Gay Couple Turned Away From Cape Town Guesthouse Wins Case

Published Date Author: , April 17th, 2015

South_African_Gay_CoupleA gay couple who won a legal case against the owners of a Christian guesthouse can now proclaim victory. A South African court has said LGBTI people cannot be discriminated against in public services.

Neil Coulson and his husband Jonathan Sedgwick had tried to get a room at the Wolseley guesthouse in Cape Town in November 2013. After they tried to book, they were told by owners Marina and Seth Neethling the establishment was not ‘gay friendly’.

Supported by Freedom of Religion SA, the Neethlings argued they were unable to accomodate the gay couple because ‘if they willingly and knowingly make a room available where homosexual sex will be practiced, this will make them liable to sin as they would in effect be helping the homosexual couple to sin.’

By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News | Cape Town Gay Travel Resources

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peter stanley - Gravatar

facebook peter stanley said on April 17, 2015, 4:05 pm:

then in that case all unmarried hetrosexuals shouldnt be allowed as they have sex to how ridulas. also practise makes perfect

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