Purple Roofs LGBT Travel News Round-Up – May 30th

Published Date Author: , May 30th, 2015

Gay Pride Flag San FranciscoIn addition to our regular travel articles, we’re starting a regular travel round-up, for those stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. Enjoy!

How to Find a Great Hotel in a City You’ve Never Visited (Go Girlfriend)
If you only had 48 hours to explore Rome, what would you do? From the Trevi Fountain, Coliseum, Vatican, grand churches, museums, ancient history galore – there’s so much to see in Rome. Where do you stay? What do you focus on?
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Carnival in Rio: Plan 2016 now (Windy City Times)
When you picture Rio de Janeiro, do you think of sexy people partying? You’d be right. Brazil’s Carnival is known worldwide as the “world’s biggest festival”—full of culture, dance, food, samba, parades and music. Tourism officials estimated that almost 1 million tourists joined local revelers at this year’s at Rio de Janeiro’s 2015 Carnival. It’s best to plan early.
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A Gay Laotian Man Talks About Life in Luang Prabang, Laos (Towleroad)
Laos has a mixed attitude toward gay people. It appears to be another Asian country struggling hard to accept and protect its LGBT population. There are no anti discrimination laws in place and marriage equality is nowhere near being implemented.
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Celebrate LA Pride and Stay Awhile In WeHo (Towleroad)
Every year, nearly 400,000 people come to West Hollywood for LA PRIDE and take in the city’s epic three day celebration of the LGBT community. The first permitted Pride Parade in the world, LA PRIDE marks its 45th anniversary in 2015 as the PRIDE comes to Weho June 12-14.
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Disney Gay Days to Add a Dash or Rainbow to the Most Magical Place on Earth (Passport)
Dress up as your favorite childhood character or just enjoy the show and activities at Disney Gay Days where anyone can be a princess. Happening June 3-9, this weeklong extravaganza features many events, so you can pick and choose your favorites. With options like the Main Lagoon Pool Parties that happen day and night at the Doubletree SeaWorld, great packages for special days at all Disney parks, and the Taste of Gay Days wine, beer, and spirits tasting, you’ll have a hard time choosing.
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Assemblyman Introduces Bill to Ban State-Sponsored Travel to States with ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws (Bergen Dispatch)
Assemblyman Tim Eustace has introduced legislation to prohibit the state from using taxpayer dollars to fund travel to states with laws that permit discrimination against gays and lesbians.
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