Breakaway Backpacker – A Stolen Debit Card, and a Fling in Brazil

Published Date Author: , June 12th, 2015

Jaime DavilaThere I stood at the ATM and my card was not working. I had already tried at 4 different ATMs. I was upset and running out of cash and really needed to get cash out. I planned to enjoy some relaxing time in a small town and instead spent it with a bank.

I went back to the hostel and called the bank. That is when I found out my debit card was compromised and why it didn’t allow me to withdraw any money. I asked how and they said, someone had cloned the card and was also attempting to withdraw and let me know a new one had to be sent to me.

I was beyond pissed and asked how long it would take and they said anywhere from 5 – 10 days. As soon as I heard that I knew that the 10 days I wanted to spend on Ilha Grande were not going to happen because I only had about $100 cash on me and no way that would last that long. Dealing with the bank turned out to be a nightmare mostly because of the shitty WiFi I had in the hostel.

By Jaime Davila – Full Story at Breakway Backpacker | Brazil Gay Travel Resources

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