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Published Date Author: , June 17th, 2015

Hong Kong - Carlos Melia

I have been to Hong Kong a few times, and I am very outspoken about the fact, that it is one of my top five favorite cities in the world. Every time I visit I discover new options, and of course repeat over and over my favorites. During this visit, I truly enjoyed two gourmet experiences, introduced to us by local expert Food and Lifestyle Consultant Geoffrey Wu with The Forks and Spoons. Oddly enough, none of them are Chinese, but trust me we covered that during our time there, for our dinners. Both restaurants are totally different and both true hidden gems. Both restaurants can be booked online prior your arrival to Hong Kong, and I strongly advise it.

Hing Kong - Carlos MeliaThe first one was Fofo by el Willy – Traditional and Contemporary Spanish Cuisine with the menu designed by the award-winning Chef of “el Willy” and executed by Catalan Chef Alex Martinez Fargas.(see photo below with the Chef). Including the from the traditional tapas, rice and Iberian Ham, to new innovative dishes like Scallops Ceviche, and some off the menu item that the Chef premiered with us before including them to the new summer menu.

Fofo, comes from the Spanish “fat” or “Flabby”, hence why the decoration is full of penguins with big bellies and pigs. And I think that after our lunch experience, I was pretty much looking and walking like one of them… ” I meant the Penguins, of course…”

Having tried many restaurants in Hong Kong, one of the things I truly appreciated from Fofo, was the view. Most of the times in Hong Kong, you will face to the water, in this case, they feature quite an understated face of Hong Kong, facing to the mountains, and that was quite a lovely surprise and a side of Hong Kong to discover. To be matched by a creative interior design and tranquil atmosphere.

Our degustation consisted on: Oyster Chilli Granita – HK$105 for 3 pcs. Salmon Explosive Air Bag – HK$30 per pc. Scallop Ceviche – HK$98. Spanish Crystal Bread with Tomato – HK$45. Spring French Sea Bream with Green Pea Puree & Spanish Red Prawn – HK$288. Lobster Mollette – HK$144 for 3 pcs. Spanish Coca with Anchovies – HK$30 per pc. Chipriones – HK$110. And we also tried a new dish off the current many. New Summer Menu RAF Tomato Salad – HK$155 ( which was together with the Oysters, the highlight of my lunch). As for desserts, Chef Alex Martinez Fargas chose for us: FoFo Apple Tart – HK$78 and of course… Churros – HK$75. During our degustation, we went through several pitches of refreshing and tasteful Sangria.

Prices at FoFo are certainly not cheap, but trust me whatever your bill costs, it’s definitely worth it. Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong, are quite popular, but Fofo is indeed one of the best.

Fofo by el Willy, is located in Central Hong Kong. It took us a while to find, since it is located on the rooftop (20/F) of the LKF building, which just offers a hidden corridor to the lift and has a small badge of FoFo’s name downstairs. So do not give up, it is worth each minute of your time.

Youka was our second experience. This time in Wan Chai, and from its exterior, you would never guess what you would find inside. A very intimate, simple yet sophisticated true Japanese Washoku restaurant experience, on Johnston Road open both for lunch and dinner. The most fresh ingredients, flown daily from Japan. The name “YOUKA” translates to the 8th day. A famous Japanese writer once wrote about a cicada that lived for eight days. Cicadas usually only live for seven days but the writer imagined the world as it would be witnessed one day after, free from the noise and hustle of all the other cicadas. Another interpretation of its name can be through the story of Genesis where God created the world with the basic elements in seven days, at YOUKA, we believe the other beautiful elements like arts, culture and a taste of cuisine were subsequently developed by mankind – on the eighth day.

Washoku, is a social practice based on a set of skills, knowledge, practice and traditions related to the production, processing, preparation and consumption of food. It is associated with an essential spirit of respect for nature that is closely related to the sustainable use of natural resources. The basic knowledge and skills related to Washoku, such as the proper seasoning of home cooking, are passed down in the home at shared mealtimes. Transmitted from generation to generation, Washoku plays an important role in strengthening social cohesion among the Japanese people while providing them a sense of identity and belonging.

Our degustation consisted of only the most authentic Japanese dishes expertly prepared by Chef Ito Katsuhiro, one of Hong Kong’s most seasoned veteran Japanese Chefs: Tuna Intestines with Cream Cheese & Crackers – HK$90. (Seasonal) FireFly Squid with Special Mustard Sauce – HK$90. Deluxe Sashimi Platter (Chu Toro, Japanese Half Beak, Giant Scallop, SeaBream, Spanish Mackerel – seasonal price). Sake Steamed Big Clams – HK$210. Sakura Shrimp (Aji) Tempura – H120. Grilled Japanese Chicken – HK$160. Grilled Miso Eggplant with Prawns – HK$120.

YOUKA’s interior design takes inspiration from Hokkaido’s coastal location with maritime motifs and ocean accents. The intimate setting is sophisticated but comfortable with an open atmosphere for diners to witness Chef Ito Katsuhiro in action.

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