others in our group.

Tomorrow our plan is to go to Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. The rain has stopped again, now, so we will hope for good weather tomorrow.

Later this week, I know I will have more pictures and stories to share. So, I will say, Arrivederci for this evening.

Ciao for now,


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I’m looking for other women to travel to tennis tournaments. I would really like to go to WIMBLEDON this year in London, England.
I want to go back to Italy and see Sicily.

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