Globetrotter Girls – Street Art in Tucson

Published Date Author: , May 29th, 2015

Tucson art - Dany

When I came to Tucson the first time back in 2010, I went downtown one or two times. That’s it. Why? Because there just wasn’t anything to do there. Barely any eateries, no good coffee shops, no stores – like in so many cities, the downtown retailers had shut down after more and more malls had opened closer to the ever growing suburbs.

By the late 70s, downtown Tucson was basically abandoned. Only in the mid-2000s plans were made to revive the city center, and I am impressed about the successful revival this part of Tucson has seen over the past few years.

Every time I came back, more coffee shops, bars and restaurants had opened, buildings had received a facelift, a couple of years the tram route was reintroduced. This year, I’ve been to the city’s core more times than ever before – maybe even more often than all my previous visits combined! There are now more restaurants that sound like they are worth a visit that I could fit in my stay, breweries that serve local craft beer and a pizzeria serving craft pizza that rivals New York City pizza. Nearly 50 eateries and bars have opened downtown in the past five years!

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