The Philippines’ Mystical Siquijor

Published Date Author: , March 24th, 2015

Siquijor - Globetrotter Girls

Siquijor had not been in my original plans for my trip to the Philippines but what would I have missed had I not gone there!

See, travel planning in the Philippines is not easy. You have to plan well in advance, something that I’m just not good at. I prefer rocking up to a place, see if I like it, if so, I stay, if not, I move on. What if I fall in love with Palawan and four nights aren’t enough? But I have a plan ticket and am forced to leave?

Since the Philippines are an island nation, you have to fly to most places. The islands that are close together are easy to hop around by ferry, which doesn’t cost that much, but plane tickets are a bit more pricey – unless you book them well in advance. Booking a plane ticket only a couple of days prior to your flight is expensive, as it turns out.

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